1. @Citizen EU my parents and other tax payers paid for high school just like I’m currently paying for others High school education now. Like I said nothing is free.

    2. @Citizen EU idk if your from the Eu but from videos not the news. Ive seen videos on how free colleges make it harder on finding a good job that pay well. with out a college degree, since college is free in the eu not all the way but compared to America it is lol. Anyone can go to Oxford for almost nothing. so im happy to i live in America and happy with the way are college system is some what. i wish it was cheaper but not FREE AT ALL. it fucks up job and anyone with any learning problems is left in the dirt. In American we help ppl like that or we try to at laest

    1. @Sharon O. Well, not actually. This was a personal attack and they tend to be more visceral. Not the greatest choice of words but, even as someone who’s about 20lbs overweight, I say this moron had it coming. People SHOULD be verbally slapped-down when they are ignorant enough to let drivel like his ooze out of their mouths. The intelligence/logic/comportment bar has been lowered so much that this guy almost sounded like he was speaking another language and his content was nothing more than what has been force-fed to him by the mental midgets at FOX News. There is no debating anyone who completely ignores facts or logic and, at this point, they aren’t worth being polite to. Trump’s Infantry of Idiots don’t like people who aren’t like them, everyone who ISN’T like them is a raging liberal, they embrace racist doctrine and they support a man who is more morally bankrupt that any President since Calvin Coolidge. So “fat” is a pretty harmless barb for someone who would be better off mixed in with a pile of refuse.

    2. The guy WAS a fat, stupid moron who deserved to be scorched a little for letting something that stupid come out of his mouth in a forum like that. When do we start expecting more intelligence from the PUBLIC! It clearly wasn’t a criteria for President the last go-round.

    1. James Wallace isn’t Joe just “telling like it is” the same way people love Trump to do? I didn’t find anything wrong with his response as it was far more civil than how POTUS typically responds

    1. About like the video of Joe with kids in bathing suits talking about when he was a life guard the kids would take their hands and RUB THE HAIRS DOWN ON HIS LEG,HE LOVED KIDS SITTING ON HIS LAP,COCKROACHES EVERYWHERE (black children standing around him at the time he said it) Bringing out Rusty Razors. He said ALL THIS WHILE YOUNG CHILDREN STANDING NEXT TO HIM AS HE’D CALLED THEM ALL TO THE PODEIM WHILE HE SPOKE! HE IS RACIST,SICKO,PEDO.

  1. Well the guy asked the question about his son, then Joe didn’t like what he said, so Joe told him something he wouldn’t like LMAO! 2:05

  2. Congratz on Joe Biden being a new grandfather! Crack-smoking Hunter Biden refused to pay child support for his new kid in Alabama and tried to cover it up.

    1. But your president paid a porn star for sex like so many others we don’t know about and she was at home with a new born baby?

  3. Ohhh bidens so tough!! He likes to bounce kids on his hairy legged lap. Fire the prosecutor in 6 hour or your not getting 1 billion in aid.

  4. Did anyone notice that the voter said “You sent your son…” and Quid Pro Joe says “You said I set him up!” Freudian slip maybe?

  5. Ugh! Such a bad candidate. “I know more then most people know” “Let’s do push-ups” “Let’s measure penises”. Smh

    1. A man is what we need, not some super far left guy like Bernie who will cater to everybody’s needs. Biden or Buttegieg please

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