Joe: ‘The American People Have Overwhelmingly Turned Against’ Pres. Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. No one has turned against him. He turned against us. His supporters are clueless. And remember every Trump supporter. Stay away from them.

    1. Marco M
      That’s his insane paranoia. He really has the delusion that he was popular and now that self-delusion is breaking down, he has to rationalize why it’s occurring. It’s easy to create an amorphous enemy to blame when you’re crazy.

  2. This baby king has no clue to what’s going on in the real world nor does he care!
    He only cares about himself!!!
    He (it) is mentally unstable and a danger to the world!!!

  3. He doesn’t gives a rats behind about the hardworking people all he cares is about continuing his criminal enterprise family

    1. He probably wants the the lower middle class to get wiped out. Then he can say he cut Medicaid and saved American taxpayers Zillions and zillions of dollars, no other President has accomplished this in the last 901,006 years. He’s such a wonderful leader that he afraid he will get whisked up to Heaven because God needs some help.

  4. The concern is that the 38% who support trump are the ones most likely to vote, carry guns, believe in conspiracy theories, and have openly flirted with notion of another civil war. The US and the modern Western democractic era will end if this group is left unchecked

    1. @Kimberly Sikorski I agree. But things are escalating so quickly that it is every man for themselves mentality on both sides.
      And a permit will not stop these goon squads if they decide to harass or detain you. They are the scofflaws.

    2. @Kimberly Sikorski The honest and real protesters should have sense enough to go home before dark and stay there until the next “organized ” protest . Leave the night time to the goons so they can take the heat .

  5. He’s checked out cause he’s got borderline dementia and is incapable of doing his job.

    1. Waymon Hartline ridiculous right?? Haha I can not believe how blinded they are to all of this dramatic gloom and doom news. ! It’s so obvious to the majority of us …..why are they taking down the positive news about all the good Trump has done ? Deleting positive comments ,tweets ,ect .Get the REAL news on Instagram IGTV!! Many dems are waking up!

    2. @Jennifer Stewart list the positive things! All I see is, he does not show compassion for people suffering, he has NO natural Leadership, only if it bring him praise or Money! He cannot talk unless he has a teleprompter, and God help us when goes rogue, and shares his own thoughts….I,could go on on…But I have a life..

    1. Blondie SL : I watch or read all news as an Independent Voter… CNN, Fox, MSNBC, Reuters, Wash Post … I’m not brainwashed by the progressives or conservatives. I hear both sides of the debate and make up my mind from there.

      And you couldn’t be more incorrect with regards to Governor Cuomo who botched the handling of COVID badly. At first, I gave Cuomo a lot of credit until he signed an executive order at the end of March forcing nursing homes to take COVID patients. I know because we were forced to send COVID positive patients to vulnerable nursing homes.

      The end result was nearly 5,000 grandmothers and grandfathers died unnecessarily as a result of that executive order. I had one young man that lost all 4 of his grandparents in 6 days because of Governor Cuomo’s unnecessary executive order. Please don’t talk to me about Governor Cuomo or the New York situation unless you were there firsthand. I was and I treated these patients. They could have went to the 1,000 bed hospital ship, or the makeshift hospitals at the Javitts Center or Central Park. This situation, of course, gets little to no publicity in NY.

      I’m for fairness in politics. If we’re going to nail Trump when he does something wrong, then progressive politicians should be held just as accountable. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way in today’s media. They pick and choose stories that help the narrative they want to push on the public. I will not BASH Trump 100% of the time like a Brain washed liberal or support him 100% like Kool-aid drinking conservative. I call it as I see it per issue (one issue at a time).

    2. @Knott Chu So explain what Trump did to help the hospital in NY lol. And you believe it was him that actually gave the order to help?

    3. No 9 : I could spend 20 minutes typing up the ways in which he helped New York, my facility and/or the stupid mistakes he made for the country. Let’s be honest though. It’s not going to make a difference either way in most minds here.

      I understand that people hate Trump and I also understand how some folks like him. Similarly, I also understand how it would probably be a waste of time to converse about or list the ways in which the President helped NY or my medical facility because it will only be met with a “visceral reaction” here rather than an open-minded “wow, I really don’t like the man but I’m glad to learn about something he did to help you and your patients.”

      Like I said earlier, I’m more than glad to have a “fair conversation” about Trump both bad and good. I have no interest in engaging with anyone who is just blinded by pure hatred making it impossible for them to even acknowledge the positives. I don’t live in the realm of 100% negativity with regards to any person.

    4. No 9 : Here is a link to a YouTube video from 3 months ago of Governor Cuomo speaking with Howard Stern about what Trump did for New York during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak. The Governor took a lot of heat for what he said here but I’ll give him credit for being a straight shooter on this issue. Governor Cuomo says and repeats “He has delivered for New York.” 👇

  6. I am reminded about what a former Prime Minister of Australia said: _”Can a soufflé rise twice?”_

  7. “A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims, but accomplices,” – George Orwell.

    1. Fill in the blank everyone. Now that we know what Donald J, Don Jr. Ivanka, Eric, and Kushner are all about, the TRUMP brand represents…

  8. 38% still approve what this demon is doing. The USA is sick to the bone and a threat for the western world.

