Joe: I’m So Embarrassed For Sen. John Kennedy | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe: I'm So Embarrassed For Sen. John Kennedy | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., on Wednesday had harsh words for Nancy Pelosi's efforts to impeach the president. While speaking at a Trump rally, Sen. Kennedy said of Pelosi 'it must suck to be that dumb.' Aired on 11/07/19.
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Joe: I'm So Embarrassed For Sen. John Kennedy | Morning Joe | MSNBC

68 Comments on Joe: I’m So Embarrassed For Sen. John Kennedy | Morning Joe | MSNBC

    • Yes sir watch the serpent lady at 2:40 to 3:08.Thats a mk ultra doll right there.When she snaps out of it you can hear her handler do something to bring her back.

    • @Brett Pechatsko Yeah he has her trained — when he reaches up toward his glasses, she knows to respond.. That’s the way they train monkeys at the circus… Bet Joe spends a lot of money on peanuts because she’s such a slow learner..

    • @David Rodgers AMEN – They know their rear ends are going to be behind bars after the FISA investigation..So many crimes and criminals involved in that.. Russian dossier, foreign agents paid to obtain it, etc, etc, all the crimes KKKillary committed.. All the way up to OBOZO and KKKillary’s secret server… CAN’T WAIT …

    • Yea,then she says or ead the transcript and he says its not a transcript .Lol these people dont even know whats coming out of their mouth.

    • It is PATHETIC how LOW the
      have come to keep their LOYALTY
      to TRUMP. We no longer have respect,dignity, courage and the
      strength to separate GOOD from
      EVIL. Miss Lindsey Graham has
      Said, TRUMP is like FRESH AIR.
      Sure, TRUMP has polluted our
      breathing air with his poisonous
      Time to get serious, Trump will
      REFUSE to LEAVE his post of
      corruption, not because.he loves
      our COUNTRY, but because he owes PUTIN the POWER he gifted
      Trump 2016. Trump’s GIFT in
      gratitude to PUTIN. = U.S.A.

    • @1LT 👆🏻yes. I didn’t hear what the 3rd guy had to say, after Sen Kennedy, but it had this air of him stumbling up to say his “piece”. After they’d been sharing a bottle backstage🤪🍾🍺🍸🍷 🤡🤥😬

    • @Brett Pechatsko. I once heard this expression/saying: “When you point the finger at someone, you have THREE fingers pointing back at YOU!”

    • @Brett Pechatsko I hate Trump, but I looked at the time point you pointed out and it freaked me out. For that entire span of time, her eyes didn’t even blink. And when she finally came back to earth, she looks like a robot. OMG!!!!!

    • I know dont watch cnn or msnbc dont believe anything.Now im not saying you should like trump.Like whoever you want but dont let msnbc or cnn or others make that decision for you.Yea i know its freaky i couldnt believe what i was seeing lol.

    • Hey you are mind controlled by msnbc.They use mind control .Just watch the lady anchor at 2:40 to 3:08 she heard her trigger word and went inot a trance lol.

  1. Oh he’s just ole KKK member. I was born and raised in Louisiana. Republican’s have done nothing for that state. All these Red States are living off money from Blue states.

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