Joe: ‘Donald Trump Will Lead To The End Of The Party Of Abraham Lincoln’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed … and we will deserve it.” — Lindsey Graham on Twitter (3 May 2016)


    2. The real question is, will the psychotic democrats accept the election results when Trump wins in 2020?

    3. JOE!!! 2014, 14? See I have been telling people about this about face and they don’t believe he drank the Putin Kool aid or that the seemingly drunk with adoration SenateMAGA are in on something bad, this deliberate dismantling of all govt deparrments–none of them are ever against any of this massive destruction by decree going on, stopping/ending affordable housing? I lived in NYC for over 20yrs where his little shenanigans of the 90s were know a millionaire who was never seen at one of Brooke Astor’s soirees. He now owes a lot of low down kleptocrats/oligarchs all over. Seems conscripted and now preening his evil. This can not end well, he will never accept losing everyone HE HAD ADMIRED/Hollywood, and this too, the other side like heroes who don’t get captured.

    1. @bmon40 Never begged for isolation or Trump. Just too many people here who vote against their best interest.

    2. I’m a navy war vet I have never been so ashamed how that orange draft dodger turned us to the biggest joke in the world. Our country is a laughing stock of the world. Never been this weak in history. An they the Republican party an some weak Democrates. Yes blame on both sides. Never felt ashamed until the orange monster an his family an the turning my back Republicans. They know who they are an November bill be a blue Wipeout. The Republican party did it to themselves.

  2. Trump is a lost cause in American history and the GOP is running out of options in the battle over the Coronavirus

    1. @THE RAYLANDER I hear you and don’t blame you for saying that. I don’t see how a Democrat could profess love for this country with their policies and hatemongering. Unfortunately the virus is real. I was doubtful myself until my daughter in-law came down with it. She had no serious illness from it though.

    2. @Chris Coker They are ramping up numbers by calling everything COVID. Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Sinus Infection, all being called COVID. To balloon numbers to make COVID seem worse than it actually is.

  3. The irony is that Trump was a longtime registered Democrat until he realized Democrats would never fall for a con artist! LOL!

    1. The real question is, will the psychotic democrats accept the election results when Trump wins in 2020?

  4. The republican party of today bears NO resemblance at all to the republican party of Abraham Lincoln in the 1860’s. The republican party of today is a party where the KKK, KKK sympathizers, Q’Non NUTS, Nazis, Alt Right white supremacists feel RIGHT AT HOME! Abraham Lincoln would be APPALLED at what the republican party has become! Mitt Romney was the only one senator who honored his oath to be an impartial juror in Trump’s impeachment trial. And he’s been mercilessly attacked by repugnant republicans ever since!

    1. Exactly. Don’t forget the blatant Christian NATIONALISM – totally spreading that the US is a “Christian” Nation…funny how there is supposed to be a separation of state and church and that we are the very first SECULAR NATION.
      This is an ” American ” original…and these Trumpians like Bill Barr literally have a lecture in an University attacking secularism!!! Pompeo had his website full of Christian Nationalists Propaganda until he had to take it down.
      It gotten so bad that normal Christians organized and wrote a manifesto AGAINST Christian Nationalism…

    2. @David Schoreck – This is turning out like Jim Crow all over again. Where the US Constitution means nothing if it doesn’t fit into a particular ideology. As far as I’m aware, the United States was the first country to introduce the concept of freedom of religion. This was introduced to prevent sectarian conflicts and people being persecuted because of their religion, as was often the case in Europe. Christian nationalists in the US behave seem to believe that they are being persecuted because of their religion. They fail to understand that they’re being criticised and censored because of their BEHAVIOUR. As a human rights law postgrad student, I am acutely aware of the way that certain nations are leaning towards abusing that right to provide *preferential* treatment to those of a religious disposition. One of the unspoken guiding principles of any right is that it isn’t protected if you’re using it to cause harm to others. If Christian nationalists got their way, the US would be back to where Europe was at the time of the nation’s founding. From a European standpoint, the US is already a backward nation in terms of social development. Giving Christian fundamentalists that much control would push it even further back.

