Joe Biden Unveils Iowa Ad Defending Obamacare Record | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Joe Biden Unveils Iowa Ad Defending Obamacare Record | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Joe Scarborough: Obamacare should be ‘central message of [Biden’s] campaign in a year that democrats care most about healthcare.’
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Joe Biden Unveils Iowa Ad Defending Obamacare Record | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @FMB1 well no….lol …actually seems you’re quite the dolt here,lmao Nice try at humor but….well fail and spectacularly,youngster, Case closed,lmao

      Now that’s funny!

    2. @Karen Cullen nope….sorry babe but Trump is the best choice for all you and that includes you and me! Ain’t it great?
      Trump in 2020 until 24 Case closed,lmao

  1. I tried to watch this all the way through, but couldn’t. If they had said “heart” one more time, I would have vomited my cheerios all over the computer. Please, please, stop.

    1. PS Wright, It looks like your heart isn’t in it to listen to this nonsense. I don’t blame you. I couldn’t do it either

    2. You’re clearly too cool for those sappy human things, congrats on never having a loved one battle a serious, life threatening illness

  2. Medicare For All is the only way forward. We are the only civilized country to not make healthcare a human right.

    1. @Richard Winter Nonsense to an imbecile. How many millions of people in this country are being represented by primarily liberals that are not paying federal income taxes? Not too hard to figure out ……….

    2. @Richard Winter people don’t like their insurance providers who try to profit off of their sickness and deny their family care. People like their doctors. People will be able to keep their doctors under M4A.

  3. The MSM….working for the big corporations. Who cares where the majority of the Dem party is? The overwhelming majority of the AMERICAN PEOPLE want MEDICARE FOR ALL!! Quit representing big Pharma, Big Health Insurance companies over the people!!!!

    1. Yeah, all that pharma is the reason they say what they do, not the actual votes made in elections for the last three decades.

      Universal Healthcare has been popular as an idea for a while and yet Bill Clinton got rekt in 1990s for pushing it.

      Whose really being dishonest here?

    2. So when are you all going to grow up ? Money runs the world.. Everything you have came from that kind of thinking.. Get a job

    1. john carioscia 90% don’t have it. And it would save money everywhere. People will take up more preventative care and possibly live longer.

    2. If we pay more taxes for your healthcare how do I pay my rent? There are little savings for those of us healthy in medicare for all.

  4. ”Please ! I’m begging you ! don’t take away my private insurance!” LOL ! The establishment can be funny !

    1. Mr Underhill I’m a democrat I do not want my tax dollars going to illegal immigrants Healthcare!

  5. Biden – Every American deserves affordable healthcare.
    Sanders – Every American deserves free healthcare as a human right.
    Hmm I wonder which one actually cares for the people..

  6. Just because MSNBC relies on big pharma and insurance companies to keep spending tens of millions on advertising don’t think they…. ya never-mind.

  7. MSNBC is so out of touch… I have literally never met anybody who is so in love with their insurance company that they would not want to fire them for a FREE plan that covers everything.

  8. Pharmaceutical drug cartels pay a lot of advertisement dollars to run their commercialized propaganda on Comcast msnbc.

  9. Biden is off his rocker. We didn’t want you before, and don’t want you now. Medicare for all is coming, no thanks to you!!

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