Joe: We Can't Avert Our Eyes From What Happened On Jan. 6 1

Joe: We Can’t Avert Our Eyes From What Happened On Jan. 6


Republican senators overnight stalled a crucial vote on the January 6 commission, debating an unrelated bill to delay the vote. Also, 74 percent of GOP voters think it's time to move on from the Jan. 6 insurrection. Joe Scarborough shares his thoughts.
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    1. @Tushara Raghavan Oh ! yes cause he”s the one who destroy the country and he say’s I’m go with you but what happen he retreat back
      to white house and watching t.v . and laughing the people’s Insurrection
      there ,those followers and the Republican party like a cult follow the
      devil !Trump)

    2. @Lime Tree He knows he will go to jail. Just that becoming President was a temptation he couldnt resist.

  1. At this point, Republicans would refuse to recognize themselves barricading doors in Jan. 6 photos.

    1. @OEM Global, don’t cry about it, it’s the repukes that are blocking it so where’s your outrage?

  2. Americans with real brain cells knows exactly what happened there that day and they’re not going to get away with it

    1. They just got away with it. Do you think for a minute the judges will punish them? They are American Al-queda…..ruining our country

    1. @rapunzel eh? They are the same people who attended the Kansas City Chiefs 2021 Super Bowl Parade.

    2. yes. if they can’t get a bi-partisan committee, the a partisan one. while many of the right won’t believe it anyways, there may be some that will actually fire that one synapse that remembers “country over party’ is what makes a patriot, not cult-like adoration of a single person.

    3. @rapunzel eh? That exactly why mcconnel was against that comission. Basically, in his mind and to his ilk, to put an archilles heel into it from the start. He’s perfectly aware the comitee will find out what happened. But all those trump suckups will say “but! but! it’s partisan” …

    1. The fact that the capitol police was crippled from the inside the day before Jan 6, smells suspicion.
      Their shields are cracked, under strict orders to not use stun grenades, and not to hurt them.

    2. @Vicki Richardville What do you base that on? The majority of police and military are maga scum. Capitol police are different? Doubtful

  3. Conservatives, unfortunately, work to keep racial and financial hierarchies in place even as they speak of American Freedom.

    1. @mjc 427

      You’d think running a compare and contrast in speeches from the different eras, and in compromise bills would let them realize that their party changed for the worse. Republicans used to be able to do useful work. Not now.

    2. @K. Christensen
      You have a point. I think democrats had a bigger hand in weaponizing apologies. And any organization that takes time to apologize probably takes longer to correct course.

      And of course Jan 6 is being weaponized, but it probably should be.
      Like a person who swung a poorly executed punch in an mma match, they, the republicans, have been GRABBED.
      and they are being punished. They should be. Problem is, it’s a 2 party system. But I don’t think the Dems care anymore. Years of trump mcconnell and Barr will do that to you. The Dems want vengeance and justice. Neither helps us work together.
      Maybe if the Dems saint ” I want hawley- -cruz- gosar, and anything trump appointed on a platter, plus dark money sources, we could settle for that.
      But, no trust there. The reps couldn’t show that to their base.
      So, we’re stuck. Not bad, till we get stalled by the counter election redwash.

    3. “Conservatives” is not a word that can describe Republicans, for some years, now. People forget that the party was partly founded by Conservative DEMOCRATS! Republixans never had soul ownership of Conservatism and now, they don’t own it AT ALL!!

    1. He is evil. No moral grounding whatsoever. Plot. Lie. Obstruct. A waste of space and human potential.

  4. republicans did this and now wanna refuse accountability…. DISGUSTING. they will be held accountable, EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE OF THEM.

  5. Conservative when a Democrat sneezes: investigate them!!!
    Conservative when 10k conservatives try to burn down the capital: let’s not look at the past!

    1. Actually for the most part had no interest in burning the building…they came for human lives which is far worse.

    1. He takes money from the highest bidder – it doesn’t matter what party they’re affiliated to – he loves the money! Been there too long!!

    2. He doesn’t care, he went against his own party, which leads to question, which party does he actually belong to.

  6. Change your party to independent or democrat! Was my small way of protesting. Remember we need less than 10% of Republicans to vote against Republicans to win. My entire family of 7 children and their children have turned blue. There are many many more out there repulsed by the Republicans. until Republicans turn away from this madness

  7. Dear Joe.Democrats who are not conservative can’t look away from this. It’s Trumplicans who refuse to look at what they’ve done.

    1. @Kristy If it was rigged, why did you guys accept the results of the Republicans who won? People like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham were on the same ballot as Joe Biden, but no one is complaining about their win. You can’t have it both ways

    2. @adat smith Patriots don’t commit treason and and acts of terrorism, while beating cops like the MAGA cultists did.

    3. @adat smithWell, if the Republicans don’t like to obey the law, then they can leave.

  8. Make sure all the Cable station & News Station Keep Reminding what our GOP is doing & their DEEPLY involve in Corruption!!! Everyday PLAY IT!!!

  9. Because they’re all in on it. Cruz, Hawley, Greene, Gaetz, Boebert, etc. Lock them all up.

    1. @J Groovy AWESOME …..I HATE THE GOP…BUT ALL THINGS CONSIDERED….starting to feel sorry for true conservatives…..stuck in the MAGA circus. The day WE have to give Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney….
      Credit….it is a SAD day.

    2. I thought that too. They thought they could use and manipulate the fanatic Trump base for their political theatrics but the fanatic QTrumpies and macho militia become an ugly monster they couldn’t control. And yes there probably is evidence they were in contact or pulling the strings to orchestra that piece of theatrics. Idiots. What did they expect? That they’d get away with it? Now they are coercing the Gov and the American people to actually let them get away with it. Don’t let them. It was a horrific misuse of power and government privileges and they don’t deserve jobs or to ever be in government again.

    3. @J Groovy You know, the funny thing about when Greene wanted to create that WASP caucus is that I’ve been thinking Trumpists should simply rebrand themselves as the Orangists or the American Orange Order. In Ireland and in Scotland in particular, the Orange Order has been called out as a bunch of sectarians and supremacists.

  10. They care more about winning the next election cycle than they care about our country.

    1. more than that they care more about not losing their cushy jobs. that is the absolute bottom line with these cretins.

    1. @Aunty Pha Bearing arms to disrupt the democratic process is treason. Especially if it’s done in the name of one man who orchestrated it.

    2. @Aunty Pha I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that the founding fathers probably frowned upon the idea of the Second Amendment being used to commit acts of treason against the United States the way the MAGA cultists did in January 6. I still remember the days when Republicans (most) frowned on treason.

    3. @Charlie Foxtrot but they themselves committed treason against the crown? how could they deny that same liberty to their descendants? i would like to believe that they were not so ignorant as to assume that their government would be so perfect that it never faltered for the remainder of history.

    4. @Aunty Pha They did commit treason against the crown, so that they could separate from the crown. If the MAGA cultists really prefer a corrupt autocrat like Trump, they TOO can separate themselves from the US. Putin and Trump are pretty right. They can go live in Russia.

  11. Joe, show the Jan. 6 insurrection video every day with the title of “Republicans in Action”.

    1. Yes, yes, yes – a RESOUNDING YES – and also videos of Moscow Mitch and Kevin and Lindsay etc. of their speeches immediately following the Jan. 6th – and all the videos of the police being crushed – show them EVERYDAY

    1. The only excuse for this is that they are treasonous but are not quite yet able to admit the depth they have descended to. Denial, and obscuration has now fully transferred to the entire GOP from Trump. Reality has altogether been lost in myth.

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