Joe: ‘Why Do We Keep Seeing Videos Like This?’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe: 'Why Do We Keep Seeing Videos Like This?' | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. Guns are dangerous, but a gun in the hand of a scared little person with a badge is inevitably deadly.

    1. People like @rod are the problem with not only America but the rest of the world, rod exist in many form all over the world we need to uproot the bs Stand for equal right and justice

    2. @Carlos Speicywiener another thing that you don’t really realize is what would happen if Asian Americans pull out of the military because of all the white hatred against them? What if all the Muslim brotherhood pulls out of the military because of how white supremacy calls them terrorists? And what would happen if all African Americans pull out because of white supremacy and police brutality? Do you people think?

    3. @Mister Mister
      What’s your point?
      And if all the Asian cleaners closed, we’d all have dirty clothes.
      If all the Jewish delicatessens closed, we wouldn’t have good lunch meat.
      You’re a racist loser.

    1. EXACTLY. Their lame excuse would’ve been “It was dark and I thought he was reaching for a gun.”

  2. It speaks volume that a man trained to defend his country against the enemy is afraid of the police

    1. @datboi shagg Given the circumstances, his behavior and the outcome, your statement makes absolutely no sense,
      the idiocy is all yours. Wake up.

    2. @Earvetta Facts. There letting the wrong people become cops. Psych evals need to be a constant as well.




      More white people are killed by the police every year… Know any of their names?

      More cops are killed by African Americans every year… Know any of their names?


  3. “It’s not all about training. It’s about who we are hiring. We are not hiring the right people”

    1. @Terry G right. It’s not like they wear a swastika patch on their sleeves to identify them as a racist cop, so pos have to be guarded and take precautions by pulling over in a well lit and somewhat populated area… especially if there are cameras available, in the chance that these cops are racists looking for a target because they have an itchy trigger finger and a score board to add to.

    2. @Thaddeus Patterson yeah. But it’s only secret to those who are just opening up their eyes to the reality around them, for the first time. Must be nice to have lived so long in ignorant bliss. Most of us are made aware before we can have a normal childhood. …Simply because our skin triggers their kind to remind us of what they think about us. These sick people attack and rob children of their innocence that they should have, like any other kid.

      A lot of white families don’t need to have the “safety from police” talk with their kids. They don’t have to take their traumatized kids home and explain why that store keeper was yelling and threatening them when they were just looking at the merchandise like everyone else in the store. Or, why the cop has a 6 yr old faced down on a hot parking lot ground with a gun waved at him and his mother and young siblings. That video makes me cry, every time, and gets me livid all at the same time.

  4. Holding public officials and police chiefs responsible for the people they hire is the best idea for moving this issue forward.
    Thank you to NBC for broadcasting these most important interviews.

    1. CONGRESS’S PRIMARY DUTY IS TO DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION AND THEY DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…This is the green light for corrupted cops…CONGRESS ARE COMPLETEY RESPONSIBLE for the failures of law enforcement.

    2. BLM there founder is being is being investigated cause she just bought 1.4 million dollar home n California neighborhoods 88 percent white

    3. Why not put that n the black hoods so black people can do better no of course not just like Maxine waters lives n 3.4 million dollar home

    4. Go Joe Biden have the illegals come n 2 the us so they take black peoples job are you black people that brainwashed by the dems of course

  5. Amen! SO MANY of these police officers have no business on ANY police force.And SO many if them hide behind their badge to commit these terrible crimes. God help!!!

    1. Many of them join the force for this very reason, to willfully abuse their authority against specific population groups. Instead of calling the police, they want to be the police.

  6. If you want this to end, these lawsuits need to be paid out of PD pension funds not by the taxpayers…

    1. @Trevor Woodley U can’t sue a police due to his actions while on duty. Just like u can’t sue a judge for things he did while on duty. They are immuned by law while on duty.

  7. The question should be: “Why would he expect safety in a dark area with no witnesses?” HE DROVE TO A LIGHTED, PUBLIC PLACE *BECAUSE* HE IS BLACK.

    1. @Lamar Davis there’s another video showing when he stops he sets his phone up to record himself, and he has a smug look on his face like he was ready for something to go down, he wanted to be a martyr, but the police didn’t go for it

    2. @james ellis your disgusting for saying this, he didn’t want any brutality against him that’s why he drove to a public place!! Your comment makes no sense either because of this, he literally said he was scared of being killed!

  8. Disgusting. Absolutely sickening. Standing with you, LT!!! Thank you for your service. That’s what should’ve been said!

    1. No he’s a fool for not pulling over right away. And you’re a fool who would be owned if not the USA military

    2. @Thomas Tully you do realize he wanted to go to a well lit place because if he didn’t there would have been a huge chance we would’ve died because it is dark. he deserved to be treated as a human being not a criminal.

  9. Thank you Sir, you articulated this situation perfectly… The Biden Administration needs to bring you into their Justice Department… Again, thank you… Sir.

    1. If you’re understaffed and not enough applications are coming in, you’re forced to take in anybody willing. Prime example is these 2 dipshits that should have never had a gun and badge to begin with.

    2. CONGRESS’S PRIMARY DUTY IS TO DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION and they do nothing…CONGRESS ARE RESPONSIBLE for allowing this to continue to happen…plain and simple

  10. I’m so glad he is okay. / I cried watching this because that could have been any one of my Black Latino male cousin ….. I cried because this BROKE my heart ❤ 💔 😢 ……. I’m just beyond HAPPY Lt.Nazario is still with us 🇺🇸 ❤. God Bless him .

  11. Exactly, there’s a certain type of person that gravitates towards being a cop… stop employing them!
    They’re just now thinking about how many times has this happened before the technology caught it on tape… Welcome to our world!

    1. Kind of reminds me of back in 94 with the Rodney King video… After the 60’s more and more blacks spoke out about policing but the response was always no hard evidence. We finally get concert evidence and the police are still acquitted. My white friends asked why were blacks upset…. Now another 30 years later they are just starting to see what we go thru and only now believe us.

    2. These policemen had to be selected, trained and supported in this behavior in order for these officers to behave this way.

  12. OMG😱😱😱😱 Poor man! Guy’s he’s not an enemy😣 He was one of the reasons we sleep peacefully because they protected us from ” enemy” this is wrong in so many levels😰😰😰😰 God bless you sir! Hope you’ll get justice😣

  13. He deserves to win this lawsuit period. To the LT. stay strong. America is with you, thank you for your service brother.

    1. Lawsuit is just money from tax payers but nothing happens to the asscifers who this you feel me?

  14. We have to start going after their pensions,that will get your attention when you realize that they have nothing to retire on , they will be more professional.

  15. I am retired military, I had two NYPD officers pulled their guns on me. I told them when I was active duty I had to write a report everytime my weapon left its holster. They told me that they can pull their weapons as they see fit and don’t have to account for it. I want to see rules and technology to account for officers whose weapons leave their holsters.

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