Joe Biden Stands By Refusing To Testify In Trump Impeachment Trial | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Joe Biden Stands By Refusing To Testify In Trump Impeachment Trial | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


Joe Biden lays out why he says he wouldn't testify in a Trump impeachment trial in the GOP-led Senate. Basil Smikle and Phil Elliott react. Aired on 12/27/19.
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Joe Biden Stands By Refusing To Testify In Trump Impeachment Trial | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

71 Comments on "Joe Biden Stands By Refusing To Testify In Trump Impeachment Trial | The 11th Hour | MSNBC"

  1. I have a question gentlemen, does a person have to prove themselves innocent in the United States of America ??????

    • @Yung Rome You’ve been lied to so much it’s unreal. You’re wasting my time.

    • @David I’m not the one being made a fool of. Being told that I can’t trust our own intelligence, law enforcement agencies, media & the same government system that has been in place for decades. No you should only have faith in a fail business man turn money embezzler that has a clear record of being a criminal con man. Selling our country down the drain to a foreign government.

    • @Yung Rome You’re being lied to now go back to your brainwash media and stop wasting my time.

    • Daniel Schaeffer | December 28, 2019 at 9:21 PM | Reply

      The hours of testimony against Trump before the House are overwhelming proof of his guilt. Election rigging and extortion are both felonies, and Trump deserves to,die in prison.

    • ..yes Trump

  2. Well all of this is only going on because of trump he just doesn’t want to take to much of the blame

    • @Deborah Freedman what planet do you live on? The President has not committed any crimes and if it is thought that he did, he would be tried and found guilty..innocent until proven guilty..
      In this forum, anyone has the right to be questioned..Biden talked tough about how he and his son did nothing wrong so, talk about it..Here’s his chance..Or maybe, he is afraid..

    • @Jeff Woods trump was found guilty he got impeached get over yourself

    • @Khalee1 not yet…and will be exonerated

    • Liar in chief, pos.

  3. “I love kids jumping on my lap” – Joe Biden

    • @Raging Monk look up the criminal statistics

    • Yea, Joe sure is creepy but he is irrelevant to the crimes of Trump and his Administration. He is not a fact witness and so can never be called to this particular trial. This is simply a Republican attempt at distraction.

    • @Ant B there is no crime. Even Democrats have admitted this repeatedly

    • @Ant B instead of actually doing something they’ve wasted money and time (tax payers) on complete garbage. He’s not leaving office. And he’s not losing in 2020. Everyone knows this. The rest is just emotional 😭 baby sht

    • @Brand Gadfly I did a search “pedophilia rates, pedophilia statistics, sexual predator statistics” and a bunch of other things. Probably flagged for all the searches I ran. I did’t find any concrete statistics. All I found was one site that said there has been a n increase of 1.7% between 2014 and 2018. But then I remembered that during the 80’s / 90’s age of consent was 18. Now it 16 in most places. So they lowered the age of consent and still see a +1.7% rise in crimes.

  4. Joe “Learned about roaches” Biden

    • Trump being the biggest ROACH…

    • T2020 Landslide | December 28, 2019 at 5:22 AM | Reply

      TheBeanie2k We got the greatest economy and job numbers in 50 years , better trade deals, no wars , more pay ….. yea he’s a roach all right

    • @T2020 Landslide – The Feds have been propping up the economy for the entirety of Trump’s presidency. They’re running out of tricks and when the music stops, there aren’t going to be ANY chairs left in the room. The economy at that point will drop like a stone. They will do it right before the Dem candidate takes over and blame it on the Dems like they always do. Dubya crashed the economy in 2008 and he and his friends got bailed out to the tune of billions of dollars. Your dollars. And the rest of us got foreclosed on and saw our house values drop tens of thousands below what we had paid for them.

    • @signalfire6
      Obama voted for the bailouts as a U.S. senator….so there’s that 😉

    • T2020 Landslide | December 28, 2019 at 2:13 PM | Reply

      signalfire6 Trumps not Bush

  5. Just like trump, refusing to testify shows he’s not much different than trump or Hillary.
    How about electing a Candidate that isn’t riddled with scandals.

    • @Deborah Freedman Please post more. You make those you support look awful and those you oppose look great with your drivel.

    • you’re part of the problem we now have with trump. #AnyoneButTrump2020. You will lose so much more than the presidency if trump wins again.

    • @db six I hope you’re a paid troll.

    • Biden has nothing to do with this mess. What would he be testifying to? They might as well call you as a witness. There is a thing called “relevance”. The subpoena would be in bad faith, have no relevance to the issues on trial, and be an effort in furtherance of the original crime.

  6. Oh no, here comes the Republicans with more false talking points now that Joe Biden said he would not testify and just completely ignoring the realistic reason why. Investigate Biden on your own time Republicans, this is about Trump’s misconduct right now.

