Joe Biden wants students to keep wearing masks and get vaccinated | USA TODAY 1

Joe Biden wants students to keep wearing masks and get vaccinated | USA TODAY

President Joe Biden is urging all children 12 and up to get the COVID-19 vaccine. He says its the safest way to keep kids safe.


President Joe Biden unveiled a six-point strategy Thursday aimed at strengthening vaccination requirements for federal and private sector workers, increasing school safety protocols and making COVID-19 testing more accessible.

Biden also said the Department of Education will provide additional funding to help local school districts backfill salaries and other funding that had been withheld by state leaders for implementing COVID-19 safety measures.

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  1. My kid will never get a shot not I. This is a joke just like everyone in office taking our money every week. Well I’m tired of it take a stand and be united! God bless

  2. Can I have a mail-in vaccination option? You send me a jab, I do it and send back the paperwork, you send me a covid pass. It works so perfectly for elections, it’s simply racist not to have this option for the deadly pandemic.

  3. At the least they owe it to Americans to wait till the vaccine has been vetted before they push it on kids. How is a vaccine “fda approved” without the completion of trials. Something is very wrong here.

  4. Not happening. Science does not over-rule the hand of God. Stand strong in your faith and do not conform. No one can force you to put something in your body if you do not want to. It’s funny how democrats cry in the case of women that they have a right to abort because it is their body but vaccination is being mandated. Where is the choice for the rest of the people, it is their body their choice. Be consistent not contradicting.

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