    3. David Davies . They won’t stop until they turn our country into ‘The United States of Jesus Christ.’

      And they have a very twisted / perverted idea about who Jesus was in the first place. They definitely do not believe in turning the other cheek. They worship the angry, jealous god of the olde testament.

    4. David Schoreck . These idiots won’t stop until they turn our nation into ‘The United States of Jesus Christ.’

      They are extremely ignorant and arrogant. Most of our Founders were men of Reason. They were men of the Enlightenment. Many were Freemasons. George Washington himself was a very proud and high ranking Freemason. They were Deists and did not even believe in a personal god. All of these evangelical BOZOS are the very types that men like Jefferson and Madison were very wary of. Jefferson was in favor of compulsory education because he believed that the more educated a person was the less religious they’d likely be. He believed that religious people were ignorant and superstitious. Jefferson didn’t want any mention of him being president on his tombstone. He wanted it simply to say that he was the founder of The University of Virginia.

  5. The “Party of Lincoln” died with Nixon’s “Southern Strategy.” The Republicans haven’t been a party Lincoln would recognize since 1968.

    1. @Jon Wiseman if it weren’t for double standards, the left wouldn’t have any.
      Trump unlike Obama never set up a three star army general and intelligence official because he was raising legitimate questions on foreign policy and tactics.
      In addition, none of Trump’s foreign policy actions reignited slavery back in Africa which Benghazi did in Libya.

    2. @Jack Keroauc they never joined the Republicans en masse.less than 10 joined. I wouldn’t call that “the entire party switched sides or principles” JFK would be considered right wing by today’s leftists

    3. @Erik R. Sorry but again I must disagree with you. The GOP have been around since 1854; the Democrats since at least 1828. That’s an awful lot of inertia.
      Further, Trump currently has between 85 & 90% support with registered Republicans. Even the Lincoln Project crowd haven’t given up their membership of the party.
      Further, the US political system doesn’t lend itself to third parties (WAY too much first past the post) and serious politicians and their operatives know that without power, you are just a person shouting at the wind!
      1854 was a unique situation in the US. All agreed that Slavery was time limited. The glory of the founders of the GOP was that they saw and seized the moment, breaking the Whigs & the Free Soil parties. The US doesn’t have 3 parties currently contending AND, in reality, the only place that currently exists in US politics is to the LEFT of the Democrats. There’s actually loads of room there, but I don’t think too many Republicans would be comfortable there.

    4. @Michael O’Donnell I know it’s a two-party system. That’s my point. Trump-Republicans will remain the default second-party alternative to Democrats unless they are knocked down historically far, far enough to create space for something else.

    5. @Erik R. You are simply more optimistic than I am.
      The 1860 election, the election that made the GOP, had 4 candidates who won Electoral College votes. Lincoln wasn’t even on the Ballot in ANY of the “Confederate” States (& I do know that they weren’t yet “Confederate”). Much like what happened to the Republicans in 1912, the Republicans won because the Democrats were split.
      To break the current Two Party system would require something far more dramatic than the defeat of a one term President, even if Trump has demonstrated HUGE weaknesses in the ability of a divided Congress to control a wannabe despotic President.
      Trump isn’t a Bad Republican President. He’s ticked virtually Every single Conservative box. That’s why he still has such enormous support within the Republican Party. It’s an awfully long time since any Republican showed any compassion for the Poor and Vulnerable, Minorities or, especially Hispanic, immigrants. When it comes to racist dog whistles, Republicans have been blowing them since at least Nixon (Goldwater didn’t pretend to not be a Racist). Trump may be louder and brasher than the usual Republican, but he certainly shares their goals. Moreover, it’s the nature of Conservatism to NOT be tolerant of alternative viewpoints. Thus, there’s usually a drift towards despotism under Conservatives (witness W’s Patriot Act; Reagan’s Iran Contra; Nixon’s tapping of journalists and the Democrats). Trump just takes a tiny step too far, annoying Mainstream Republicans, who, at heart, believe in Democracy (even when they rig the system!)
      Moreover, most don’t really approve of foreign intervention in US Elections (no matter how many elections they rig overseas).
      As I say, Trump just takes it a little step too far – so where’s the motivation to change the system that’s (not really) worked for over 150 years?

