John Brennan: HHS Official’s Whistleblower ‘Should Make Everyone’s Blood Boil’ | MSNBC

Former CIA Director John Brennan says Dr. Bright’s whistleblower complaint ‘should make everyone’s blood boil’ : “I just wish that Congress, in a bipartisan fashion, and also the DOJ, which I am very concerned about in terms of the political cancer that is seeping in the highest levels there, this needs to be addressed in the most forthright, honest way possible.”
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John Brennan: HHS Official’s Whistleblower ‘Should Make Everyone’s Blood Boil’ | MSNBC


    1. @Don Williams nope. Fox is lawyering up for multiple lawsuits for reporting Covid19 was a hoax.

    2. fox propaganda channel should be forced to run disclaimers that they are in fact not a news channel at all, but an entertainment fluff tabloid, full of worthless, lying opinions, from worthless, lying trash.

    3. “fix” reality show should be fined or dismantled for propaganda and lies and dividing your nation!

    1. @Diana Hulstine President Trump just sent you a check for $1,200 dollars. … I bet you cashed it already? BUT. … You still hate Trump, why? What is your problem? I know. You’re a Democrat, and Democrats are supposed to hate Trump, and YOU’RE a good Democrat! Am I right?

    2. @Charlton Singleton You’re falling for an illusion. Trump’s economy was always a house of cards waiting for a gust of wind. He literally *_MORTGAGED YOUR FUTURE_* to make himself look good in the present. He ran up the debt and engaged in massive deficit spending at the same time he reduced revenue. It was always going to catch up with him; but he hoped it would not catch up until *_after_* the 2020 election.

      *_REPUBLICAN_* David Frum, a senior editor at “The Atlantic” and a speechwriter for President George W. Bush: *“For three years, Trump has blathered and bluffed and bullied his way through an office for which he is **_utterly inadequate._** But sooner or later, every president must face a supreme test, a test that cannot be evaded by blather and bluff and bullying. That test has **_overwhelmed_** Trump.”*

    3. @Crystal Giddens it matters because over 70,000 Americans are dead right now and he said it’s going to be more..

  1. Typical Toddler In Chief misstep.
    His ego is the only thing that matters.
    He only cares about people dying in how it reflects on him

    1. People who are in the running to become a “President-for-Life“ often feel that way.


    3. GreatWhiteBuckwheat yes he was my comment was aimed at Trump. Sorry if that was not understood

  2. Why does everyone seemed surprised and outraged by Donald’s behavior? He’s been this way from the get go.

    1. True enough. When I see a headline or hear someone say how shocked we should be by the latest, I find that I’m not. I’ve become almost numb to learning anything that Trump and the GOP have done. The shock factor has worn off. If not forever, it’s changed how our govt will operate for the next half century at least.

    2. But now he is extra repulsive, at least back in the day he wasnt a bloated ball of excrement +u never heard the lizard talk, u just new he was sleazy !!

  3. Regardless of your point of view, there is an answer. VOTE. Don’t complain, don’t be part of the manipulation from either side. You have a voice in your vote.

    1. Abstain/present/”not voting” is a vote in all properly run organizations. Recognize it. We have always had 100% voter participation, we just ignore the majority voice.

    2. @Fred M
      Re: “We voted for Gore we got Bush. Then we voted for Clinton and we got Trump.”
      Vote for Amash get Trump.
      A vote for Amash is a vote for more Trumpian incompetence; Trumpian antiscience; Trumpian destruction of the environment; Trumpian lies; Trumpian corruption; Trumpian levels of cronyism; Trumpian levels of Impeachable acts; Trumpian self-dealing; Trumpian nepotism; an increased Trumpian pandemic mismanagement and 90% unnecessary body-count; Trumpian abuse of office; Trumpian abuse of power; Trumpian kakistocracy; Trumpian obstruction of justice.
      Vote Democrat, no matter who.

  4. I’ve never seen so much distrust in the US government until this Administration. It is pretty sickening.

    1. Rachel Glovacz He is incapable of making clear and good decisions – that has been proven. He has gaslighted and lied daily and has caused so much division. 72,275 dead and 30 million new unemployed in the space of just 6 weeks because on 23 March, there were 329 dead and hardly any new unemployed.
      Yes, it is his fault. He didn’t act swiftly. He lies about the ban on China, he never banned China, as the order he signed proves. He says he was the first to do so and that’s another huge lie. He had peace at the start of his presidency and lied from the first day when he said he would uphold the constitution. Sorry, but in a time of great crisis, when he is still blatantly lying and uselessly rage tweeting at his perceived personal “enemies” instead of being honest with people and doing everything he can then there is no point trying to even get through to him. He apportions blame to everyone but himself and lies whilst doing so and the real danger is most of his followers swallow everything he says as fact without even checking, and then repeat his lies. He is out of his depth, he needs to resign because he is making the whole situation worse and causing more needless deaths in the process.

