1. Andrew Yang got less than 3 minutes of time and they cut his mic. That should be the big story of the night.

    1. He said “what?” To a question about his ONLY policy point and wasn’t ready to answer how hed pay for the UBI
      Not ready for prime time

    2. Bro 😂😂 YANG DID HORRIBLE. Zero stage presence, he doesnt belong here. I like yang but he cant debate. Hes done.

  2. So busing creates district attorneys who will go on to over load California prisons with people of color?

    1. Yes because Tyrone didn’t get arrested because of the stolen car with an illegal gun and drugs in it, it’s because he’s black.

    2. @Ricky Spanish Exactly! Those cops that work the neighborhood, know who the scum are VERY WELL. They pull them over at 4 in the morning, and some liberal white, Democrat party, leftist, loser, sitting in his moms basement, want to cry “racism”

  3. Instead of bragging about how well he works with segregationists, I would rather hear him say how he will fight against all forms of inequality….rather than compromising with it for sake of the appearance of civility.

    1. Hilarious coming from the Democratic Party of Slavery, KKK, FDR Segregation, Jim Crow, Japanese Internment Camps, Margaret Sanger Eugenics and voted “against” Women’s Rights.

  4. Lets not forget about Harris’s record either. Neither one of these people CNN are trying to push are worthy.

    1. I might be wrong but they do that on utube to get you to watch them on tv so you get the full video.

  5. Biden cozied up to racists for votes. Thanks plus his love of corporate cash show a lack of character t that disqualifies him

  6. They cut the video off before going more into the letters Biden wrote against busing. Anyone got a link?

  7. Media establishment didn’t allow anyone else to matter in this debate! Mic’19 ADOS get involved

    1. @U. S. S. A. Huh? Listen. Don’t you understand how it works? If you want to spread Marxism, you can’t call it communism. No one will support you. Not even socialism, (as Bernie is finding out) but you have to call yourself a “progressive”. After all, who doesn’t like progress? You’re still a Marxist and a communist, but you can sell your snake oil a lot easier to young idealistic, not wits that are looking to solve the BIG problems in the world, before they can even figure out how to solve their own personal problems. If you can get enough to be fooled and vote for Bolshevik Bernie, you can take power, and begin your real agenda. When things invariably go wrong and the money is all gone, you just blame it on someone else, like the “elite” the 1%, or big corporations. Anybody! That’s Venezuela, that’s Russia, that’s Cuba. That’s North Korea. But, China knows its a catastrophe, and decided to “adopt” parts of Capitalism to keep their ponzi scheme and power grab alive. It’s not been working too well.

  8. This CNN fact check documents the truth surrounding Biden’s position on busing and exposes the fact that he lied about it during the debate Thursday night.

  9. This is a rough day for CNN. Trying to figure out which one of their sponsored candidates to back on this issue.

  10. Lol. Biden was given a seat at the table because of Obama but it’s clear now that he has to prove that he deserves his own plate

  11. Biden said “states rights” basically… 🙄 there’s no teaching this guy.
    Drop out joe… drop out before you ruin this primary

  12. How do you know if you’re going to Hell? You become more and more worried about climate change lol

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