John Brennan: Testimony Today Showed Extremists ‘Have Plans To Carry Out Heinous Acts Of Violence’


    1. @Big Boomer well actually i changed my mind about the whole psychosis thing because its not fair to call them mental ill patients cause well alot of people who are mental ill actually tend to be smarter aswell as creative so much more than the rioters
      i think the rioters are animals cause gorillas/animal throw there poop💩

    2. @chill master
      Sociopaths, and the intellectually undeveloped insurrected our capitol. Look through the crowd at a trump rally and circus. These people wore idiotic giant sized cowboy hats, painted their faces like clowns, and wore every type of ridiculous outfit, with sociopathic comments emblazoned across their t-shirts. We all saw them at the destruction of our capitol buildings in January. There were also Christian extremists, neo Nazis, white supremacists of every stripe, antigovernment out to destroy, with no more plan than anarchy. Many of them embodied all the of these categories. Like Eric Rudolph, they should be imprisoned for life, once they committ murder.

  1. Let’s add severe legal penalties for domestic terrorism & take this threat far more seriously from now- forward!

    1. @Lifeis Good
      Your lies and exaggerations reek of hysteria and mob mentality. Continue on your deviant path, and you will put not like justice when it catches up to you.

    2. @Lifeis Good You have achieved escape velocity from reason. There’s nothing to “believe” when you see Senators like Johnson and Hawley say what they did with your own eyes and ears. Happily though, this ‘all in with the crazies’ approach that the GOP is pursuing will yield diminishing returns, electorally. They will likely lose the next Presidential election by a margin much greater than 2020, because there simply aren’t enough Trumpublican voters compared to the rational electorate. Strategic planning fail of epic proportions that even seasoned, relatively reasonable republicans have been warning of since the election.

    3. I prefer to give traitors life in prison rather than a firing squad. On second thought if another Trump clone is elected he could pardon them or compute their sentence. Firing squad for sure.

    4. @Lifeis Good your a real piece of work. Your time to encourage hate and straight up lie is over with that orange blob you all are so pathetically clinging to.

  2. This just proves that there are many people in the Republican side of the house who have criminal intent and need to be justly dealt with.

    1. The National Guard is full of people who are sympathetic to the seditious tRumpanzees and their ideals, same with the American military.

    2. I am not fond of referring to terrorists groups who wallow in delusions as “militias”. They are just criminals.

  3. Sedition is now just something to campaign on for many republicans. Their slogan may as well be “Steal your country back”.

    1. @Walter Dayrit that moment when you have a thought so wildly nonsensical that you crack it out loud as a joke but then hear someone say, “Hmm. Sounds like a plan.” 😂😂😂

  4. when did “sedition” become a “family value”…
    the GOP is now just…
    a very sad parody of it’s self…

  5. Republican have seen trump repeat lies till people believe. Now the rest are re-writing the history we saw infront of us. They are dividing the country with lies. Our children need an honest future

    1. Work to publicly shame all republican doners, pressure & boycott them all to choke off their $$$, work to see they wear their party over country seditous stain forever, & start work now to see they are NEVER elected to ANY public office ever again! Coup attempts & sedition must have consequences or they are only dress rehearsals!

  6. Most of them didn’t look deeply disturbed. They knew what they were doing, and were given instructions by someone within, where to go.

  7. When Putin was re-elected, Trump congratulated him. He didn’t say Russia’s elections are rigged, which they probably are, but in America, he would not congratulate Biden or accept our election results.

    1. @Memow 2020
      By stealing the wealth of that country, that’s how Putin is able to own numerous mansions around the world, and a number in Russia. He brutalized musicians who write songs that are critical of his regime, and throws them in prison, where they are brutalized further. He poisons journalists, writers, educators, artists. Russia has a totalitarian oligarchy, far worse than communism now.

    2. @Jang Les Trump said the elections were rigged in 2012 and 2016 also when the voting was done in person. He also said that Ted Cruz stole the Iowa caucus in 2016, if I remember correctly. Trump has been saying these things long before the mail-in voting became popular because of Covid-19 because he is unwilling to accept that Democrats can get elected too or anyone he did not support. If you look at the swing vote states in 2016 and 2020, you can see that people who did not vote for Clinton or Trump in 2016, but voted for other parties like Libertarians, seemed to vote for Biden this time. It didn’t take fake votes to elect Biden. There were plenty of people who decided to vote for him.

    1. Assdad is not a saint but his administration doesnt hold a candle to the US'(Red or Blue). Biggest terrorists and murderers on the planet and thats not even debatable

    1. They have been enabled ,our laws need to be applied for conspiracy’s ,they don’t just lie they want ignorant people to believe propaganda.

  8. Hawley and Johnson have crossed over into Trump World along with Lady Lindsey, who has been there for quite awhile. They are irresponsible and shameless.

  9. These senators are aiding and abetting the insurrectionists which is a crime. Charge them with this crime! Someone do something.

    1. Starting with that twig josh the unholy hawley fkn ahole he is , fulosht like trump , his book that was about to be published i saw in dollar tree store half off lol disgusting hack

  10. Johnson is a madman along with Cruz, and Hawley! To purposely lie to their constituents in order to provoke them it’s sickening and un-American!

  11. Don’t let the extremists casually go home next time. Arrest all of them on the spot, including the leaders paid by tax dollars.

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