John Brennan: Trump, Barr ‘Will Stoop To Whatever Depths They Need’ To Carry Out Personal Agendas

Attorney General William Barr writes a letter to Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman saying that he has asked President Trump to "remove" him from his position. John Brennan says, “This just demonstrates that Donald Trump and William Barr will stoop to whatever depths they need to to carry out their own personal agendas.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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John Brennan: Trump, Barr ‘Will Stoop To Whatever Depths They Need' To Carry Out Personal Agendas


  1. Republicans from 5+ years ago would consider both Trump and Barr to be Traitors to the United States of America. WTF happened to the Republican Party these past few years?

    1. The Republican party had Thought they were the Best at Corruption and Passing HORRIBLE POLICIES and Cleaning up the Money for the Elite.

      Trump went from The ENTIRE GOP HATING ON HIM, To the Point of Saying That Trump is UNFIT, ETC. ETC. …

      To COMPLETELY DO A 180

    2. Well in 2015 they spent the 4th of July in Russia meeting Kremlin Officals, they’ve been planning this for almost 5 years…

    3. They have been there for a long time. It just took the Master of Corruption to expose them or bring them out of their dirty holes. Liars and thieves stick together until the deceit, lawlessness and corruption gets out of control and then they start to turn on each other. This is just the beginning of the circus show. Just wait until trump leaves the White House in January 2021.

    4. Holy crap… How stupid are you people..?

      What is Obamagate…? Really..? You seriously don’t know?

      First crime: He’s black.

      Second crime, (besides the copious amounts of weed he used to smoke), He became president! Of the United States!! While still being black!!!

      Crime number three: He roasted Trump, while he being a black president!!

      Seriously, what’s not to get? This is Trump we’re talking about. Wake up and smell the racism.

    1. voodooblue61 blue I can’t tell you because you tube keeps deleting my post to you explaining the truth

    2. voodooblue61 blue The level of censorship is a disgrace when published facts are being shared, shame on you

    3. voodooblue61 blue there must be a lot of money keeping these secrets hidden but they will come out

    4. Barr is the same one who let Bush and Reagan go for supplying Iran with money and weapons, which then killed American soldiers. Republicans have been killing Americans for generations…

    5. @Warren Doris When Rome fell the politicians raided the coffers. I think that is what is happening now. Hopefully they won’t file bankruptcy but nothing good coming. $2000 a month has been proposed for the period of March to three months past the end of virus. That would work for a lot of poor people but unlikely I think.

    1. YES WE CAN. VOTE BIDEN AND ALL BLUE IN NOVEMBER 2020! Get the corrupted slime out of the White House!

    2. @Jim Battersbee The number one strategy in war is to never let your enemy know your next move.

    3. @Mark bodman What? Too young to remember ‘Cocaine-Gate’? (60’s thru 80) Iran-Contra Gate? (’80 to ’88?) Ring any bells? Sad! BIGLY! Like Captain Clorox, Willam “The Toad” Barr is a career criminal.

    1. @Davis Tran they’re ALL corrupted ,feckless traitors to our constitution and american citizens!

    2. @Mark bodman Is this not the approach of every dictator and their followers? Jail everybody who opposes them and stop people voting for an opposition.

  2. I think the founding fathers made a grave mistake in allowing the president to pick attorney general and also to hire and fire prosecutors. This basically is a loophole for a dictator wannabe like Trump to exploit.

    1. Thats exactly what he wants to be..Dictator like Putin and others.He already say wants change law so he can stay on like Putin in Russia.Whats more scary he wants Don jr to take over

    2. @onehothand68 wrong we have a government with 3 equal branches so he can’t do it easily but he is trying

    3. @onehothand68 you must get your info from the right wing conspiracy sites on the web. There isn’t any reality to what you are saying.

    4. Yes. Our government is very young. It’s an experiment from which the entire world will learn. As always, we will make the needed changes, and come out better, as you suggest.

