Joe: Money Didn't Decide Super Tuesday Outcome | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Joe: Money Didn’t Decide Super Tuesday Outcome | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Sen. Bernie Sanders is criticizing Joe Biden, saying his campaign is funded by the corporate establishment. Joe Scarborough discusses how Biden won Super Tuesday based on momentum and reputation. Aired on 03/05/20.
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Joe: Money Didn't Decide Super Tuesday Outcome | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Biden had no money because the Billionaire class thought he was done after New Hampshire and switched to Buttgieg thats why he was broke. Make no mistake they’ll be back in Bidens corner soon enough.

    1. mmarsh1972
      you evidently haven’t looked at Bernie’s campaign funds LOL. Or his bank account . What decided Super Tuesday was voters making their minds up between
      Biden and Sanders, That is pretty much it.

    2. Mmarsh1972, Even if billionaires as you put it, will come around. They weren’t around while he won 10 of 14 states across the country, he did that because more people like him than Sanders. That’s what they’re talking about on this clip. Even though Sanders will win California, he didn’t win with a sufficient performance in order to win the candidacy. And in 2016 Sanders was 4 million votes behind Hilary, he was also behind the current Oval Office occupant, and he was just barely higher votes-wise than Cruz. All I read from his supporters is gripe after gripe. Wake up to reality, your guy isn’t the favorite among the majority of Democratic voters.

    3. Indiana the home Dan Quayle, Mike Pence and John Dillinger. They asked John Dillinger why he robbed banks? He responded: that’s where the money is.

    1. @Jeff Shankle
      Who says it won’t be,….. you?.. of the,
      “I’ve been wrong about everything since Trump was elected, club?”

    2. it’s a near impossible task To achieve M4A it would cost well over 33 TRILLION DOLLARS think logically not Impossibly.

  2. High voter turnout is a good thing, especially against the voter suppression enacted by the GOP.

    1. @Roger Grant There shouldn’t have been long lines in CA cuz they had 10 days of voting. They thought more people would vote earlier. I’m sure it was unexpected. Besides, we won’t know CA until today—possibly Friday.

    2. @circle A Yes,many good people waited,for hours. That is,just wrong! This is,Trump’s, America. No checks and balances,No accountability.

  3. You are missing the point that Saunders is trying to make. He is claiming that if you accept help from corporate america, then they will ask for influence once you get elected.

    1. I think the larger point is that if “corporate [A]merica” is giving help, then you are saying and thinking what they want, and not what the people need.

    2. So what? They can ask – Biden would comply. He’s not about selling out Americans… please tell Bernie that so he can turn the page. Said with respect to your opinion.

    3. We all get that , unfortunately with citizens united & our current overall structure
      Big $$$ is crucial to wining back the W.H.
      Just wait till u see how much Trump /GOP/ Putin ….will spend to hold onto the throne !
      I’m all for getting big money out of our political system , but 1st you have to win as you can’t change it from the outside looking in .

    4. @Anjali Spot on !
      We all want to get rid of the dark money influence on our elections , but 1st you have to deal with the reality of them as they are.
      Just because you take donated $ does not mean you have to sell your sole or purpose.

  4. I live in Petersburg and I’m Shocked by that it’s voted mid 2019 as one of the 10 Dangerous places In VA. It’s not a overly pretty Place

    1. “Faith” is belief without evidence. “Blind faith” is belief despite the evidence. I think the latter applies to our democratic process.

    1. @Aaron Hard-left socialist nut. That’s who you are. Always insulting me and the other center to center-left Democrats by calling us the “corporate establishment”.

    2. @Aaron I think you are being cynical. So cynical because you think that this a comic book. This is not a comic book.

  5. huh, it`s almost like months of negative if any coverage of Bernie paid off for the corporate media stooges. Weird eh?

    1. Odd jørgensen oh please or maybe people just don’t like him Bernie supporters just act like everyone has to like him smh

    2. I told you weeks ago. The dnc will have Biden win. Something will happen to him and he will have to step down. The blue ticket will be Michael Obama and Hillary

    3. WAlkONRebel Not so much “like,” as to be fair, and remember, we’re talking about The Fourth Estate, here, not your self-centeredness.

    1. That’s what the Dems want in office a knitter or a quilter… either way, she has to be “nice” when she speak outloud.

  6. Shut up Joe, y’all know y’all been giving him mad publicity and hype and threw endless shade at Bernie. Y’all don’t even talk about their actual history in office

    1. @Howard G You’re the only Sanders supporter I’ve heard from who thinks the general progressive response to MSNBC’s treatment of Sanders, especially in the last 5 days, is “paranoid”. But, hey. Enjoy the Biden train. Millions of us will not be getting on. And before you give us the “…is a vote for Trump”-spiel, a Biden administration (in the very unlikelihood) would do far more to keep Trump in comfort & safety than 99% of Americans, so save it.

    2. @DK داشر DUH! This is the network that poses as the liberal-leaning antidote to FOX NEWS. Why TF WOULDN’T we expect them to give Sanders his fair share of media attention & support (which they’ve NEVER done) when he has such a sizable amount of support from the AMERICAN POPULATION, MORON??????

    3. Anyone watch any of the several Biden groping tween girls compilations?

  7. Bernie loss 5 states where joe Biden didn’t even campaign in that let me know if it’s Sanders vs trump in the general Bernie might win only 5 states!!

  8. Keep the following in mind…
    One of the reasons Biden sailed through Super Tuesday was the lack of media focus on him the weeks prior. He’d been written off for dead, no one was paying much attention, so the troubling pileup of brain freezes he suffered during those crucial days — including the fantasy about being arrested — got almost no attention.
    That all changes now.
    And if he wins the primary, the spotlight will intensify even more, as will Trump’s fearlessness when it comes to capitalizing on Biden’s decline.
    And if the fake news media don’t want to cover it — New Media and social media will be happy to step in.

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