Joe: Conspiracy Theorists Are Desecrating Democracy | MSNBC 1

Joe: Conspiracy Theorists Are Desecrating Democracy | MSNBC


While discussing the Arizona recount and Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs' remarks that the voting machines Republicans turned over to private companies as part of their audit of the 2020 election are no longer safe for use in future elections, Joe Scarborough weighs in on election conspiracy theories.

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Joe: Conspiracy Theorists Are Desecrating Democracy | MSNBC


    1. @Henry Watkins They are asleep & they don’t want to wake up to the truth because it scares them & it ruins the narrative that they are on the “Good Team”…when there is NO Good Team: not to mention, so many of these people have spent YEARS defending their political party & fighting w/ the other side, that their political affiliation is a HUGE part of their identity. It is sad, really. These people spend hours every day virtue signaling & arguing with complete strangers and they enjoy it. They are just too indoctrinated into the Left vs Right Illusion that they’ll never wake up.

    2. @John Swo The only people blindingly following anyone is you following the media and the uniparty. If this is the most secure election in history going over the results should make you happy. It will prove that Biden, who couldn’t get 100 people to a rally, really got over 80 million legal votes.
      Transparency is never a bad thing, so I wonder why the establishment in government and media are losing their minds.

  1. Reminds me of Tim Ryan’s eruption in Congress yesterday. We need more of this passion and anger.

  2. As said on the Rachael Maddie show last night all those voting machines now can never be used again

    1. @Salty Charms no. Not the same machines. A totally different model. Besides there is no evidence that the machines in maricopa County were changing votes. Trump lost, get over it and to claim otherwise is supporting a lie and you are a traitor to America if you support Trump and his lies

  3. “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

    Martin Luther King Jr

    1. Throw out a quote and ignore the actual context…. is the absolute heighth of manipulating the ignorant!!

  4. ‘ A lie is halfway around the World before truth even has it’s pants on ”Why look for conspiracy when stupidity can explain so much.’ Winston Churchill

    1. Funny Armandhammer, hahahahahahahahahahahaha. “google” it and find on pg 104 ‘something’ kind of close to what was “googled”, maybe.

  5. “Tell me the difference between stupidity and criminality and I’ll have my brother in law arrested” A quote from the movie THE BIG SHORT

    1. Love that movie. But the best quote is – People want to be told what to believe but they chose this authority based on what is familiar and not facts. The fact is I saw the cheating happen before anyone went on TV and said it happened. They cheated badly and the proof has been shown over and over and over again. The audit has already shown Biden likely didn’t win. The old Dominion is dying and not doing it very gracefully either.

    2. No difference when you see the January 6th rioters and Q- Anon conspiracy theorist, one and the same, – stupid criminals.

    3. This is nothing but Dems overreacting about the election and how they got caught by Cyber Ninjas. Honestly, I didn’t have much faith in them finding anything, but you can’t deny results. I would have never thought to use ultraviolet light for bamboo, but thankfully they did and I can say I’m an American again.

    1. Looking for it is no help either. If you want it too bad you’ll take an easy answer. Receptivity is key.

    1. @s7rugg1es A lot of the steel dossier has been born out and where are you going to get information about Russians except from Russians?

    2. @Brian HThe fact that Trump fired FBI director Comey was the main thing that precipitated The appointment of a special prosecutor. Mueller was a Republican appointed by a Republican. And there’s plenty of other facts but none that you’d ever admit to. Did you read any of the Mueller report or did you just Accept Bill BARRS farcical summary?

  6. Why isn’t anyone talking/laughing their butts off about the ‘Chickens ate the ballots so we had to burn them’ excuse?!?! Hilarious and dead on

    1. @Henry Watkins You can always spot the mentally ill by their insistence on using all capital letters. In their dysphonia, they believe that will make their typing louder.

    2. @idomatter nonya OMG – on Rachel Maddow’s show on May 18, 2021 entitled ‘AZ Republicans Finally Calling Out Shambolic Election Audit Spectacle.’ It’s freaking awesome, and Rachel Maddow was the best person to get it out there! It’s definitely worth it, and I highly recommend it.

    3. @daniel harris it is funny but sad that those Trump morons actually believe that story about chickens eating the ballots

    4. @daniel harris – Geez, chillax! What’s that old saying – Laughter is the Best Medicine – and it’s correct. I believe Billy Joel said it best, ‘I’d rather laugh like a dinner than cry like a saint.’ I am aware of how important this is, trust me. I live in Arizona and this whole ‘audit’ crap is embarrassing!! Black lights, UV lights being used to determine if there’s ‘bamboo’ in the paper cuz that would mean China forged ballots! Guess what? Bamboo grows in this part of the state, but I shouldn’t even have to say it in the first place! The RepubliCANTs are CLEARLY desperate, which is why there throwing everything AND the kitchen sink at the wall desperately hoping SOMETHING sticks, but facts are facts, and since the RepubliCANTs have decided to embrace and accept that telling lies is ok, it goes right over their heads. They’ve abandoned their conservative ideals and their oaths, which were NOT to Trump, but to the Constitution. Check out the first 2 mins of Rachel Maddow’s show from May 18 entitled – ‘AZ RepubliCANTS Finally Calling Out Shambolic Election Audit Spectacle.’ A little laughter at the ridiculousness of this situation IS the best medicine. If after watching it you don’t at the very least smile then you can yell at me, k?

  7. Thank God I was born in a country that allows me to question anything I don’t understand and whether you do as well. I ain’t leaving.

  8. There are three classes of people:

    Those who see.
    Those who see when they are shown.
    Those who do not see.

    *~Leonardo da Vinci~*

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