    • Lol, it’s literally trumps job to get the Ukrainians to investigate the overt corruption of the bidens and ukrainian govt officials, and to investigate why DNC operatives went to Ukraine in 2016 to get dirt on the trump campaign

    • @DivineHeresy No, it’s not. He has proper channels for rooting out corruption if he wanted to use them but he doesn’t. Asking for foreign help to win an election is and should be a high crime. It’s treasonous in it’s nature and disgustingly filthy and traitorous in a United states president.

    • @peter blood Lol, protocol. Yes it is his job to use diplomacy to get the Ukrainians to investigate corruption and election rigging. We even have a treaty since 1998 with them saying the potus MUST do that. He never asked for any help in winning an election. That’s just your TDS inventing farfetched conspiracy theories. As if the No Malarcky Bus tour is something he needs help defeating in an election. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    • @DivineHeresy Whatever, you BELIEVE what you want.

  7. Trump’s impeachment has nothing to do with Biden. This is about his phone call, whistleblower complaint, withholding aid to Ukraine, withholding witnesses and documents, comments he made on Whitehouse Lawn, Trump has been Impeached that fact. Time to move forward from here and that’s a fact also.

  8. Biden is nothing more than a ‘Republican light’ otherwise known as a ‘corporate democrat’. He does not give one iota of care about the people of this country. He only cares what his wealthy masters want.

  9. Kamil Szymkowski | December 28, 2019 at 10:13 AM | Reply

    Joe Biden’s record:
    [x] war with Iraq
    [x] war on drugs

    • Olds Rocket 88 | December 28, 2019 at 7:39 PM | Reply

      @Tobi Ogunsanwo No. Trump probably knows about the $900,000 plus dollars that Burisma transferred into Joe Bidens name to the lobbying group Rosemont Seneca Partners for consultative fees. The NY Times ran this story long ago. Did you miss it? That happened while his know nothing coke head son was on the board at Burisma. Trump probably knows about the fraud that took place with the Bidens, father and son. Just like Hunter teaming up with Chris Heinz and notorious mafia terror Whitey Bulgers son James Bulger. Yeah, the 3 of them flew around the world raking in money from investors. Several years later both the founder and head of Burisma were busted for committing securities fraud and that wasn’t the first time a head of Burisma went down. In 2009, Allen Stanford was charged with fraud of over$7 Billion with a B, dollars. They just kept coming up with new firms to funnel money through like The Thorton Group. Theres much more to this story, much more but obviously there was shady doings going on worth investigating before my hard earned tax dollars went to the most corrupt country in the world.

    • That is a lie but all the many wars on drugs were a sad joke; I mean, explain why Americans are the biggest drug users on the planet and why their jails are absolutely full of people who are mostly there in relation to drugs?

      And the second war in Iraq is a joke; it was predicated on a massive set of lies (for which nobody was ever punished…) and it has cost many Trillions, with no result except maybe ISIS and cheap oil.
      Anyway, all that is an irrelevance because the Bidens actually have nothing to do with Trump’s impeachment. They are not fact witnesses and it is all a weak attempt at a distraction. There are literally hundreds of people who should be called in before them.
      In fact, anybody who is trying to focus on them rather than all those who know exactly what happened are transparently trying to distract from the Trump Administration’s withholding of actual evidence.

    • @surely you joke, mein failüre I love your name. Very clever. Are you a Biden supporter? You’ve been defending him and deflecting criticism away from him, so I figured you must be a Biden supporter. Although Biden is leading in the polls, I haven’t encountered any Biden supporters here in the YouTube comment section. I’m voting for Bernie in the California primary. I’m wondering why you support Biden, a corporate centrist, instead of Bernie (or someone else).

    • Tobi Ogunsanwo | December 28, 2019 at 8:57 PM | Reply

      @Olds Rocket 88 Hope everything comes out into the open these next few months.

    • Olds Rocket 88 | December 28, 2019 at 9:15 PM | Reply

      @Ant B I’ll explain why. Because the ones you defend dont support boarder security and as far as impeachment goes, fast and furious was an impeachable offense, going to war over weapons of mass destruction that were never found was an impeachable offense, how about all the lies associated with The Affordable Care Act like “You can keep your own doctor” or “You can keep your own plan” or “Peoples premiums will drop by $2,500 a year” and then imposing fines on anyone who was forced into those lies by Obamas executive order in passing it. What about handing over hundreds of millions of dollars to a known terrorist country (Iran). That’s not an impeachable offense? Are you kidding me? For Christ sakes, Trump only delayed aid and for a short time. Democrats are like the lady whose desperately concerned about the neighbors children while her own children at home are starving.

