John Bolton ‘Implied’ Misconduct In Marie Yovanovitch Ouster In Call, Rep Eliot Engel Claims | MSNBC 1

John Bolton ‘Implied’ Misconduct In Marie Yovanovitch Ouster In Call, Rep Eliot Engel Claims | MSNBC


House Foreign Affairs committee chairman Rep. Ellliot Engel claims that during a September 23 phone call, Ambassador Bolton suggested that the committee "look into the recall of Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch," and "strongly implied that something improper had occurred around her removal." Aired on 01/29/20.
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John Bolton ‘Implied’ Misconduct In Marie Yovanovitch Ouster In Call, Rep Eliot Engel Claims | MSNBC


  1. I really want Bolton to testify and implicate all of Trump’s gang including Pompeo, Mulvany, and Barr. It won’t make difference to GOP senators but we the people want to hear.

  2. Trump threatens his senate republicans that he will have their heads on a pike if they go against him, but it is these republican senators who actually have the power over Trump. If they want Trump off of their backs for good, all they have to do is vote him out in this impeachment trial and he will be out of the White House and on the street, problem solved!! They will be heroes to America!!!

    1. I concur!!! But they thought I was crazy for saying the same identical thing, as I saw autocratic dictator twitler trump on the rose to god-like status!! I’d get him 1st before he went for me!!!

    1. @majtom58 : If truth be told, a Killer Rabbit is nibbling at the short and curlies of the Orangutan-on-Steroids in the White House! Heehaw!

    2. @Bruce Boring : For the record: I am not your “bruh” whatever extraterrestrial meaning you attach to that word. Finito!

  3. There’s overwhelming evidence that trump is guilty as charged. Seems like something new comes out about his criminal behavior everyday!

    1. @jimmy5634 Dude… you’re like 2 months behind… the QPQ was obvious af and theres new evidence and witnesses that point to that. Also, as someone who watched all those testimonies, they did NOT say there was no QPQ, they just said they couldn’t decide that justification for themselves.

    2. @modular_kellogs you mean guilty of violating the Impoundment Control Act? He didn’t notify Congress, and held it more than the 45 days. Not to mention people keep saying Trump held funds for an investigation into the Biden’s, which in the Federalist papers the founding fathers said asking for foreign interference into our elections would be impeachable.

    3. @Some Person Never held funds because of the bidens, held then from corruption in there government. If you were right why arent the dems using it? Guess you know more than they do.

    1. @skidfrog NDA’s are illegal when it comes to the administration. A president that wants all the people to sign one, is hiding who knows what. Government secrets is one thing, hiding corruption is totally different. Anyone who signed an NDA for trumped is a fool, and doesn’t care about the U.S. or the citizens.

    2. Brian K, You got that mixed up. Pull your head out your hatefilled butt. Bolton should be in prison awaiting execution. No matter what your feelings are about Trump, it doesn’t change the fact that Bolton has actually committed crimes, resulting in hundreds of people killed. He should be held accountable if “no one is above the law.” All the victims’ families of his Fast and Furious operation should be awarded all the proceeds of his book sales just for a start.

  4. All these bottom dwellers have “legal problems”. Yet none of them are ever held to account for their patent corruption. Nor, I suspect, will they ever be.

    1. That was directly asked today in the hearing. “Why did they wait years until it would hurt Biden?” Was the paraphrased answer…

    2. @Patriot there is nothing anti-Semitic there snowflake, I guess you don’t understand what that means though. Don’t worry the current drip, drip, drip of info can’t be stopped with penicillin like Trumps last drip problem…

    3. @Some Person Get it right cupcake, Patriots are the ones that first called morons like you Snowflakes, you should have listened to your leftist Constitutional Professor Dercowitz so you can understand the Federalist Papers and what constitutes real impeachment criminality. If Trump committed th see so called criminal crimes, dozens of Presidents before him would have been impeached. The Articles presented by the Democratic House are not Crimes.

  5. Have something to hide or not, Pompeo have no right to disrespect a lady report and lie to the press afterward. I do not approve of that.

    1. The new standard for the truth fearing cowards on the right wing is to bully and denigrate anyone who tries to hold them accountable by demanding the truth.

