Joe Manchin’s ‘Living In A Dream World That No Longer Exists’ Says Historian 1

Joe Manchin’s ‘Living In A Dream World That No Longer Exists’ Says Historian


The voting rights bill faltering in the Senate due to the threat of the filibuster, and Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema's vocal unwillingness to vote to abolish it, are analyzed by historian Nancy Maclean. Maclean tells Joy Reid that Joe Manchin is 'living in a dream world that no longer exists,' as he pursues bipartisanship.
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  1. Sorry but the days of the Moynihan and Buckley Jr. debates are long gone. We are at a cusp. It can go any number of ways, most of them bad. But ultimately, it is our choice which way things go, and the fascists know it.

    1. Well the only person that ran on having term limits implemented was Trump…everyone else was against it for obvious reasons. Funny how Democrats and MSNBC viewers are all claiming to want it but then were so heavily against it earlier. Lol…the ignorance and stupidity of people who get their news from TV is astounding.

    2. Good. I hope the dems get this one for Trump we’ve been wanting it for years now. These dems are so dumb

    3. This is why he’s against the bill….it has anti corruption parts….Manchin is falling on the sword for his donors and all the others donors too.

    4. @Jason R roflmao…you fake bots are astounding. Its so obvious to tell you are fake with your recent account creation.

  2. Sen.Joe Manchin thinks he is making History and standing on the right side of History not knowing that he is standing in the opposite and destructive side of History. He is more of centrist conservative Republican to me pe say.

  3. The best way to protect the democracy is to have term limits for senators and also reduce the year per term from six to five. A four term in office is enough for me.

    1. It also helps if both parties are limited to having access to the same amount of money. All money has to be transparent.

    2. @Sam Smith Jim crow is a conservative thing. The republican party is the conservative, bordering on fascist, party. You’re welcome for the info.

  4. Bipartisanship and McConnell doesn’t go hand in hand and Manchin is too Naive to understand that.

  5. The speech Humphrey gave in ’48 about civil rights still ring true today. Especially the ’64 speech. That 2 “party’s” need to stay in the waters edge. (Yes, born and raised here in MN)

  6. Not sure why some democrats can’t seem to grasp that the GOP aren’t interested in bipartisanship. McConnell said a few weeks ago ‘we will not back anything that Biden puts forward, no matter what it is’. As for manchin, let’s just say it, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, he is a Republican.


  7. Even now, at the edge of annihilation, the likes of Manchin will fawn over Republicans for a base that will still see him as a communist because he doesn’t have (R) against his name.

    1. Lol democrats already called him a racist. He’s slowly seeing how corrupt his own party is.

  8. “We like the kind of democracy where one old guy tells us what to do while we’re calling everyone else a sheep.”
    – Trumpets

    1. You can keep the quote, but put anything as who says it. If we’re going to be honest, we could put the “biden filth” as the one quoted.

    2. @BluePill Williamson you’re a fool to not want elections to be secure. There were irregularities that need to be questioned and the push back is only hardening people belief of election rigging. Give baby its bottle and it will quiet.

    3. @BluePill Williamson you confuse education and real world experience with brainwashed….little myopic isn’t it?

  9. Imagine cheering on the iceberg and fighting the crew to maintain course…because you believe it’s the key to staying afloat.

  10. Just the fact that he is on fn Fox news speaks volumes…traitor. And we passed the stimulus without bipar support, you shriveled maniac.

  11. Manchin and Sinema- two Democrats holding back and protecting America from “progressive” , Marxist disaster

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