    1. @Vinyl Richie yeah, I figured. I’m awake, I just can’t see any other people being the Presidential candidate so I’ll keep fighting for Progressives on the local level

    2. @Emily Curtis I agree with you 100%. The actual impact the President has on our lives is small compared to our local representatives.

  9. He wants all the “BENEFITS” of being “PRESIDENT” but none of the “RESPONSIBILITIES”!!! 💯🎯💯

    1. Who pays for his golf, the trips for all his children, and the hotel rooms at his resorts for all secret service?

    2. April Graham ………CNN / MSNBC ABC. NBC. All refuse to report anything positive that Trump did like 319 ACCOMPLISHMENTS since elected
      Along with Senator Tim Scott TRUMP funneled 60 BILLION DOLLARS of private money into Minority OPPORTUNITY ZONES .

      Trump’s ‘accomplishments,’ 319 so far, drive voters to support him – Washington Examiner.

    3. Serious One —————+++. For a man who never wanted to be president he sure did GREAT ….👍👍👍 OVER 300 ACCOMPLISHMENTS SINCE ELECTED AND NEVER REPORTED BY MAIN STREAM FAKE NEWS MEDIA LIKE CNN. MSNBC, ABC, NBC
      Read it and weep

    1. Vandalism is a crime. If City Officials are serious about upholding the law and civility, they will be guided by the Criminal Code and not political pressure. Protesters can make their point without destroying public property. In the past few weeks it has been proven Democrats don’t have the backbone to perform their duties…

    2. @hector heckler are the commentors less than 12? My little sister is 10 and has a google account. These people are paid fakes. They are probably the same person. Try thinking with a bit of logic. Not ego

  10. It’s about time, too bad theres still enough idiots supporting him to make it closer of a race than it should

    1. I’m voting trumpviris45 out!! We will show up at the polls and Bury trumpviris45 under All those blue ballots!! Together we can do this, we have the power!! AND when we show up at the polls we will VOTE BIG too Big to Rig!! So you trumpviris45 cultists, the Only way trumpviris45 can win is by cheating. As he will try, no doubt. Vote too Big to Rig!!!

    2. I get not supporting Trump but to call Trump supporters idiots is a bit ironic considering he is running against someone that doesn’t know what day it is.

      Hunter Biden $83,000 a month for doing nothing….Gets 1.5 Billion from China . BIDENS entire family got filthy rich because of China Joes shady behavior. NO REPORTING BY MSNBC /CNN Nothing to see here !

  11. “Joe: ‘The American People Have Overwhelmingly Turned Against’ Pres. Trump” who has been proven by COVID-19 to be incompetent. May fellow American voters accordingly tell #ImPOTUS45 “You’re fired” on Nov 3rd by voting for the exact opposite instead of more “Mourning in America.”

    1. @Christopher Bland , I am simply wonderfully hungry and hope you, Christopher, and others reading my comment at the top, also have a healthy appetite too. So how are you ?

    2. 👨👨👨👨. If anyone would get their news from other than these jokers you would see Trump did a excellent job on the CHINA VIRUS.
      The man has over 300 accomplishments and these BONERS will not report any positive news .
      Biden has almost 50 years in Washington and has ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING!
      Trump has less than 4 years in and has over 300 accomplishments

    3. HeartDoc Andrew ……They turned against Trump because of the 94% NEGATIVE REPORTING.
      The man has over 300 accomplishments but these TRUMP HATERS, HILLARY SORE LOSING CRYBABIES will ever report them

    1. @Richard Carpenter that’s right, even at Fox theres a group that are not in trumps corner ,Wallace, Neil Cavuto ,Judge Napolitano, idk if Shep Smith is still with them .. reflects the fact there are at least some Republicans who dont support trump .

    1. Xander123 I disagree vehemently with you, as is my right. I see trump without any political tribalism, eyes wide open. I listen to his verbal craziness every day and find it difficult to understand how any sane intellectually competent person could possibly see trump as anything but a corrupt narcissistic incompetent man severely lacking in intelligence and the ability to lead a nation in deep crisis. The rubbish sleepy Joe mantle is lacking in credence. You trumpeters deal in labels, such a simplistic way of disparaging someone.
      Exactly how many times have you see Biden asleep ? I on the other hand have witnessed trump fail in all aspects of decency, ability, leadership, empathy, intellectual capacity. He is a failed businessman whose only claim to fame is playing a character on tv. I do emphasise the word ‘playing’, and the word ‘fame’.

      Yeah well, trump certainly is far from the best.

      Biden may not be what a lot would wish for, but he is the only hope America has of rising out of the deep hole trump has led the country down in such a short time.

    2. @Xander123 I understand you’re different point of view, but lemme ask question. How can you trust someone who doesn’t put his people health and well being first? When i believe you know that’s what a leader has to do.

    3. Hey Xander123, how’s the weather in Moscow today? Just look out your window and tell us, don’t use TWC, we want accurate reports please.

    1. Probably not, I doubt most Western countries would have them,even if they were letting americans in .maybe a country like russia ,or authoritarian/ish Hungary, or Poland.

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