  10. It isnt about Biden. It’s about trumps EXTORTION

    • @ToldYouSo Cant disagree with that. Executive privilege isnt all encompassing everything. A president isnt a king.
      Wheres your logic when trump refuses to let testify the very people he says will prove his innocence? Wheres your logic when trump releases a “rough summary ” comprising of 4 minutes of a 32 minute “perfect ” call? trump hasn’t provided anything and he is REQUIRED to do so by Congress. Wheres your outrage?

    • @bootnsoot You might or might not have a point. Again, it doesn’t matter. That decision, under our system, lies with the Supreme Court not you or me. When there’s a conflict between the branches such as over executive privilege, which has happened in the past more than once, the matter goes to the SC and they rule on it. The Dems decided to not go that route for reasons of expediency and proceeded to impeach the President without hearing from the witnesses. But they had that option under our system of checks and balances.
      However, and that’s my point, Joe Biden doesn’t have executive privilege to hide behind. The Supreme Court doesn’t have to rule on whether the Senate can or cannot subpoena Joe Biden. They can and if they do Biden has to testify or he’s in a lot of legal trouble.

    • @ToldYouSo You cherry pick. You seem excited about the Senate’s subpoena powers but are outraged at Congress’. You want testimony from Biden (who isnt in the slightest related to trumps impeachment) but gleefully dont care about the people in trumps circle that have been subpoenaed by Congress. Like it or not Biden has nothing to do with trumps impeachment. Bidens son has nothing to do with trumps impeachment. Your logic is skewed and skips steps altogether. How does the Bidens have anything to do with trump withholding funds appropriated by congress for an ally fighting a war with our enemies? What’s really disgusting is that trump could care less about an ALLY needing our help. He wanted something personal. Tell me. Where was trump on the matter of the Bidens in 2016, 2017, 2018?
      I’ll tell you. Biden wasnt running for president then.

    • @ToldYouSo Sorry I dont think so regarding the Bidens. I dont believe they have to testify. It’s like if your neighbor down the block had a car accident and they insisted you come to court as well. You have nothing to do with it. Yes they may ask you to come to court but why? You’re not involved and the prosecution would look ridiculous. The Bidens are trumps talking point. His sham act at stopping corruption. Gulliani (sp) it happens is at this second meeting with the corrupt ousted Ukraine official. The same official that the E.U
      wanted removed because he was so overtly corrupt. That’s astounding.
      Just because trump wants or says something as a talking point doesnt make it right or true and at now 15,000 PROVEN lies I wouldnt trust him for a second anyway.
      In the past I had no problem with a Republican president once they were elected. It was time to move forward. trump is different. It started with and continues with his astounding vulgarity. He doesnt “say it like it is”. Hes vulgar and quite possibly the most vulgar person I’ve ever seen. That’s even over the crazy people screaming obscenities I see on the street. And this guy is the PRESIDENT! It isnt fake news. Its REAL TIME and trumps doing it . Hes met with the russians in the White House over 16 times but yet hasn’t had some of our ALLIES/FRIENDS there. He could be bought for a compliment and would lay waste a life over a perceived insult. I truly think hes evil. Let anyone scream about another term I hope not but I vote and I wont vote for him. I think hes a criminal and I get that from my personal experience. I actually met him.

    • @TheSlowbosambo No the House impeaches. The other part of Congress only removes them.

  11. have you ever seen people rush to go nowhere?…

  12. Mrs. Vixen Sanders | December 28, 2019 at 11:36 AM | Reply

    Why should he testify when Republicans won’t?
    Taking a page out of their book.

  13. Russia is getting scared. Their trolls are in overdrive.

  14. If he’s the nominee, he’ll lose. He just lost. Biden could refocus the trial with a good performance and leadership. He can’t so he won’t.

  15. Why would Joe Biden need to testify in someone else’s impeachment? It’s a separate case if there was one.

    • This has always struck me as ridiculous. If Trump is so concerned about Biden’s alleged corruption, then he literally needs to impeach Biden. That’s what the process is for.

    • Trump wanted them to say that they where looking into Biden. Nothing about really looking into him.

    • @Sami Helen Impeachment is for those holding public office – which Joe does not at this moment.

  16. Freeman Horton | December 28, 2019 at 5:35 PM | Reply

    defying a subpoena to appear before the Senate goes against the spirit of no one is above the law !

    • You imbecile… There is no subpoena and there never will be. Biden is not a fact witness and his family’s alleged corruption is an entirely different matter.
      Meanwhile, multiple White House officials defy real subpoenas and you didn’t even notice? You f*cking moron.

    • Ant b’s been triggered opie clear a safe place !

  17. You have to testify Joe to exonerate yourself !

  18. Joe needs help. Seriously, he needs help.

  19. Klaus Van Heusen | December 28, 2019 at 8:37 PM | Reply

    So Joe, the guy that actually committed the crime doesn’t want to testify? Who didn’t see that coming. He would incriminate himself.

  20. He thinks he’s something special. He’ll be the first one in prison– I reckon.

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