Joe Biden strikes back at President Trump for being ‘critical’ about face masks | USA TODAY

Joe Biden strikes back at President Trump for being 'critical' about face masks | USA TODAY 1


President Trump and Joe Biden are at odds over face masks.
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Joe Biden and President Trump disagree on when and where masks should be worn.

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22 Comments on "Joe Biden strikes back at President Trump for being ‘critical’ about face masks | USA TODAY"

  1. It’s funny to hear Biden talk about macho stuff when he constantly challenges men who ask questions he doesn’t like, to pushups, fights, and sprinting matches.

  2. Biden looked like Banes grandpa

  3. Xiomara Sanabria | May 27, 2020 at 1:46 PM | Reply

    Why would he do a thing like that🤪🤪🤪

    Better get used to it, MAGAtrash!

  5. *Too bad, MAGAsuckers. Traitor Trump (R – Impeached) is going to LOOOOOOOOOSE!*
    There’s NOTHING you goobers can do about it!

  6. *The blood of more than 100,000 dead are on Traitor Trump’s tiny little hands.*
    *He’ll spill LOTS more blood, too.*

  7. loved it

  8. *What happened to Obamagate, MAGAtrash? You know…Little Donny Fail-Fail’s attempt to distract America from his own pathetic failures?*

  9. *Defending Traitor Trump (R – Impeached) 24/7 must be EXHAUSTING for you MAGAtrash.*


  11. *Hey, MAGAdummees?*
    *How did it feel to lose the House in 2018?*
    *How will it feel to lose the presidency AND the Senate in 2020, hmm?*

  12. “I won’t have time to play golf if I’m elected president,” Trump
    “There are times to play[golf] and times that you can’t play. It sends the wrong signal,” – Trump

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  14. Trump is clueless about how a true leader leads by example. Biden wore a mask to show that people who are outside of their homes must wear masks to protect others and themselves. Trump is so stupid that his example of not wearing masks will probably jeopardize the health of his followers.

  15. Gregory Tingley | May 27, 2020 at 4:16 PM | Reply

    We dont need it

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  17. Trump playbook, pin everyone against everyone

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  19. Joe Biden look like he bout to rob the White House

  20. biden literally crapped his diaper while reading his teleprompter answer on his own channel.

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