Joe Biden Leading Trump By 10 Points Nationally | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Joe Biden Leading Trump By 10 Points Nationally | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Joe Biden is leading the president, 54 to 44 percent nationally, according to new polling. 87 percent are dissatisfied with the direction the country is going. Aired on 7/1/2020.
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Joe Biden Leading Trump By 10 Points Nationally | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Trump: ” Biden is gonna be president just because people don’t like me or love me”.. America: ” Yes, pretty much.”

    1. President of the Virgin Islands It’s all fake news. Remember, it shouldn’t be called the Lincoln project, it’s disrespectful to Abraham Lincoln, a republican president who helped free the slaves. It’s should be called the losers project.

      You’re racist if you vote Biden:

    2. @Jason Bradshaw GTFOH, the Trumputin troll army is failing just like Trump. You took my bait fool, I’m a troll hunter and i caught you. I laugh in your face because Trump is doomed and Biden will crush Putin He’s not going to roll over like a weakling.

    3. Trump had 7.1 million viewers on FOX channel his last Rally. His internet rally views within the next two days got over 10 Million views.

      And Biden leads in the polls??? Oh comon your havin a laugh…eh?

    4. President of the Virgin Islands Or maybe it’s because I showed you a video of Biden saying the n word, which he receives no hate for. And you couldn’t think of a good comeback. Yes it was 1989, but imagine if Trump said the n word on video, the left would use it strongly against him.

      For the record, I’m not a republican, I’m a fascist, an authoritarian. That’s why I support Trump.

    5. @Jose Martinez lol, no doubt you aren’t even American based on your complete inability to write in English.

    1. ……….they were herded up, handcuffed and are awaiting trial in Rikers, TRUMP2020lbs and getting fatter !!

  2. Biden does not have to do much between now and November. Trump will continue to self implode with his incompetence and terrible leadership.

    1. @Rey zSaz You are completely nutty. EVERYTHING you think you’re denying so-called leftist, hurts you and your fellow sycophants the most.

      Admit it.. Without government intervention black people and leftist in general (minorities) would be in a much better economic position today.

      Thats the point.

    2. You must be thinking of Obama. Trump is the best we’ve had in years. Can’t let the racist left win again.

    3. Don’t let the numbers fool you into not voting with the thinking your neighbors will do it for you. That your vote won’t count. The Trump base is energized and will vote, so don’t get complacent. Biden needs an agenda, an inspiring message, he shouldn’t depend on voters supporting him just to vote against Trump. Bernie had that, as did Eugene McCarthy and Barack Obama. Every other election I have voted the for the lessor of two evils.

    4. jonathan horne I agree. Lessor of the two evils is definitely Trump. Got to keep racist Joe out.

    5. Biden can’t do much, he is suffering from something, perhaps dementia, and they will keep him hiding in the basement.

  3. Good God 20% of the American population think it’s on the right track. That’s 70,000,000 people!!!
    70 million agree with Trump. Omg.

    1. Not this year” no more hacking by Republicans this year, because all of the 51 states know about them who there are what they been doing

    2. They watch Fox and Alex Jones. And Trump has $1billion for social media ads in the election. It’s far from over.

    1. @Richard Owens Thought your side was respectful of the man love agenda. You re outing people? Don t let your PRIDE girlfriends find out.

  4. Biden ,
    Why interfere when your opponent keeps hitting himself in the face every time he , Trump , throws a punch ?!

    1. Trump is anti Trump by default…
      I wonder what goes through a soldier’s mind when they have to salute him this present day.

    2. @Conall Smyth
      Let’s say I concede that that was pretty bad , you can watch hundreds of videos with Trump putting his foot in his mouth and murdering the English language .
      79 % of our fellow black brothers and sisters have declared for Biden and as a whole their disapproval of Trump is in the mid 90s .

    3. A Trump follower calling Biden senile, crooked or racist is like the ocean calling a puddle wet.

    1. @Ian Birkinhead ..With only four months till the General election…
      Crazy Nancy Pelosi DESPERATELY Tries to Revive the Russia Hoax! With the help of CNN and MSNBC

    2. With only four months till the General election…
      Crazy Nancy Pelosi DESPERATELY Tries to Revive the Russia Hoax! With the help of CNN and MSNBC

    1. ​@Basti Chan How is that even remotely true? Majority of Dems voted for Biden in the primaries. And how many Repubs would be jumping ship right now if Bernie was the nominee? Answer: none.

    2. Everyone I thought I’d have a look at a few of the posts here, little tweatles is hard at, he comments on most, it’s his life ambition, lol, just imagine how exciting his life would be.

  5. Don’t sit on your backsides this time. The polls mean nothing if you don’t vote. Don’t assume.

    1. Qingeaton True. But Trump has committed countless crimes on live tv. Trump spends more time saying things aren’t his fault or he is innocent than actually being a real POTUS

    2. A Trump follower calling Biden senile, crooked or racist is like the ocean calling a puddle wet.

    3. Jonathan Roark – You obviously don’t know much about Biden if you think he compares anywhere close to Trump. “If you don’t like Joe Biden as a person, something is seriously wrong with you” – Lindsey Graham. Are you saying people should not vote or waste their vote on a third party candidate? That would be foolish this time around.

    4. @Jonathan Roark jajajajajajajajajajajajja another graduated from Trump University ……anyone can be better than Dump Trump….

