Joe: Kellyanne Conway Would’ve Been Fired On Spot By Other Administrations | Morning Joe | MSNBC

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on Tuesday responded to questions about President Donald Trump's attacks on four congresswomen of color by asking a reporter about his heritage. The panel discusses.
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Joe: Kellyanne Conway Would've Been Fired On Spot By Other Administrations | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. In some ways, sadly true as most presidents would not have allowed a woman to speak on behalf of the President. I disagree with the sentiment her views were not shared by other presidents. Look at Harding, Jackson, Johnson, Polk, Tyler, etc. All of them were white supremacists to some degree. It was in the DNA of America from the start

    2. Kellyanne actually was part of another administration, but she only got the position because she’s the Cryptkeeper’s daughter. 🤣

    1. @Gambit771 Did any body check to see if trump and Hitler have the same great great grandfather lam just wonder that could be the cause of his behavior

    1. 😂😂😂I guess my badge would be Napolean wearing buckskin & holding a tomahawk. In the classic pose of course.

    1. She is actually a politically correct liberal when compared to the person who is President. And his base say they voted for him because he makes racist remarks, this is being sewn into the Republican’s social contract with their voters.

  1. Sad times we are living in right now. I can’t believe how low the level of civility has become.

    1. Standards? Past administrations are all pretenders, hiding on facade of being prim and proper but really they are all filth, Trump admin is no different but at least they are not shy on hiding it.

    2. Ceco Elvisa I think Trump likes to surround himself with other people inept at their jobs to make himself look good in contrast.

  2. Kellyane is the female version of Skeletor! She sucks so much A$$ from chump, I’m surprised she hasn’t choked yet!!!
    Get this crazy biatch outta here!

    1. In her defense, who is making the requests? Democrats harass/ask me questions all the time as if I’m an adviser. I’m a hardworker. I’ll no longer advise them. I can take care of myself. I want a refund.

  3. Arrest Kellyanne for contempt! Why are the Dems allowing her to get away with ignoring a congressional subpoena!

    1. @Tim Alford Pelosi is working the long game. Winning one battle feels good temporarily, losing the war sucks for years and years, as trump proves every day.

    2. @Cerberus As a European: Indeed she is. The 2018 win was pretty clever, and she has pretty solid grip on her caucus, unlike the Republicanicans on theirs. She also knows very well that Trump will likely win in 2020, so she has to hedge her bets with Dems keeping the House and hopefully grabbing a few more Senate seats. Giving Trump candy once in a while helps keeping him confused.

  4. Is there a town in the US with the name of Nürnberg? Just asking because you’ll need one.

    1. Those little dots over the u…little cookie monster eyes staring at me, haunting me… now a fentanyl fueled alligator is eyeing me from the bowl of my toilet. Ahhhhhh!!!!

    1. compulsiverambler plus no one stands up to their fueher because they ALL HAVE STOCKHOLM SYNDROME

    2. @angela bluebird60 I have no faith in the gop, but I know they have faith in money. We don’t have to spend our money with companies that contribute to their campaigns or endorse them.

  5. Wasn’t there a hearing about Kellyanne Conway violating the Hatch Act the other day? What happened? Why is she still working for the WH???

    1. @BrooklynGirl No, I didn’t watch the hearing so I don’t know what happened. I just heard she didn’t show up and that should have been grounds to fire her immediately.

    2. Eric Pratt she’s ignored the suboenas twice wouldn’t anyone of us have been jailed for that? THEY FOLLOW THE ORANGE BLOBS LEAD ALL THINK THEY’RE ABOVE THE LAW

    3. @Eric Pratt you heard correctly. and she’s still working for the white house because her boss is a bottom dweller…there, i think we’re all caught up. 🍷

  6. Ask McConnell on camera to his lizard face ” how would he feel if someone had told his wife to go back home ?” live on camera if you can itd be dynamite go viral across all media seeing the main cockroach defending trump taken down and destroyed for his hypocrisy over it live on air PLEASE TRY TO DO IT

  7. You know, this is not Germany in the 1930ies.
    But it is not so far away from it. I can tell, I am german and I learned the whole stuff in school. Tactics are quite comparable to these times… This needs to change. really really soon, before it gets worse.

  8. I’m a “Mexican”, who were my ancestors? Hmmm oh yeah Spanish and wait for it …. Native Americans!

    1. Big part of what is now the USA has been Mexico. If they don’t like America, they should give that part back to Mexico.

  9. Kellyanne Conway had called Trump a dishonest sick pervert during the GOP primary..!!! But after Trump got the nomination, she decided that Trump is a great guy…!!!!

  10. Ignorant fossil. The “squad” will help get young people out to vote, They are extremely IMPORTANT.

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