    2. @Noreb I hate to say this in defense of poor Rachel, but DJT would never have made it to the fake prez level had he not had a lot of liars, traitors, Russians, propagandists, voter suppression and corporations backing him. He actually lost by about 3 million popular votes, ANYWAY. An archaic system of the EC that needs to be disbanded along with the despicable repuglican gerrymandering. Why do we Americans even allow that? We do needs lots of changes once we dump the entire cult 45 regime.

    3. @mike west Yes, and it is time for Americans to finally wake up and lose the apathy. I think he got their attention…and I think he might regret it, but it is the one thing I thank trump/republicans for is showing us all the dark, greedy cabal to which they all belong.

    4. @Rachel Glovacz How can you think he tries to do good things? He is like a soap opera and ALWAYS does the opposite of what a good person would do. From mocking reporters to putting children in cages to so many things I do not have time to list right now. He is in thick with Putin, if you have not noticed. He has intentionally dismantled democracy in the past 3.5 years with the total backing of a castrated or co-traitorship of the republicans who are our elected employees. They are all traitors to America.You need to learn a lot more about critical thinking. The man is a megalomaniac. He only projects and then changes those projections as a means of distraction while his corporate cronies are robbing us blind.

  5. My Governor bought $2 million dollars worth of hydroxychloroquine. The FBI should investigate how that happened.

    1. Couldn’t have been Cuomo. He doesn’t allow life saving meds in NY. And he throws sick elderly in nursing homes to infect them all

    2. Don Williams you do know that Trump’s offspring have shares in the drug company’s making this poison!

    3. John DeLilo he’s not only a troll but a paid Troll that is employed to spread misinformation, put down everything and everyone that doesn’t support Trump, the Republican Party, Fox pews and any of Trump’s cronies. I find them everywhere.

    4. *_”bought $2 million dollars worth…”_*
      Because it has been shown to work. Only ppl creating high priced meds are fighting the truth.

  6. In Russia, Dr. Bright will ‘mysteriously’ fall out the window. But since it’s America, Dr. Bright is ‘fake news’ doctor. It’s a hoax, a tremendous hoax!

    1. @Virginia O’Flaherty Obama signed a bill giving Simon and Schuster $365 million for the Common Core material and then Simon and Schuster gave Obama a $60 million dollar book deal for a book that he hadn’t even written yet.
      Kickback. That’s the definition of kickback.
      Obama donated his paychecks to the VA?
      Nope. He kept them.
      Trump hasn’t kept a single paycheck and is losing money personally.

      You’re obviously brain damaged. Either way….
      IT DOESN’T MATTER as your disease is NOW out of the DOJ and it’s just a matter of time before your little clown show gets mopped up and placed firmly on death row.
      Mutiny and treason are no joking matter.

    2. @T Dotson yes. Brennan’s own testimony in front of congress.
      He admitted he was a consultant for Kissinger and AssoCIAtes even though nobody asked him who was employing him.
      He was bragging. He thought that would make him untouchable.
      Because he is A FAT STUPID man.
      His Arabic sucks and I’ve seen him speak. He rehearses lines and more than likely doesn’t understand more than a few common phrases.
      He’s a conman.

  7. The 25th amendment is needed at this time, because the blamer and chief, has gone mad, the lair and chief, don’t care about the American people, all he cares about is his re election, at the expense of the American people, Donald John Trump must go and go now.

    1. Montana Crone, not going to happen. Both the house and senate would have to agree to it…You know the senate has no spine when it comes to Trump. Hold on for six months and get everyone you know to register and VOTE!

    2. There will be nothing done…please…. we in Canada have been watching and realize zero happens …and if it does they are pardoned.

    3. Forget it. Trump isn’t insane. He is just evil, greedy and dumb. Theese were the skills he was voted for. His voters want him to do so. They want to ruin America as it is.The only chance is to vote him out, and also his Rep. cultists in Nov. But that won’t solve your problem with a right wing justice.

    4. @Eva Württemberger Right wing justice will be dealt with as long as the Criminal in Chief, his criminal children and his criminal minions are voted out. It may be impossible to prosecute a sitting President, but once he’s out of office, all bets are off. Pardoning himself or anyone else for that matter, will be reversed.

  8. Trump can’t block Bright from testifying like he is blocking Fauci. Get Bright in front of a House Investigative Committee on live TV.

    1. Do the republicans/cult 45 have any consciousness issues when they see direct obstruction of our paid officials not being allowed to speak to us, the public—their employers, on their expertise which we pay for? I call obstruction of justice, again! Impeach them the entire republican cult and their celebrity leader from our government.

    2. He no longer works for the US government. So, Trump can’t pressure him into not testifying.

    3. @Pensa Simpson no conscious no ability to read or comprehend also, but they love 3 word slogans, especially from sky and fox, its like giving an ape a hammer+ nails, expecting it 2 build a house !!

  9. There was a crooked man who led a crooked life.
    He was a crooked husband with a some-what crooked wife.
    He had some crooked children and son-in-law–a louse.
    And they divided this great nation from their White and crooked House….

    1. @Mark Feland <<>>
      Durhams grand jury is already indicting. Click your heels together 3 times and say there is no place like home.

