Joe: Trump Is ‘Blaming Black And Brown People (For Covid-19 Surge) | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @PawgLover Aka MATE so insightful, great rhetoric and you make an amazing argument for why one should not vote for the Dems. Such blinding intellect is unparalleled

  1. Trump is shifting blames to black and brown people when it is his faults in mishandling the coronavirus pandemic.

    1. Well if he wants to place blame on the deaths and illness of millions of people around the world as well as the USA, we must first look at the origin which began in Wuhan, China and the response of the communist Chinese. We can also look at the world health organization and their complicity with the Chinese communist.
      We know that the Taiwan government through some of their agents learned of a mysterious illness very early on in China and requested the WHO to provide information. The concerns of the Taiwan government was ignored.
      Scientifically and we can prove that SARS and COVID-19 originated in the Yunnan Province and can be found in the Rhinolophus Sinicus specie of Bat living in the areas numerous caves.
      Likely the Rhinolophus Affines (Horseshoe Bat) Is responsible for the world outbreak of COVID-19. This specie of Bat also lives in these nearby caves. It is interesting that the people who live in the Yunnan area have developed antibodies for both SARS and COVID-19. We know this from a 2018 study done by the ‘Bat Lady’ Shi Zheng Li.
      The jury is still out whether or not the Chinese communist were in the process of a weaponizing this virus but clearly it did escape from one of their labs in Wuhan.
      Trump cannot be blamed for the deaths and illnesses throughout the world. We recently learned that the small country of Iran Estimated that they have at least 25 million people suffering from COVID-19. We know the Russians are very upset with Putin over his handling of COVID-19. Not trumps fault. We were first alerted to the seriousness of this disease by the deaths in Italy.
      Clearly in late January this administration learned about the lies from both the Chinese and the WHO and restricted travel to and from China. After that we have seen remarkable response in America with the ramping up of industry to manufacture needed medical equipment and supplies, we now have work being done on vaccines, we have 400 treatment programs available for the people who contract the virus.
      We can clearly blame Trump and his administration on the fact that he first believed the lies about the ease and transmit-ability of this virus that came from China. Perhaps he was trying to be political but historically we can prove that both communist and socialist regimes are based on lies. Trump should’ve known this and not believe them.
      Trump can not be blamed for the horrendous number of deaths and illnesses from the ham handed responses of the governor of New York. We can easily count a huge number of deaths that came from some of our most progressive states to include New York State, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.
      The Trump administration did place responsibility on the governor of each state to manage their virus response with the assistance of the federal government. This was only wise because there is a huge difference between states like Florida and North Dakota, Colorado and Maine.
      Much of the negativity has been ramped up by the main stream media. We must remember the warnings from WikiLeaks about the MSM in bed with the corrupt and entrenched political class and the globalists. I turn off the MSM.
      We need to concentrate on the large positives in the US response and work together to defeat, as best we can this virus that is affecting the lives of people worldwide.

    2. @T. R. Campbell naw Trump was brief in November fired pandemic team call it a hoax so it fall on Trump

    3. goatnelo Alvarez TBE goatweather triple c Nope, you were still believing propaganda. He might’ve been briefed about the virus. Presidents get brief about a lot of issues. See my comments about Taiwan. We have to remember the communist Chinese and the WHO lied about the virus very early on. They lied to Trump, and he lied to the world. It was not until January that most of the world realized that the virus was easily transmittable contrary to what the Chinese communist and the WHO were saying.
      Very likely Trump wanted to believe the Chinese because of the potential for more trade deals. He was trying to be diplomatic early on and we can fault him for that.
      The Taiwan government also picked up intelligence from their agent about the seriousness of the virus and ask the WHO to comment. The Taiwan government was ignored. As I said before, Trump can certainly be faulted because he believed the lies that were being told by the communist Chinese and by the WHO. He apparently was never told to never believe a communist. So far as the Hoax comment he was referring to a suggestion made by Nancy
      You were falling victim to the stories from the main stream Media that WikiLeaks warned us about. Remember they are in cahoots with the corrupt and entrenched political class, the globalist.

    4. @7X HARDER So everyone having block parties and NOT following the guidelines gets sick, that’s Trumps fault,

  2. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🦠 just when you think it can’t become dumber he manages to go there…

    1. How so? Democrats always ridicule the right as dumb, stupid, evil, racist, yadda yadda, yadda, but they NEVER say why. They just say it, and if they all say it enough times together, it becomes a fact in their minds. The media has you idiots so brainwashed, you’ve become impossible to have a reasonable debate with. You don’t want to debate. You know you’ll get slaughtered. Press Secretary answers all the stupid questions nobody cares about and she gets called a barbie doll, blow up doll. She buries the press every time. If you can’t win an argument, just ridicule the person winning it, or just move on to the next stupid question. Wash rinse and repeat. That’s the Democratic way. Like they say, if you’re young and you’re a Republican you have no heart. If you’re old and you’re a Democrat you have no brain.

