1. If you move the age to 21 your going to push the voting age to 21 also, if not you lost me!

  2. First off assault weapons shoot just like pistols one bullet at a time as you pull a trigger unless yours is modified or you have the qualifications to own a automatic rifle

  3. Second this is just purely a joke because we’re not going to even talk about the real issue which is mental health or the fact that a lot of the guns come from the government I digress smfh

    1. @Rod 720 im not your bruh. Why is the weapon of choice always a gun. How many school knifings have there been this year? Does someone have to dress you in the morning?

  4. So the gov can have these weapons but no the avg citizen? How do citizens defend themselves against the government of needed?

  5. Most shootings are done with handguns and your going to ban assault weapons? Something ain’t adding up

  6. Making guns harder to get will only make it easier for those who mean harm and has obtained a high powered assault weapon through underground means to hurt those who otherwise would have had a chance of a favorable outcome if they too had a weapon of stronger or equal power. . I know you folks on the left think that guns and those who have them and/or love them are married to violence and can only create a world there of. But with this mentality i ask this: is the medical professional who gives the snake bite victim an injection of ant-Venom now considered a viper? They both have venom, they both have an avenue of injection which is sharp, hollow, and they puncture those who have entered the world of the viper. Are these two entities married into the same world under vows to only hurt and kill? If anti venom was outlawed, what would happen to those who have been bitten? You want 100% fix to a perpetual 51 to 49% chance situation. having the access to high powered assault weapons is the only way you can make sure that the good innocent people will always be on the 51% side of the situation.

  7. “The strongest reason for the people to retain and bare arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government” -Thomas Jefferson

  8. How about letting teachers and doctors and anywhere where they say it’s a gun free zone turn into a gun zone

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