  6. Jim Jordan,Matt gaetz,Tom cotton,Louis gohmert,REALLY????.is that the future of the GOP????scary scary.

  7. The Party of Lincoln? Really? It’s been dead for decades. Trump is just shoveling the last spade of dirt on the grave.

  8. TRUMP PHONED PUTIN AND OFFERED HIM A “QUID PRO QUO”! Trump has revealed that they did not discuss Russia’s bounty on American soldiers’ heads in Afghanistan. So what did they discuss? For many months anything and everything that Trump has done has been directly linked to his election campaign; it’s highly unlikely that this call was any different. How about this deal?

    Trump would take American troops out of Germany before the election and take the USA out of NATO if he was reelected. In return, Putin would proactively interfere in the election to help the Trump campaign and weaken the Biden campaign. Trump has already delivered on his before-the-election part of the deal and now it’s up to Putin to deliver his. AMERICA MUST BELIEVE THAT TRUMP IS IT’S WORST-EVER ENEMY!

    1. @rod r Are you seriously saying you don’t believe Trump would do exactly that? He has all but admitted it several times.

    1. @bill boyd I just reread snopes. Do know how to Google something to verify it? Ivanka got the money from saudis for a world bank charity. She has no part in distributing the money. You should post an apology to ivanka. She was actually trying to help poor people. Your credibility is zero.

    2. @Bruce Smith Its a shame Donald can’t win the election on having the most deaths worldwide, or giving a tax break to the richest, as America faces eviction and the collapse of the middle class.

    3. @bill boyd Obama destroyed health care. Obama sent manufacturing jobs to china. Let Amazon, Apple, ebay, many internet companies not pay taxes; including not charging taxes on purchases. And Obama became much richer. But the left are so stupid they would vote for him again.

  9. Trump is the biggest Hoax in American History!

    1. @Lee C remember the Mueller report? Trump haters waited two and a half years, with all sorts of scenarios of what would happen. Nothing burger. This will be no different. Rachel maddow got her hands on a year of trump’s tax returns in 2017. Clean as a whistle.

    2. @ronny raygunz Why are you supporting a guy who is playing golf as more than a thousand Americans are being killed every day by a virus he refuses to deal with? Are you prepared to die for him? Why? He has done nothing for you except lie to your face.

    3. @Lee C hydroxychloroquine really is the cure. They’ve used it in france and other countries with great success, combined with zinc and antibiotics. It’s safe, people use it all over the world for malaria. So why won’t trump’s adversaries let him implement it? And who’s responsible for the deaths?

    1. Dem party: George Wallace; against all civil rights laws; pro-slavery; pro-KKK, pro-segregation. Keep bragging.

  10. “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake” – Napoleon Bonaparte

    The GOP tying their fates to Trump was bound to explode in their faces at some point.

    1. Kanwar Ghuman
      Sleepy Joe dodged going on an interview with the liberal friendly Chris Wallace. His handlers tell him where to go. But, sleepy Joe will have to come out of the basement for a debate on the economy with the great President Trump.

    2. @Truth Seeker let’s say you’re right and Biden has been “sleeping.” That would mean a man in slumber is beating Trump by double digits. He doesn’t even have to try. That’s how much America has paid attention to Trump’s failures. Sweet dreams.

    1. @Michael Willcutt What? You wanna try to string together a coherent sentence you bot sounding moron?

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