  6. Trump is demanding Adam Schiff resign in all of his attack ads.
    I would like to see Trump resign instead. Perhaps he will explode like an over ripe melon.

    1. I used to watch a show called “Cops” and in it the more outrageous (usually high) and stupid criminals would, while caught red handed/smoking gun on tape, insist that the police were the bad guys and they were totally innocent LMFAO but this looks exactly the same.

    2. @cocomo Yes he is and he sholud not resign but, Trumpsters think he is an enemy of it because king Trump says so.This is weaponized ignorance.

  7. So Bolton did what Pompeo wouldn’t do for his employee. That’s why Pompeo is walking around with rocks in his jaws. Guilty as sin.

  8. The more of these people come out of the woods with their stories, the more of them will follow their example. Take the orange buffoon down!

    1. @black pearl Ppffttt, typical nonsensical drivel from a reality denying fake news crying, red capped tRumpanzee troll.

    1. @mark raven Wait……so trump is calling witnesses that loves him? No they don’t any of their witnesses under oath for fear of being caught in a lie during cross examination.

  9. The witnesses are REPUBLICANS…Hand picked by Trump himself. Republicans blocking Republican testimony, a NEW LOW!!!! SCUM at its best

    1. @Roman Max I was under the impression the president used the FBI to investigate corruption, not their personal lawyer!

    2. You obviously are reaching for fantasies that have never ever been there. But like good leftist asslickers you’ll continue on molesting the truth because there aren’t any children around. Hollywood, a big left wing supporter. Full of rapists and child traffickers. And they murder Jeffrey Epstein to cover for the Clinton’s and hundreds of Democrats and Hollywood monstets.

    3. @jimmy5634 The Republicans are. more sicretly involved in crime Than any Democrat any day, Every body have to protect their salaries , ok!!!

    1. @Jim Butler That alone should tell people how guilty he is. Is this the way a innocent president acts? By demanding nobody cooperate? If Trump is innocent, he is the most guilty looking innocent person I’ve ever seen. It was obvious he was guilty months ago, now he’s just making dems jump through hoops and circles to get at him, but the day will come, and I will take a day off of work to watch him get dragged out of the WH.

    2. @d. nuzzio Why would you like this? If what he has does prove Trumps guilt, would’nt you want to know that your president is lying to you? and his people? You’re defending him so that he can what? lie to his followers? You included? You like getting lied too? I’ll never understand this mindset… it’s much too… stupid.

  10. The longer this goes on more and more will leak out and Trump will be stuck in the slime of the swamp he made worse by jumping into it.

    1. here’s the leak that never happened, how real investigations work, not the Shifty Schiff sideshow with lead clown Pelosi, REAL crime and corruption. you all sound like a bunch of echo chamber idiots… there’s your f-king swamp.

    2. @MrSmokelife yeah we’re the echo Chambers meanwhile you use words like shifty shift and lead clown Pelosi like the good little lemming that you are.

    3. @MrSmokelife oh, so suddenly things are made up with Trump is going down? I’d hate to be as gullible as yourself, if anything you alleged happened why wait years to announce it?

    1. @kevdaag That’s already acknowledged. At any given time, some Borat provacateur on the St Petersburg payroll is juggling multiple profiles on social platforms having conversations with himself to get people to retweet whatever conspiracy meme is their goal of the week. Most are actual people, foreigners, but there’s also software bots. Those are the ones that don’t understand American idioms or slang that you may have used, and when confused about what you said, resorts to some boiler plate 4chan /pol/ statement that is off topic. Like when Microsoft Tay couldn’t actually keep up with a conversation, it would just recycle things completely unrelated and spamtastic.

    2. @Bruce Boring they are very familiar with the “moving the goalposts” tactic. Don’t acknowledge the evidence, just pivot to suggesting other facts are in dispute

  11. If I’m innocent I want witnesses to clear me. Why doesn’t Trump want witnesses? Because he’s GUILTY!!

    1. @SheffRudyTKE Actually, according to the Washington Post: 16,241 and still counting (the FAKE “rally” in New Jersey not included…)

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