John Bolton: Putin Has Played A Very Weak Hand For A Number Of Years 1

John Bolton: Putin Has Played A Very Weak Hand For A Number Of Years


Former National Security Adviser John Bolton weighs in on U.S. foreign policy in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, and he says the New START agreement is inadequate.

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  1. If Bolton talks he should talk about the meeting he attended in Warsaw with Pence about the treason of Trump.

    1. @Carob Yes, just like Israel has a three votes already to get rid of their PM for LIFE…They have caught him stealing, cheating, and other charges….Is today the Day..Will NETANYAHU FINALLY BE THROWN OUT? THEN BRING HIM UP ON CHARGES….Just like USA is doing Dump…

    2. @may wilson I have little to do with Israel. An American creation.
      If you could give me examples of the same things in Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the UK, I might be impressed. There is, of course, some corruption in those countries as well – but the scale is quite different.

    3. @may wilson He got 74 million votes. “Many millions”. The fact that so many voted for him is amazing. A condemnation of … what? American “democracy”? American education? American stupidity? Should there be a national programme (there! double “m”) obliging Americans to eat a pound of spinach per head per day? A Trump would be less likely in a parliamentary democracy and easier to deal with if it occurs. All – ALL – long-term stable civilised democracies in the world are parliamentary.

  2. Putin, was put in the driver’s seat. Trump is in his pocket and trump and fixed propaganda ministry have convinced Russia and china that President Biden is weak. And I believe that Trump is still firmly in putins grips.

  3. Why interview this traitor, boulton was complacent and a enabled which mean condoning the trump administration

    1. Because politics is a show. Its all fact bs they’re all on one side… Theirs! Its a small club and we aint in it

  4. The full quote is: Russia has played a very weak hand, -Very Well-, for a number of years now… I suspect there is a lot of information we’re not getting in those two words.

  5. Who knows how good of a hand Putin now holds after the past 4 years of Trump giving him nothing but Aces…

    1. Trump allowed Putin access while he was in WH. It is terrible. I pray our intelligence learns whatever it is and stops it.

  6. Always a hawk unless it’s when he has to take a personal stand..then he gets downright mousy. It’s gratifying to know,at least here,other Americans remember.

  7. I want to hear Bolton speak about Flynn and how Flynn’s actions provide strategic opportunities for Putin to continue enlarging their ‘pressure for power,’ and ‘the continued war on the American Democracy.’

    1. By the way, apart from not being an Aussie, you probably don´t realise that in Australia – as in the UK – the Labour Party is the name of the Socialist Party.

    2. @Carob
      Thank you! Succinct and poignant explanation of socialism. Capitalist have an aversion towards paying taxes and equal distribution of wealth, even if it’s beneficial for society.

    3. @Mick Swagger Are you a total clown? What do you suppose the Labour Party is in countries where that is the name of the Socialist Party?

    1. MSNBC gives Trumps longest running fixer a daily spot too. I don’t understand why they’re so eager to give people like Bolton and Cohen platforms. Its disgusting.

    2. ~MSNBC is Satan’s propaganda machine. The Peacock is Satan’s symbol.
      Satan is known as the Peacock Angel Melek Taus/Shamash/Utu.
      The castrated Crown Prince of Allah/Nanna Sin.

    3. @J T because politics is show business. Its all bs to keep the same people on power that have BEEN in power. Hello

  8. This man should not be given a voice. He had an opportunity to speak before Congress but he chose to promote his book instead.

    1. right. That was one book I refused to buy. It could have stopped, but , but, Yea money is more important than America & Americans..

  9. Bolton has lost all his credibility with me. He couldn’t stand for democracy then, why should I listen to him now.

  10. The weasel is back. Apparently, the book sales are not goung well, fortunately, the corporate media is always happy & ready to help.

  11. Is there any point in time, when this guy’s solution was not to escalate?

  12. Well John he outplayed dear leader Time and Time and Time Again. Dating back to his bugged room at the Miss Universe competition

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