Joe Biden speaks after further primary votes revealed | USA TODAY 1

Joe Biden speaks after further primary votes revealed | USA TODAY


By winning the Florida and Illinois Republican primaries Tuesday night, President Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican party presidential nominee.
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Former Vice President Joe Biden has beaten Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Illinois Democratic primary, according to Associated Press projections from voter surveys.

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    1. @Yoshiko Kawashima They actually edited out someone saying “Joe!” because he spaced out again and just stood there looking at the camera after his wife walked away.

  1. What the hell? He totally glitched out at the end there. There’s your nominee folks. Crazy old man grope’n’sniff…

  2. Good job DNC . Good luck defeating trump. We will do everything possible to defeat you corrupt Democratic Party.

  3. 5:18 , Putting this old man up there is elderly abuse. He doesn’t know what’s going on or what he is doing. He shouldn’t be eligible. Democrats have no shame, they did the same thing to Robert Mueller who also didn’t know what he was investigating. That’s embarrassing. Seems like they try to make the U.S. look stupid. Bernie, too – what a nut. Ex-cons and prisoners should vote! Bread lines are a good thing! Climate crisis! What a fool.

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