Joe Rogan, Who's Not A Doctor, Gives Terrible Vaccine Advice | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Joe Rogan, Who’s Not A Doctor, Gives Terrible Vaccine Advice | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Podcaster Joe Rogan, who has no public health expertise, told his listeners that healthy young adults have no need to get a Covid-19 vaccine. Our public health expert, Dr. Irwin Redlener, reacts. Aired on 04/28/2021.
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Joe Rogan, Who's Not A Doctor, Gives Terrible Vaccine Advice | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @William Stinson
      99.99% survival says a lot about the “risk”, lysol kills 99% of virus and bacteria people depended on it the entire pandemic with 0 criticism, but trusting 99.9% survival rates is dangerous? the vaccine is only 85% effective. The semantics, and cherry picking of statistics does nothing but create doubt and distrust.

    2. @Bryce Thompson
      So we are to be held responsible for the health of others now? Do we start smacking cheeseburgers out of obese peoples hands next? When does this nonsense sound ridiculous to you?

    3. @My Pillow Guy he said he thinks young people shouldn’t, how bout you go on CDC and look at some percentages

    1. @Alejandro Esquivel Rather than blather on why don’t you provide an example of Bill Gates’ ignorance on the Covid virus and why it was ignorance.
      I won’t bother holding my breath waiting for your reply as you’re just another chittering locust up in the tree.

    2. @bob w I had no trouble knowing what was safe and what wasn’t.
      Just explain to me why there are people like you out there who are not so much innately stupid and ignorant but go through life deliberately stupid and willfully ignorant.

      Reading what people like yourself write is like watching a deer caught in a wire fence doing its damnest to make its situation as bad as it could possibly get and then make it even worse when someone comes along to help it.

    3. @Art Celarium Deciding what you want to do and telling other people what they should do are two very different things.
      The second one requires responsibility which a lot of people won’t accept because having “Freedom” to do and say whatever you want is the ultimate American Dream.

    4. @red rum There you go again with your Right-Winger love-song about butts.
      Why are you guys so infatuated with this.

    5. @Concrete Lightbulb Yeah…Gates is a philanthropist…about as much as Rogan is a comedian. He claims to be giving his money away and spending it on noble and virtuous causes and yet his fortune continues to balloon to astronomical proportions. Sounds like a tax dodge to funnel money to the CEO of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Keep the money, dodge the tax man.

    1. @David Summers However, in this case, the plumber is a hack in a lab coat, and the critical thinkers among us know it

    1. @Sevan Harabidian its not hypocrisy you’re being deliberately obtuse, one doesn’t need to be professional to promote professional consensus on other hand one does need to when disagreeing

    2. @John Smith that probably depends on what your talking about. That still don’t change the whole point.

  1. I think it is soo interesting to see Brian Williams tell anyone about anything regarding honesty or integrity

    1. @lukas williams it’s actually some overweight middle age inceI white dude with a fake profile pic. Use google image search on it’s profile pic.

    2. @BlondeGirlSez This haha, right. I think youre talking about yourself here. Anyways, you get paid to make these comments?

    3. @Lisa Weaver Lisa.. I was just saying this. Its practically a fact. Idk how to google images. But I bet you are right.

  2. He’s not giving advice, he’s offering his opinion – He said he *thinks* young people don’t need to worry about it. There’s a world of difference between the two.

    1. @Heraclius he holds a platform that more younger adults listen to than actual doctors and physicians.

    2. @Terry Sadlier the long-term effect of the virus is still unknown and the possibility of mutations is still an ever-growing threat. so his kids may have shown mild symptoms but long-term damage still hasn’t been assessed. so down the line if they lose a lung or have any damage he’s going to say “oops I should’ve maybe consulted a doctor first”

    1. @BlondeGirlSez This Follow the money. The entire medical system in the Unite States is based on Big Pharma. The entire science research system in colleges and universities is tied to NIH funding, or other sources of funding. That’s why so few people in medicine or academia dare to speak out against the mainstream narrative.

      Go to your hospital and ask around. How many doctors and nurses are _NOT_ getting the vaccines? They know the answer.

    2. @BlondeGirlSez This so by your logic if I employ an ex chiropractor and then I go around telling everybody “hey let me pop your neck and back” and they say did you go to chiropractic school and then I’ll say “no of course I didn’t but don’t worry I know what I’m doing, i got a guy who did working at my store now”….does that make sense?

    3. @Lp78Ch I can’t find a single doctor, nurse, nurse’s assistant, hospital staff, custodial staff or kitchen staff member in either hospital I work at who didn’t jump at the chance to take the vaccine.

  3. Rogan gives fair warning every episode “I’m a moron, don’t do what I say just because it sounds right” it’s just a talk-show for entertainment.

  4. NEWSFLASH BILL GATES IS NOT A DOCTOR EITHER but no one bats an eyelash My Lord my God what ever happened to common sense

    1. It hurts their gravy train. They want to keep us comfortably numb and subservient. When guys like Rogan speak out, they try to render them radioactive and irrelevant. They’re transparent as cellophane.

    2. @john phillips .00001% = 1 in 10 million. By your figuring, only 330 people in the US would die from Covid-19 if everyone got it. Since not everyone has, the # of deaths would be even lower. With deaths at 560,000+, your story is seriously off-base by a factor of several thousand times, at least. Next time, count your decimal places before posting.

  5. “People are scare-mongering about Covid vaccines based on the most tenuous whiff of an issue, and even on fantasies.”
    ― Hilda Bastian

  6. The fact that Brian Williams is being critical of anyone is funnier than Joe Rogan giving medical advice.

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