Joe Responds To Trump’s Twitter Attacks | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe Responds To Trump's Twitter Attacks | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. Well, while your opinion is comically predictable, it’ll be fun to read your reaction when BHO’s accounting comes due. Disgusting will pale in comparison to the names hung around his shameful deeds.

    2. @Mark bodman ok…cool so…playing partisan politics means trump should falsely accuse him of murder? Even if it means hurting the victims legacy and the family? Is that your justification? At NO time did Joe accuse trump of ANY crime…so why didn’t trump simply attack joe for joking about the victims death? He would have faired WAAY better taking that route…but no…Trump had to go above and beyond to slander joe by accusing him of MURDER. ..if Joe said trump murders some one what would the first thing his supporters say??
      1) fake news
      2)where is the PROOF?
      Trump has no proof that he killed her.
      Joe has PROOF he didn’t. .
      But because Joe doesn’t follow trump and isn’t “pro trump”
      Trump has a right to accuse him of murder which could potentially be VERY harmful to the victims FAMILY…? Is that basically what you’re trying to say brother?

    3. @Pete Silva lol…I know. nice pete…don’t get the kids all riled up…they’re already in rare form

    4. @Bravo Victor .papa trump..a nd you guys that support trump…love obama..y’all havent been able to stop saying his name since …2016..Obama’s name is mentioned more times than trumps accomplishments lol.if trump is such a great president why is it alway “but Obama..” every time instead of you all just pointing out thing that are positive about trump that
      1) CAN’T BE denied
      2) CAN’T BE argued
      We might as well try and get obama back…its like he never left

  1. Why is it that I was suspended indefinitely off Twitter because I called Trump a dictator, and Putin’s puppets?

    1. I to was banned because I called Trump a Nazi communist Dictator and HIS REPUBLICAN Nazi REGIME.

    2. I’ve had 2, three day suspensions, that I appealed, for a rt of an article or news story on that fool. Not even “fake news”.

      I’ve seen other accounts being taken down for way, way, WAY less than 45 tweets 80x a day. Every day.

      And I’m sorry, but what a joke that he’ll “take down Twitter” hahaha how else would he be able to go on a tweet frenzy at 3am when he wakes up? Where else would he have such an audience? Nowhere.
      Plus, he isn’t legally allowed to, so it’s a moot point.

    3. @43 44 46 a no we didnt forget I haven’t been on in awhile myself, it’s so toxic now and it’s not fun.

    1. Me too !! I don’t want to hear about a mysterious death of a young intern in her boss’s office, quickly followed by his resignation and divorce. I can insulate myself from that !!

    1. Len Ovo She had a hairline fracture. Yes you can get that from fainting and hitting your head. She had a heart condition as well.

    1. @Caramba Mamba Thank goodness we live in a country where each of us can have his/her own opinion. I’d guess you are a Democrat. That’s okay. Everyone makes mistakes.

    2. @Fabien Jean if I was a nato country and trump wanted to cut that expense or cut the WHO funds or bring American jobs back ,and tax dollars and another thing our natural resources putting America first. The world is going to hate him. Almost every country in the world has free health care, free schooling and their taxes dollars kept home! Hate Trump for putting American first! This virus was started in china china is moving in on Hong Kong Taiwan is hording medical supplies and trying to steal hack vaccine information and had the WHO in their pocket ,,why we spend more,, and again the governors call the shots in the states. The ones in trouble happen to be democrat,

  2. Hes trying every play in the book to distract everyone from his disastrous COVID response. From Obamagate to accusations on murder. He just wants people to stop blaming him.
    Hes drowning and these are pathetic desperate attempts to try to stat afloat.

    1. @Lisa King it’s complicated but the deep state is compromised of underground elites that have common interests and have ultimate control of politicians, corporations and mainstream corporate media networks, common interests include; globalism, social engineering (left leaning), as well as Zionism. it’s no coincidence that most corporations align with the democrats/liberals aka globalist interests that push their specific narrative, because that is where I see the deep state can yield more power. this is what has been revealed not only in the U.S but around the world. the deep state is not limited to a specific political party. I see the deep state as operating across the political spectrum but when it comes to Trump they see him more as a threat to their narrative and therefore want his removal. Blaming Trump for COVID-19 deaths was the last straw when you have a democratic governor Cuomo not criticized one bit by the MSM for over 100 thousand deaths in New York, which is comparatively significant.
      the enemy is becoming clearer by the day.

    2. @Craigerswuzhere yes this entire presidency has been filled with double standards. From start to finish. It’s so embarrassing right?
      This nation hasn’t been this divided since the South created the Confederacy!

      Why has the virus become a bipartisan issue? We should be coming together to fight this virus together, but instead we are pulling farther apart and that is why the virus is ravishing through the country like this.

  3. After years of his depraved performance as president, is he capable of acting any other way? trump is severely damaged goods.

    1. trump is mentally ill, you dont let a drunk drive, you dont let a lunatic be in charge of a country..

    2. @T K it’s spelled “lose” (loose is what your sister is), and it doesn’t matter if he wins or loses. Dems will win the senate hands down, so they will control both house and senate. which means, the GOP can’t squirm out of trump’s upcoming 25th amendment. Either way, he’s gone.

    1. Anything for revenge ? Like what ? Point out that there have been 19 years of suspicion that Joe had something to do with Lori’s death ? Like maybe she didn’t just faint, that the crater in her skull is suspicious ?

    2. @Len Ovo Keep licking that refucklikkkan smegma. It’s tasty, huh? It’s eating what’s left of your brain.