    2. Your talent for writing poetry is great. It tells the truth while also bringing a smile to the face that is greatly needed. Thank you.

    3. @Don Williams Trump made America Great:
      Greatest number of deaths in any country!
      Greatest number of infections in any one country!
      Trump’s January and February Lost cost 10,000 of lives lost, he is guilty of Negligent Homicide!

    1. Michael Shapiro : So what are you going to do with all the people who absolutely do NOT want the democrat / liberal alternative they are witnessing right now, AND for the past 4yrs ? THAT, has NOTHING to do with Trump.

    2. @Gary Campbell they can go whine on 8Chan when Murdering Don the Con gets voted out. More people hate him than follow him slavishly like you do.

    3. @Dave Schultz too bad Rethuglicans can’t afford therapists. They’re really going to be needing some therapy when Murdering Don the Con and the Rethuglican Party of Death get pounded into oblivion next November.

    4. Linda Scott : You’d better get off the coasts ( minus a handful of states ) and out of the big city. I’m sitting here in a town of 900 people in the rural midwest. We absolutely do NOT want the democrat / liberal alternative we have witnessed right now, and in the last 4yrs. Democrats have shot themselves in the foot with the Russian collusion crap, the impeachment nonsense, the insane actions and comment of the “squad”, and Pelosi ripping up Trump’s speech. NO, most people do NOT hate him ! He WILL be re elected. No matter what CNN & MSNBC tells you.

  10. The whistle blows, he gets empeached then he kills thousands by his ignorance, negligence, and incompetence. So, here we go again.

  11. Anyone who continues to defend the rancid ball of butter who calls himself the president, is either a complete fool or downright evil.

    1. @Big Ern Dog I’m not on Twitter …So thank you .. the Truth is too hard for these traitorous B-Turds with TDS .. Can’t wait to see Brennan Comey , Clapper in Prison !

    1. TDS: Trump Delusionment Syndrome

      A mental illness wherein the sufferer experiences the delusion that the molester Donald Trump, a second rate con man turned third rate fascist traitor, is actually concerned with the well being of the American people.

    2. Remember the meaningless “Hope and Change”? And the fact that he was able to lie to his supporters for eight years and they still love him? THAT is a cult of personality

    3. @bucolis no.

      No Obama supporter ever called me unamerican or disloyal for disagreeing with his policies or opposing his election & re-election. Trump supporters have been saying that nationalistic nonsemse to me nonstop since 2015.

    4. bucolis I remember the Republican-led Senate blocking numerous bills, just like they’re doing now. I can admit Obama got numerous things wrong. Can you admit Trump has done the same? Like saying it would disappear like a miracle? Even before a single case was found in the US, I began buying pandemic supplies, because I am not stupid like Trump. Nobody saw this coming? Lots of people saw this coming, including Pete Navarro and Trump’s medical advisors. Trump cancelled the Pandemic Monitoring Group Obama put together. Numerous books I have read, most notably The Coming Pandemic, published many years ago, addressed this issue. A little education goes a long way.

  12. HELLS BELLS…. anybody with half a brain didn’t need to be told what was going on by a whistleblower. It’s in plain sight every day for the world to see. The Republican Party has let a 2 bit con man bring America to its knees. 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    1. @52 80 If I didn’t know people who died.. yes you are a bigoted fool! Go marching to your viral death whole carrying a AR15 with a hundred round clip. You a$$holes cry rights but don’t shoulder any responsibilities that go with them, go to a busy emergency ward and volunteer, don’t wear ppe, if there is any. Then in twenty days we’ll talk.

    2. @Robert Buxton *_”Show me the links”_*
      I don’t spoonfeed. If really interested you would have done the research yourself.

    3. @52 80 you keep citing things that seem to exist only in your mind. The only use of a fool is a warning sign and you are a billboard!

    4. @Robert Buxton *_”marching to your viral death”_*
      I’m not worried, neither should you. COVID is contagious but morbidity is less than influenza. 40x more ppl have COVID than know and deaths attributed to COVID shouldn’t be.

    5. @52 80 OAN could you share your name so you could be called as witness at Trump’s trial?

    1. @Ted Raker Ted, do you mean that previous administration behaved not unlike the Trump. If you do I can agree with you that past administration have shown one or two aspects of the Trump behavior. What we are now seeing within this administration is a push towards a critical mass across the spectrum of “bad acts”. What we see is that time over time the “system” fail us (the American public). I assign 80% of the failure to the GOP Senate. It is the GOP Senate that is failing here. Sure, the Trump is corrupt, incompetent, stupid beyond belief, he is the singular definition of a man that is unqualified to hold office, and he lies, he lies daily, he lies multiple times per day and he does not believe that he lies. It is the responsibility of the GOP in the senate that America is in this condition.

    2. drump said as much when he was trying to get dirt on Biden from Ukraine. “I’m all about corruption! I don’t care about politics or anything else but corruption! It was a perfect call, perfect *transcript* I have a second call I’m releasing!”(didn’t even release a real transcript from the first call, never mind offer up a second call) That was on one of his moronic chopper rants.

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