John Bolton calls on GOP leaders to speak up against Trump 1

John Bolton calls on GOP leaders to speak up against Trump


Former national security adviser John Bolton urges Republican leaders to speak out against President Trump's refusal to concede the election to President-elect Joe Biden as a way to contain any damage to the US and the GOP.
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    1. @Matt D. Way to drown these idiots with actual facts It is the only way to shut them up because they have no counter when you tell them facts except maybe I heard from… or I saw this video on….that are hearsay and misinterpreted rather than well researched and verifiable If they actually read your Quotes it will be the closest many of them get to reading a legit study or book
      Thank you PS are you in K-town?

    2. @Shirley Aprile The Trump Train has derailed and flew off a bridge in an exploding ball of flaming sewage
      Harris @Matt D.2024

    1. @John Bergman oh sure. Let’s not forget Jesus walked on water by Donald Trump he runs on it right. Heck he doesn’t even need a boat to make his way to Russia

    2. @Spok HAHAHAHAHAH that’s a new one. Are you sure it wasn’t the aliens who actually flipped votes

    3. @Chad Mower THIS IS THE PROBLEM WITH DEMS. The enemy of my enemy IS NOT MY FRIEND, but my enemy’s enemy. Now there’s Dems running around praising the warlord Bush and Kasich and being traitors to the left as usual. SAD!!!

  1. Did he just call him a adult, wasn’t this guy throwing a tantrum about starting a war with Iran so we can get into another irrelevant 30+ year war?

    1. @S Jones Joe Biden is nothing more than a puppet. The poor bastard doesn’t even know what’s happening half the time. That’s “what we need” ? Some limp wristed, soft, oblivious dude? Lolz

    2. @Mr. E the problem with your idea is that the Supreme Court argues legal facts and evidence, not abstract proposition and Theory. You understand that it is Donald Trump working against a deadline? He has to find some kind have legal proof before the Supreme Court will hear it

    3. @S Jones oh no…that’s not how this works. If a decision isn’t reached, they won’t use the electoral.. checkers

    4. Both Establishment Dems and GOP are a war machine. Every single senator who voted for the fake Iraq wars should be sent to Nuremberg Court. This leaves us with just Bernie oh and there’s a CNN analyst who also owns stocks in Raytheon, funny how he keeps harping on national security. Oh and Buttigieg received insane campaign donations from the military weapons industry, so if he and that warlord Biden escalate Afghanistan WE ARE NEVER VOTING FOR YOU STUPID DEMS AGAIN

  2. Seeing a lot of ad hominem from people literally too stupid to make an argument that isn’t rife with fallacies.

    1. @Joon Park
      With the Dominion contractor affidavit it’s pretty significant, you should actually read it!

      Affidavit from a contractor for dominion Voting Systems


      Deceased voters in Michigan: Currently Found 9362 Deceased Voters

      **(We have compiled a list of thousands of voters who have a public obituary and a confirmed ballot in the 2020 election. Every day we find more.)**

    2. @Joon Park At this point Mainstream News media outlets are doing a disservice to the people to not report this. In my opinion this is a conscious decision to ignore and discredit people.

      Richard Hopkins was USPS whistle-blower and many outlets claimed he recanted but he never recanted, and recanting an affidavit is tantamount to perjury.

      This is the article where they claim he did:

      Video of him saying he did not recant:


      Federal agents “coerce” USPS whistleblower Hopkins to water down story:

    3. @VOLT DGT Ok, Ms. Carone’s affidavit, if true, is probably enough to establish that some Michigan employees were negligent in their counting, but I am not seeing evidence of fraud. What happened may be a reason for a recount in Michigan, but I am not seeing enough facts to support a claim that workers were deliberately trying to skew the election in favor of Biden. Currently, it just seems like the employees were overworked and short on staff. For deceased votes, I am going to hold my breath on that one because of this article If true, though, that’d be another reason for recount and possibly criminal prosecution for people who sent the vote. That was interesting though, and thank you for that.

    4. @VOLT DGT Actually, from the court that heard the case that you brought up: 1) all affidavits, except one that made generalized and unsupported speculations, had to deal with what happened in TCF center, 2) the court responded to charges made with respect to the TCF center. In particular, with regards to Ms. Carone:

      “Neither Republican nor Democrat challengers nor city officials substantiate [Ms. Carone’s] version of events. The allegations are simply not credible.” (page 7)

      So she at least got her day in court, but she lost the case.

    1. @Johnny Cummins golf coarse, with cart rentals ,greens fees, he billed about $80,000 every time he played ….to the govt….cha ching…only played 400 times …

    1. Who acted suspiciously during voting, Democrats. Who’s been caught cheating multiple times in elections, Democrats. Who’s been shouting defund the police, Democrats. Who kicked out the poll watchers, Democrats. Who’s been encouraging violent protesting, Democrats. Who’s been spreading anti-American propaganda, Democrats. Who’s been taking weeks to count ballots, Democrats. Who said be patient after election then rushed to declare victory once they ran up the score, Democrats. Who’s been bashing 1/2 of America for their political positions for the past 4 years, Democrats. Who accused everyone of cheating when they lose in every past election, Democrats. Who refused to work with DJT during his first 4 years, Democrats. Who lied to set up a impeachment process, Democrats. Who’s been threating to hunt you down for you political views, Democrats. If you cant see a pattern of deceit and lies and clear un-American values you are probably a Democrat. Congratulations!

    2. @N Sidor And Biden was a viable candidate? Give me a break. Don’t even try to explain yourself out of this one. It just shows how brainwashed you truly are.