  6. I got asked what’s Biden done to energize his base, I respond with he doesn’t have to we’re energized by the prospect of removing trump and his bunch from office

    1. @Jonathan Roark it’s not that I trust biden, he’s done nothing one way or the other, it’s cause trump has proven he can’t be trusted

    2. @keith dunleavy no sir haven’t liked Trump period, he’s let me down at every turn, can’t stand biden either but, he’s way better for our country than trump

    1. These are the same polls that said Hillary would win 90% trump will win in a landslide count on it

    2. @Michael Jordan If he does, do you think he’ll retract his statement about this being the most corrupt election in U.S. history?
      I have a feeling that if Trump wins by a landslide, he’ll say it was the most honest and transparent election ever held, from the standpoint of elections. Tremendous, even. But of course 2016 was still fraudulent, because he didn’t get as many votes as he wanted. Lack of evidence be damned.

    3. @Philipps Vater I do research and no media or political party is that smart to influence me!

    4. @Philipps Vater And if you are educated, read the report and challenge its contents based on facts, if you can

  7. And it’s only going to widen. He might as well buy a McDonalds and eat himself to death.

    1. @paul moss, fuc* Paul, please tell me that’s not really your photo, bwwwaaaahaaaa, see this what happens when you don’t ask people, what do think of my photo, cheeeeze man just find a normal looking photo of any other human being.

    2. @Jennifer Morris, do you see the level of education in the good ole boys commenting, they seem like a great catch, did you have a look at Paul’s photo, man what a catch, he’s got crabs, lol lol

    3. Her name was Hilliary Clinton and she lost. What else ya got YOU DUMB FUKN LIBERAL???????????????????

  8. Do NOT let these polls make us complacent and assume that Biden will win. We MUST vote as if Biden is way behind!!

    1. Trump is using only one trick: creating propaganda & conspiracy theories to scare the world, specially Americans, and highlighting himself as the only savior of US against the fake news he creates. PERIOD. Read my report on how he is running the biggest propaganda machinery under the umbrella of Falun Gong’s media channels

    2. Brian Hart The medía attempted to use these same kinds of push polls to give the impression that Hillary was a lock for the presidency. How’d that work out for ya? These polls are useless garbage. A few thousand people are polled, heavily skewed toward Dems. It’s the same old smoke & mirrors. Also, it has become PAINFULLY obvious to EVERYONE that Biden is in the throes of dementia. But by all means, you keep believing those polls!

    3. yep im ready to vote Today. I know its going to be voter supression times 10 this election after republicans see these polls. Idgaf Im willing to sit out all day in the rain to cast my vote if i Have to i don’t care if the line is a mile long im Voting .

  9. It’s scary that Trump’s numbers are even that high…. A lot of people don’t love their children

    1. @Philipps Vater know that whole theory is insane.. when Joe Biden was vice president him and barrack we’re like real brothers… Joe Biden isn’t racist Trump’s actions and words and dog whistles it’s an avalanche of racism…

    2. ​@velt Ski I don’t believe any Russian has any moral standing to call anyone else a “pervert”. Go F yourself, Vlad.

    3. So all y’all going to vote for the Democratic socialists right you going to vote for the political party that founded the KKK the political party that killed Abraham Lincoln who fought a war that freed salves and you’re going to sit and riot because George Floyd died a man who held a pregnant woman at gunpoint your going to vote for people that want to take your second amendment away so you won’t be able to protect yourself and the police won’t be able to protect you either because they’re getting defunded and liberals claim that Republicans are white supremacists okay America

    1. Does treason still have the death penalty? I don’t agree with the death penalty, but I’d make an exception, I’d watch it live on FOX even.

    2. If we’re canceling things with racist pasts….We MUST cancel the racist Democratic Party?

    3. All you need is to restructure US educational system. Still there are many illiterate, racist, wild and followers of propaganda that think Trump is their only savior. Gash, can’t imagine stupidity at this level!

    1. @jim lieb you do realize the Democrats founded the KKK right ah but Republicans are racist right, slavery was illegal in the north run by Republicans while it was legal in the Democratic South, Martin Luther King was a Republican learn your history, but go ahead vote for these Democratic socialists I don’t know about you but I live in America here where capitalist.

    2. @the last enforcer unfortunately the Republican party has changed so much in the last 4 years. Today its filled with spineless individuals who are too scared to tell their Idiotic president when he is doing wrong. Only now in July are some realising that the public opinion is against them and are now jumping on the ‘Wear a mask’ bandwagon…. 5 months after following their president like sheep!! The public Will remember their cowardice at the polls!!!

    3. What is wrong with the folks/Dems out there rioting and destroying property you should be asking. They are the ones that will make us all vote TRump for 2020

    4. @3636lk Democrats encourage people to riot just accomplish their political agendas for this years election, Trump 2020

  10. It is difficult to imagine, and not a little depressing, that 44 percent of likely voters favor a bloated gasbag like Donald Trump.

    1. @Jason Bradshaw how do you not “let” them win. i mean all one can do is vote.

    2. @Jason Bradshaw We already have Trump in 2020, and Americans are dying, home and abroad, thanks to his policies, or lack thereof. It’s time to move on, come November. It’s been time.

    3. Hammerton32 But look at everything before 2020. From 2017-2019, Trump had a better presidential trend than Obama did in his first four years, Trump brought many blacks out of poverty, unemployment decreased, stock market at an all time high, 2020 has just been a bad year in all, Trump just made a bad call with the Covid response. Otherwise, he’s done his job exceptional.

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