Joe: Mitch McConnell Won't Allow A Vote On Protecting America | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Joe: Mitch McConnell Won’t Allow A Vote On Protecting America | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY., blocked two election security measures on Thursday, a move that came after the special counsel's House hearings and the same day the Senate Intel Committee released a report on Russian interference.
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Joe: Mitch McConnell Won't Allow A Vote On Protecting America | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. “Moscow Mitch” definitely has a nice ring to it. It sounds better than “Cocaine Mitch”. I hope it goes viral. Pass it on please, people.

    1. It is clear that Joe is angry AND AS HE SHOULD BE. This is his former Party that is tearing down the fabric of our Democracy and Constitution. Even though he has already disavowed himself as a Republican he can’t escape the fact, this is the party he was once part of and now the Republicans are ALL CULPRITS of handing the U.S. on a silver platter to Putin.

  2. The people need to go to the White House and Protest, to take him out , all of them. Just saying,peace

    1. Sylvia Garcia Don’t be afraid, eventually people will end up doing that!! Things are going to be that bad, and people will be left only with that choice!!..

    1. @car. A ok I’ll bite. Explain how establishing a federal voter registration, mandating that ex-felons have the vote and candidates producing 10 years of tax returns, while laudable, are going to help the situation?
      The administration has already given millions to states to address concerns. Do we really need a DHS style takeover of elections?

  3. Ole Mitch has the mentality of a White European slave master. He’s guilty of obstruction.

  4. I’ve been telling people for years that Trump and the GOP are bought and paid for by Putin. We are now the United federation of Russia. I guess I better learn to play the Balalaika.

    1. We tell the truth but eyes and ears from others don’t work. Like Linda g Comanche Psychic said. Better wake up or you’ll soon be all speaking Russian.

    2. Helsinki had it on full display and it still blows my mind that a US President actually said that his intelligence services presented him with substantial credible evidence of Russia’s nefarious actions but he asked Putin and he said no, so that’s who he sided with because “Why would they?” Cyka blyat.

    1. @Brent Foster That’s all it’ll take. Those turds in KY will keep him in office if he can get Burger King to open a new franchise, let alone an aluminum producer.

    2. Its very simple. We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg on the top Republicans that are compromised. Russia funding big money to NRA… NRA are then funding Republicans. Follow the money. We need to get taxes on all of them.

  5. Moscow Mitch. So true. I would add Moscow Money Mitch. He has put money and Russia before Americans and our security.

    1. @Brennen Cox
      Wow, you’re going backwards to jr high school punk level now, little kid. What’s next? ‘I know you are but what am I’? ‘Stick and stones may break my bones…’?
      And now you bring up the uranium hoax… that Clinton had ZERO to do with the decision on? There was a panel who decided on that. What next, kid? Pizzagate?

    2. @suzanne adamson My point was, doing business with a foreign country doesn’t necessarily paint your hands red.
      But it can be enough to at least look into possible corruption, given enough reasonable cause (not just, omgerd, you do business with XYorZ, U ANTI-AMERICAN SCUM!!!! DEPORT THEM DEPORT THEM)

    3. @Telly Vin-a I wouldn’t go so far as execution……..maybe put him in one of the detention centers for asylum seekers.

  6. Cocaine Moscow Mitch and our Unindicted Felonious Presidunce need to be locked up for Tre45onous activities against America and our Democracy.

    1. @12BJJohnson yes you are in a losing war… You have been since vietnam. Please tell all of us what war usa has won last 50 years?

    2. @HeavierThanLight all of them? Lol.

      This isn’t that hard.
      America didn’t lose Vietnam.
      We left.

      They had 80% more casualties than us.

  7. Mitch is COMPROMISED, he is a clear and present danger to the US, he needs to be locked up.

    1. @Ethan No. Locked up sounds good. This is treason and my hero Ronald Reagan is probably rolling in his grave. Shameful!!!!!!

  8. How can republicans be more afraid of immigrants “invading” us than about Putin invading our democracy ?! SMH

    1. With zero proof.
      Yet every agency in America has stated that Russia 100% interfered with the 2016 election. And plan on doing so again.

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