    1. @Darren Mandalorian that’s exactly what the republitards did in 2016 lmfao “anyone but hillary” or did you forget that all of a sudden?

  3. Question. How can trump “pardon” himself when he has been claiming to be totally innocent of any crime for the last 4 years?

    1. @Christine Pratt The thing about trump being such a pathological liar is that, at this point in time, he LIES 99% of the time (his whole life) and actually tells the truth about 1% of the time. Yet “Certain people” believe him over any facts, evidence, proof, documents..even with the news showing the “lying words” coming out of trump’s own mouth! Talk about DELUSIONAL people!! Go figure!
      Maybe all trump’s lies fit his cult supporters needs and opinions? Or perhaps we have over 38% of the entire US population who are malignant narcissists, pathological liars and sociopaths themselves also? WHO KNEW????

    2. @Håkan Bråkan Kråkan Also the fact that most trump “cult supporters” are donating so much of their hard earned money to this “scam artist” trump for “so called legal fees” and taking advantage of all his supporters (believing only trump that the ‘election is rigged because he didn’t win BS) says a lot about them. You would think with what happened to Bannon and his “co partner” using all of those trump supporters money that “donated for trump’s wall” for their own “personal use” and then being arrested and indicted..they would learn something. But oh no they never do.

    3. @Rose-Mary Bortot It’s good to know that trump will feel and is NOW feeling the same kind of fear of “what might happen to him” the way he has made so many others feel because of his vindictive “wrath”! karma back at ya trump!

  4. I just hope all these idiots who should take a dose of their own medicine, just already have, and have 2020 hindsight.

    1. *”It’s not that the Democrats are playing checkers and the Republicans are playing chess. It’s that the Republicans are playing chess and the Democrats are in the nurse’s office because once again they glued their balls to their thighs.”*
      _—Jon Stewart_

    2. @Les Maquis not sure why Dems are so divided, when 80% of Americans support Medicare for All (as well as 40% of Republicans) and all the House Reps who ran on M4A were voted in. Same with raising minimum wage— a Republican district in Georgia passed a higher min wage prop. Yo Dems, where YOU at? Oh, and TWO-THIRDS of Americans support legalization of marijuana, yet Dems refuse to decriminalize it. Weird, when it could be a booming industry, provide jobs and incredible federal tax revenue. Dems aren’t divided, they’re just losers.

    3. @Mandi B Fraud proven .if we know the white house knows . Demon rats cheated .and will not get away with it .TRUMP WON – FRAUD PROVEN: Analysis of Voting Data Shows Exactly What Happened

      By Sarah Westall |

      Question: What happens when you cheat on an election in an obscenely obvious way in front of the entire world? Answer: You get an army of software engineers that know how to analyze data, write code to break it down and compare every transaction, and then show the world what has really happened.

      By Sarah Westall | | Creative Commons


      That’s what we would expect to occur and it has. The world is filled with bright software engineers who can break down and analyze transactions very easily. It’s not rocket science, especially for them, and it can be proven. It just takes time and some initiative. Fortunately, this work is occurring right now and the first batches of analysis is coming out.

      Authorities need to take notice as this is 100% provable given we have the transactional data. Teams of others could easily verify results and it can be taken to court to prove the case of fraud and, more importantly, who actually won the election. Further, with the transactional data, analysis can prove every race in the country and see if there was a much larger red wave as many suspect. Thus, changing many more congressional seats and seats in the senate.

    4. @Allie B. #EatCheetosDontElectThem Agreed. Corp Dems are on a losing team and they would rather eat their own than do anything for the working class. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed the left can actually get a third party up and running by the next election. My only poimt was that Trump is a fascist and that’s the only reason why the left coalesced around that fossil Biden.

    5. @Ash Roskell it’s going to be more priceless when every last bit of fraud comes to light and Trump is in office another 4 years. Just please don’t riot and loot stores when it happens

    1. I momentarily considered buying his book because it probably has some interesting information in it but this man doesn’t deserve any money or recognition. He should have come forward when it mattered.

    1. @**it happens he can try that but pardons for state crimes are issued by the governor of that state. Meaning he’ll be looking for a pardon from Cuomo. Not the most favorable position for him to be in.

    2. @Namjoo Seohyeon you will be the joke “He who laughs last laughs best” anyway biden is running for the senate remember out of his own mouth that’s who you want for president good luck with that you poor idiot

    1. And all those videos of Trump lusting after the young girls at those pedo parties. Not a good look on so many levels.

    1. No the only reason Bolton worked for Trump was to get Globalism and Authoritarianism back into the white house. Trump had major issues too, but so does the other side, the Dem/Republican establishment who gave us endless wars and the Patriot Act. I’ll give Trump one thing, he handled foreign affairs like Jefferson. Only if there’s a real threat, blow the F out of it and get out. A lot of those threats were only there because of screw up of previous administrations of both parties. Trump did have a problem acknowledging due process and his ego.. That’s what I didn’t like about him.

  5. Question. How can trump “pardon” himself when he has been claiming to be totally innocent of any crime for the last 4 years?


    2. @Allie B. #EatCheetosDontElectThem You’re right they should be tried….and Bernie should be tried for treason, he is after all a socialist…and socialism, in any form, is treason.

    3. @Japheth’s son Where does our Constitution say socialism is treason? Just the Article and Section will suffice, please. I seem to recall that we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH and are PROTECTED FROM DICRIMINATION BASED ON GENDER, RACE, RELIGION, OR POLITICAL LEANINGS, YOU ANTI-AMERICAN FASCIST

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