  4. Elections have consequences…. NONE MORE so than NOW !! THIS is the ROT THEY voted for !! We have a REAL MONSTER in REAL TIME in the WHITE HOUSE !! Imagine this ANIMAL getting a SECOND term with NOTHING to lose…. UNTHINKABLE and INSANE !!!

    1. @Rita Review I thought all you lazy libs were moving out four years ago, Canada is a nice place, bye.

    2. @Oliver B
      What about Orange Trump?
      He was accused by 24 women’s!
      And because Biden is accused by 1 women, that by the way, it’s constantly lying, he’s a monster? Don’t we ridiculous!

    3. I cannot think that people would still be that stupid. Don’t take any notice of the polls people. Get out there and VOTE. Don’t leave it up to other people – get out and VOTE no matter what.

    4. @Janet Skelley As long as you vote for freedom, that would be Trump, if you want to be told what to eat, what to drink, what to wear and be told to stay home because you can’t take care of yourself only the government can take care of you by all means vote for liberalism and get ready to stand in the bread line and maybe they will give you a block of free cheese, yea you kids don’t remember that BS, because your brainwashed little puppets.

  5. Joe, the more he gets this reaction from you, the more he’s gonna tweet just because he got a rise out of you. He’ll see this and go, “Haha I got choo, i got choo…whatcha gonna do…haha…” just like the self centered narcissistic sociopath that any one with two brain cells to rub together can’t deny that he is. Sue him for malicious slander, hit him in the pocket book because that’s what he loves more than anything else.

    1. The response wasn’t about Joe. He’s trying to give a voice to her family who keeps getting this dragged out for cheap political points.

    1. Sad to see Joe Biden just lost 10 voters in Chicago over the weekend from 50 gun shots victims. Let me guess – it’s Trump’s fault? LMAO!
      “the democrat party is playing you for a chump, and if you vote for them, not only are you a chump, you are a traitor to the race” – Malcolm X – he was killed two days after saying this ——by democrats. Let that sink in!

    2. @Tony Tunbridge We were all hoping you liberals would fall for it, one less liberal vote and one less liberal gun grabber.

    1. Yes, and like in the shape of blunt force trauma to the head, from what ? Fainting ? I don’t think so !!!

  6. Mr. President, shut down Twitter. I dare you! Then what platform will you use to spread your lies, FedEx?

    1. Relax Dude. Cant you see Psycho Joe is apologizing of his While Male Privilege. Tweeter will be fine, but Psycho Joe probably won’t be.

  7. There is a cosmic difference between “free” speech, and “hate” speech. Without hate speech, trump would be nothing………is nothing anyway

    1. Cannot wait until I see that rope pass around his neck!!!!! MORNING MURDERER shall be hung!!!!

    2. Free speech is when you question how a beautiful young, healthy intern, a runner, faints from a strange heart problem and winds up with a smashed skull in her boss’s office, followed by his resignation and divorce !!

    3. I’m free to watch Netflix on my phone. My boss would not care much about my right to watch tv if he pulled up on me wedged between a citrus orchard and a canal bank staring at my phone. Being president is an actual job and this tweet in no conceivable way is part of any official duty of the president.

    1. @michael P NO MIKE MIKE!! VOTE FOR

    2. Trump is the personification of evil. He doesn’t care about anyone, so long as he comes out on top. He is once more trying to distract and, at the same time, be the center of attention by saying any vile thing his putrefied mind can come up with in order to shock and disparage.

    3. @Nicole Brown People die EVERYDAY in EVERY WAY, I dont know what anybody could do about it, get out and live before you die.

  8. Hey do this on Twitter start tweeting trump’s involvement in fraud like his whole family we can call it trumpgate spread the news

    1. Richard Thompson Great idea! Wish more people would call the trumps out over their greed and scams.

    2. I had something similar happen to me on FB. I was banned for almost 2 months. It’s getting a little frightening out here folks.

    3. @Bravo Victor – He sure is. A five-time draft dodger, serial adulterer, self-confessed beauty pageant molester and pathological liar… and those are his *good* qualities…

    1. Dwayne Shaw you’re a brain dead, mouth breathing moron if you think a social media corporation should block the president of the United States from tweeting. That sets a bad precedent, we don’t live in North Korea or Saudi Arabia, we don’t have state controlled media. Allowing this to happen will only lead to more censorship, next thing you know we will have state run social media and news. Also you goof, a business can not operate if it doesn’t comply with public health, and safety codes so that statement was moronic. Let me guess you can’t think for yourself so you feel the need to go with whatever opinion is popular?

    2. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said today that Twitter accounts – including Trump’s – will now be linked to fact check data. Trump, in turn, threatened to shut down Twitter and any social media platform that doesn’t agree with him. If he can’t lie, cheat and steal he’s toast. He’s already shredded the Constitution. Now he wants to burn it.

    3. Tim Countis trumps term is over next January, Twitter has been existing for over 11 years now. I’m pretty sure twitter will stick around longer.

  9. 🤜🤛Respect Joe! A gentleman even in a time of anger & rage. You showed real strength not stooping to Trump’s immature level. Good one. 👍😷

    1. +Julie Kurji Joe Scarborough is a fraud, no different than every other brainless talking head on cable news. MSNBC, FOX, CNN, they’re all the same. There’s no point in defending him nor any of his cronies.

    2. Joe lie for 3 years every single second about President Trump .Person who can lie like this non stop for 4 years cannot be believed.There is something dirty there .The case must be re open.

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