Joe Cirincione On The History Of Not Learning Lessons From War

On the day the U.S. ends its military mission in Afghanistan, national security expert Joe Cirincione joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss how the lessons from the 20-year war should shape the future of American foreign policy and national security.
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    1. He should get a novel preace prize for killing 13 marines and 170 afghans because he trusted the taliban for aiport security, for making the taliban great again with $85 billion in weapons and abandoning thousands of afghan allies and americans? Guess the bar for getting it is pretty low nowadays

    1. @Bay 17 You keep repeating phrases like “China Joe” like it means something. Hey did you know Trump paid more in taxes to Chyna in the last year than he did to the US in the last 20? FACT.

  1. “The buck stops with me.”
    — President Biden, 08/20/2021

    As president, Biden takes responsibility for the chaos of the Afghan withdrawal.

    ‘No, I don’t take responsibility at all’.”
    –Trump 03/13/2020

    Trump deflects blame for his coronavirus  testing debacle, and the soaring number of infections.

    Personally, I like presidents who don’t dodge drafts or responsibility.

    History teaches that there has been a long-running battle with fear of the truth. People mistakenly fail to admit the truth, and in so doing, help to perpetuate recorded falsehoods. And if it’s not fear, then it’s distortion of the truth to promote a personal or political cause.

    Loyalty to the truth should be the ultimate goal of the historian and the reader.

    What can the individual learn from history — as a guide to living? Not what to do, but what to strive for. And what to avoid in striving. The importance and intrinsic value of behaving decently. The importance of seeing clearly—not least of, seeing yourself clearly.

    1. This is what we know. After reassuring Americans and their allies that an Afghanistan takeover by the Taliban was NOT inevitable a month ago, *BIDEN* was *CLEARY WRONG*

      We know that he had been warned many times and ignored advice (or, he chose to take the wrong advice if you want me to put it that way).

      NYT article titled _”Intelligence Warned of Afghan Military Collapse, Despite Biden’s Assurances.”_

      Also Sean Hannity confirmed from dozens of sources that this was the case. The YT video is available to watch.

      *President Trump’s Exit Plan*
      1) evacuate civilians
      2) dispose of military equipment
      3) pull troops

      This is a typical military exit strategy. Biden ignores the plan and did not dispose of military equipment and did not evacuate the civilians he had reassured a month prior that the Afghanistan military would fight.

      By not disposing of the military equipment like President Trump planned to, Biden armed the Taliban with dozens of billions of dollars of equipment. Including, but not limited to:

      – Black Hawk Helicopters
      – A-29 Super Tocano Bombers (aircraft)
      – Armoured Humvee and Drones
      – Night visions goggles

      Since then, we have found out through Breitbart news titled _”Biden Officials gave Taliban List of Stranded Americans, Afghan Allies.”_

      When asked if he trusts the Taliban, he completely dodged the question. Even if he does not trust them why would you give them a list?

      Our government is now “working with the Taliban” to create a perimeter. If he doesn’t trust them why does he want to work with them?

      The Chinese Government openly supports the Taliban.

      Joe is a puppet for 🇨🇳

    2. snzzzzzz. Trump keyboard warriors unite around the concept Trump concocted and blame biden for the effects of actually doing it. You need a tampon, whiner?

    1. @paenchenlama I like how u ignore Obama who got the most us troops killed as well as who released 5 worst of the worst prisoners from Guantanamo forn us sargeant. Can’t critisize a dem huh

    2. @Bruh So of course you ignore the 5000 Taliban soldiers the orange traitor released when he surrendered.

    3. @paenchenlama I mean Karzai, resplendent in robes representing all parts of Afghanistan, but sarcastically called the “Mayor of Kabul” because that’s all his government controlled. Bush’s people wanted Karzai, so Karzai was foisted on the people, instead of letting them decide what kind of government they wanted as long as it didn’t include the Taliban or terrorists groups. Outsiders installing an outsider (British did this in Iraq) as ruler never turns out well, because the ruler always needs the outsiders to prop up his regime. Eventually, they can’t or won’t any more and the weakness and illegitimacy of that government is revealed.

  2. When Bush/Cheney let Bin Laden escape Afghanistan in late 2001, the mission ended.

    20 years of nation building was the mistake and military misadventure, not this long overdue withdrawal.

    If the Taliban do not represent the majority population in Afghanistan let the population prove it. So far I see no evidence of that.

    1. @Adam Taylor In any case, as long as we continue to divvy up the world according to our rather quaint system of nation states (the geopolitical equivalent of 8-track tapes for listening to music), based on ethnicities, religions, shared language, how can you build a nation when there is no nation, and never has been a nation? The borders of Afghanistan were drawn by the British and Russian governments to suit themselves, not the people living in the territory Russia and Britain were squabbling over. The arrogance.

  3. Hei American, you left behind your pants in Kabul ! 🤣🤣🤣. US just that how much US soldier afraid with Taliban until they forget to bring their underware along with them. 😂😂😂

  4. The US can defeat any Nation in battle. But since we don’t occupy to ethnically cleanse or colonize we can never “Win” in the traditional sense of conquering nations.

  5. Churchill said: “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” I wonder if he had the US in mind?

    After the Vietnam exit, I thought it would be a long time before the US did this again. I was wrong. It was only 14 years before George H W Bush bombed Baghdad in Desert Storm and 26 years before the Afghan War. I doubt the US will learn from this disastrous war. The military industrial complex demands wars to make huge profits.

  6. The United States can easily win almost any war where the sole objective is to defeat the opponent.
    Since this is so obviously true, our opponents simply don’t engage us in wars of this nature.
    “Winning” in Vietnam and Afghanistan eludes us, because our objectives are not strictly military.
    I’m not sure exactly what we’re lacking for success. But it’s not raw power.

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