1. It’s so obvious that he’s reading off a card. Talk about a lack of connection. He literally sounds like a bad actor reading a script lol.

  2. Biden is awesome… Witty… Intelligent and logical. His vocal prowess captivates even the most elevated minds… His political views are so advanced and ethical he cannot possibly lose the election this fall.
    A stunning role model for all American children to look up to…
    A prestigious individual admired by all….
    Unstoppable powerhouse….
    Plays piano better than Mozart ever could have and makes Einstein and Tesla look like failures on all levels…

    He can also land a space shuttle blindfolded….

  3. Is there so little actual racism that they had to prop up this 6 time felon who robbed a pregnant woman at gun pointing to her belly, an absent father of six whose own kids didn’t recognize him, using counterfeit money, selling dope out of his trunk, resisting arrest as some kind of Hero? So much systemic racism, where’s the schoolteachers getting beat?

    1. If you look up his criminal record, you’ll find that his last charge was in 2007, a person can change a lot in 13 years. Besides, he was arrested for forgery, and he was handcuffed long before the officer was on his neck, so it’s not like he was a threat when that happened. That’s why he’s so important. Because he was killed unnecessarily, and intentionally for using a fake bill.

  4. Joe Biden wouldn’t be trying milk the murder of George Floyd ( R.I.P.) for political gain would he?

  5. Wow. This is taking on a life of its own. Talk about politicizing. Biden is so transparent he’s clear

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