      Margaret Thatcher said it best. Socialism is great, until you run out of other peoples money.

    2. Hahaha…Mexico has surges but we are fine. Have you seen the numbers?? Or as usual you just ignored the briefings??

    3. Larry Maier Omgoodness this is no debate 🤦‍♀️ Covid-19 doesn’t give a hoot about what political side your on… it doesn’t care what color your skin is, doesn’t care if you’re young, old, rich, poor. Over 140,000 Americans have died from this virus 🦠. It doesn’t care how smart or stupid, stubborn. To believe it can’t find you it will. This is about science and to put blame on people’s skin color is just beyond racist… I feel sorry for you if you believe what this Moran tells you… and he doesn’t care about you he only cares about himself and ratings… he is monster

    4. Larry Maier 😂she shut you down and you got no reply 😂 I get it tho.. it’s very hard to defend your con artist

  3. 1- Mexico is doing better than the US on the pandemic, so that excuse is pathetic. 2- No surprise he’s taking the racist route to excuse his failure.

    1. CHRIS H he does sleep with prone stars. Why else would he pay her sever thousand of dollar 💵 to stay quite, I am sure he is just a little 😇. Poor Done the Cone taking hardworking peoples money by filling for bankruptcy and not paying the people he owed. Very Christian thing to do

    2. @Ruben Martinez 🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 wow man you are so delusional. You think Biden and the extreme leftist are the way to go I guess you love riots and Anarchy. It’s too bad the u.s. is filled with people like you that hate Trump so much they’re willing to put in someone that will completely destroy the country that will be run by extreme liberal leftist he’s only a puppet for BLM inc.

    3. CHRIS H and I am sure that you just like Trump think there is very fine people in right wing white supremacist groups going down the streets screaming Jews will not replace us… Blood and soil.. and carrying swastikas. Yet he says there is very fine people in that group. Disgusting quite honest.

    4. I live in Reynosa, Mx border town with McAllen,Tx and believe me when i say that is far worse in the U.S with the covid than it is in Mexico…

    5. Our population is 2.5 times greater than Mexico
      We have 11.5 times more cases, and
      3.5 times more deaths.
      As my father used to say “Figures don’t lie, but LIARS can figure”
      t-Rump proves that to be a VERY TRUE statement
      PLEASE make sure you cast your vote for Biden, we need a leader to save OUR nation.
      Blessings, Leo

  4. Dementia Donnie has done it again. Blaming everyone but himself. He’s showing his true colors. KKK white.

    1. pneumatictrousers lol yeah right. That’s just Trump stupid, did you fail your cognitive test too?

    2. @Sharon Hester SURE he is isn’t he?


  5. America is not sending it’s best people it’s sending COVID carriers, it’s sending non-mask wearers, it’s sending people who openly flaunt the rules and some I assume are good people

  6. Actually Demented Donnie, the rest of the western hemisphere is doing ok, far better than the USA. So you’re just out of touch, again.

    1. And they not only laughing at us but are happy that we finally paying for our arrogance. A huge banana republic.

    2. @Richard G hi Richard, sorry, but no thanks, I’m giving up eating empty calories and fat.

    3. Leave an asterisk for Brazil, whose leadership just so happened to run the same rhythm and beats as the US’s attitude to the virus.

    4. Not again. Still. Trump hasn’t been in touch with anything that isn’t fried and picked up at a drive up window for the last two decades.

  7. “Vigorously combat”? “They’re all doing a good job”? He couldn’t be any more vague. Where’s the bloody plan?

    1. hey hey, they needed 9 months to think about a plan for a strategy, prepare for 9 more months for an actual plan.

    1. @Jeremy Wittekind You’re so wrong. You must have missed where Trump sends Maxwell a message wishing her well. Same dog whistle he also sent Manafort and Stone.
      Now that’s a believable conspiracy.

    2. @Leo it’s not exactly like I can argue with you, at least Boss Hogs came up with a plan every once in awhile. Trump is still working on a strategy to address the pandemic. I can’t believe six months into this that’s what he says.

    3. ​@Kevin Like I said Boss Hogg is more intelligent than t-Rump.
      “Gomer Pyle” is more intelligent. I haven’t found anyone whois less intelligent, compassionate, or would be a worse President.
      For the sake of our nation, we MUST vote and get him out. You will like this video.

      A song about President Trump’s accomplishments

      Also, check out the videos from the Lincoln Project. I am having fun doing what I call Slam H.I.T. {I place the videos on Hannity, Ingraham, and Tucker with a comment that will their followers to open the videos. [as per the video above]
      Join me in Slam H.I.T. Hoping to get several thousand people to fill their comments with videos.
      Blessings, Leo

  8. Just like a narcissist . . . blame everyone BUT YOURSELF. I can’t even. For all we know, tRUMP and POOTIN are working together to destroy America from within.

    1. Sadly it’s working. Internally we’re a mess & MAGA followers can’t see we are now a Lone Wolf in the world.

    1. @ThePaigeturner53 I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s just hard to do when he uses terms like “my African American”, is sued by the DOJ for discriminatory housing practices, pander to white nationalists, and calls for preemptive “justice” against people of color. Even if he weren’t a pathological liar of epic proportion, I still wouldn’t take his world that he’s the least racist person out there.

    2. Vet_758 2007 Trump might end up being the dictator you’re so afraid of. He’s already saying he might reject the November election results if he loses. Think about that for a minute.

    3. @Vet_758 2007 deflecting to a straw man argument is your solution? America has never won a war against a communist country, so I guess they must be doing something right. If communism collapses on its own, then why did we spend billions trying to defeat it. Can easily point to capitalist countries to make a point against capitalism. Iraq for example. Countries where hyperinflation occured and their currency became worthless. But you don’t want a discussion on economic theory, you simply want to deflect and distract from the incompetent moron that you worship.

    4. @Rational Thinker If Trump was a dictator he wouldn’t have held back at all during the violent riots that have occurred. He has gone through a process before he has reached the conclusion of sending in federal troops. When you have a derelict mayor who stands by when her city is on fire like Seattle you as a president HAVE to do something. A president’s job is to keep his country safe. His response is not one of a dictator, it is the one of a protector who won’t allow zealots who have been radicalized in the universities to burn property, intimidate people and murder people.

  9. “I’m the president but it’s going peoples fault, as well as the Mexicans and everyone else but me” -Drumpf

    1. @Allan Burns Not just a moron but a moronic psychopath who has to be removed from office as soon as possible.

  10. Well this is nothing new “When in doubt blame black or Latino people”. As a black man we always get blamed for “Everything” that’s wrong with the world 🌎.

    1. Lil Ray
      Please don’t hang the bad traits of some white Americans on the rest of the world.
      There are many in the rest of the world fighting your corner.

    2. ​@Jay Meade Jay, I don’t think he is doing that. He is saying that ‘some’ people [bigots] are doing that. I have seen many times how African-Americans were considered ‘evil’. When I was 10 the pastor of the Primitive Baptist church I was attending said that in the Bible it said that a group if sinners were turned BLACK by God. I am not black. When I got home I asked my father if that was true. I’m sure you know it is not true. That was the last time I went to that ‘church’.
      The Central Park 5 were charged with sexual assault and sentenced to prison.
      Before the trial, they were sentenced by the media. Trump even took out a full-page ad advocation that they be given the death penalty. After many years they were found NOT GUILTY and released.
      This is the type of BS I am sure Lil Ray was talking about.
      Color does not determine “goodness”. Goodness is found in the heart.
      Blessings, Leo

  11. In one sentence he’s blaming Mexico. In the next sentence he says the wall is keeping them out.

    1. Trump didn’t use the words black and brown or implied it. Plus people of multiple races were protesting with masks, so both sides of the argument are wrong.

  12. Donald blames everyone for coronavirus except himself : China, Democrats, BLM protesters and now the Mexicans.

    1. @audoir Do they really pay people to come on these post and say all kinds of ridiculous things. I heard they did. No one is saying Trump created covid-19, but the way he handled the situation is less than acceptable. He knew and kept us in the dark. And now that it has manifested into a pandemic that is out of control, he still will not let up. Blaming everyone but himself and refuses as the president of the United States of America, to take any type of responsibility of any kind!!! Now I don’t know about you, but I can not wait until November!! That is the truth!!!!

    2. @Emily Carlton Yes, Trump did handle situation pretty dam bad. I knew about Covid 19 before it even started spreading to western media. If people were to know more whats happening around the world, we would be in more prepare. U cant deny that some mayor are reopening states even what the covid are spreading like crazy just for economy.

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