  3. “No punishment in my opinion, is too great for the man who can build his greatness upon his country’s ruin” – George Washington

  4. What we’ve learned so far from Bolton’s book is that obstruction of justice is not the exception in Trump’s White House, it’s the #1 rule. And apparently, it only gets worse from there. Asking countries like Russia, China and Ukraine for quid pro quos to help him get reelected seems to be the #2 rule.

    Trump unwittingly admitted to obstruction of justice in his May 2017 interview with Lester Holt. In the interview, Trump said he fired James Comey because he wouldn’t shutdown the Russia investigation. I say unwittingly because Trump doesn’t believe he obstructed justice, because he doesn’t actually believe in the concept of justice to begin with. And he certainly doesn’t believe in law & order.

    Trump: “I do solemnly swear, that I will faithfully desecrate the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, pervert, offend, and violate the Constitution of the United States. So help me Putin…OR Gyna….if you’re listening.”

    1. @Victoria Nyteshade well, we have always been a republic. And we lost our democracy some time ago before the rumpster highlighted the fact. The question is whether we have the ability to get it back. I’d say it’s 50-50.

    2. @C J sorry I think more like 70-30 in favour of little russia. I hope I am wrong. The world is prsying for you.

    3. @Victoria Nyteshade yeah. I don’t disagree. Let’s hope for the best because the alternative is not good for anyone.

    4. Liked it all and especially the last paragraph. It should be Robert’s script for next January.

    5. @Victoria Nyteshade we’ve always been a republic. Who has time for hundreds of millions of people to vote on every procedure and every law that’s presented. That’s why we vote to elect a president and congress. They are our proxy, governing in our name and for the benefit for everyone.
      Like all other countries, we reserve the right to progress and grow. Look at what we started
      with. 🙂

  5. Trump didn’t seem to care about National Security when he allowed Stone to work with Wikileaks to get Hillary’s emails

    1. Trump was dug into more than any other candidate in history, Hillary was discovered for her emails at that point you can’t ignore evidence….

    2. @Walter White Your post is so full of imbecilic inaccuracies it is beyond laughable.
      Congratulations, you win the Darwin award for the dumbest human being on the planet.

    3. @Bace It’s probably a Russian troll. Cult of Bunker Baby members are too busy Injecting lysol with a UV light up their butts.😀

    1. @Larrygilbertreyes Reyes
      Trump ain’t going anywhere. Americans haven’t realized that yet.

  6. Trump’s history of criminality and down right wickedness is well know. He has to be put out of office.

    1. @RobertL lmao and where is this source? Msnbs pulling your pants down again? 1 day of secret service doing their job to take Trump in will never equal to Joe Bidens 4 month basement hideout.

  7. It should be no suprise that trump put all the brown and black people together for the camera right Maga

    1. @William Burgess No. You shoud take two minutes out of your day and look at an actual graph of the numbers. You will see I am correct.

      It is true that the overall number is lower under Trump than Obama (You also tried to skew the difference as much as possible by picking Obama’s high point and Trump’s lowest point) however if you take two minutes and actually look at the graphs you will see that the downhill slope is virtually unchanged between Obama and Trump.

      Trump did not have some miracle cure. He simply didn’t screw up what was already happening. If Trump has done so much to help things there should be a noticeable change in the graph but there is not.

      Now the deficit, as I mentioned, is a different story. Trump significantly changed the course of that trend. It balloons quite seriously after his tax cuts for the wealthy.

    2. Please feel free to present your long and robust list, then research and present a list of similar actions by the last 5 Presidents. Should be easy to present that research since you responded with such confidence.

  8. Sometimes people think that by saying that he is incompetent (to say the least) is a hard insult, but in reality it is the simply and honest truth! He is honestly an absolute incompetent (to say the least!)

    1. Chumpster is not only grossly incompetent, but also corrupt to the very core. John Brennan was spot on in his comments.

    1. ConALD TRE45ON and his Rethuglican Administration are 💩 that needs to be flushed down the 🚽.

  9. Trump firing an Attorney investigating his Attorney? If that is NOT an “Obstruction of Justice,” nothing is.

    1. Go back to Russia, troll. You’re king to be out of work in November so best get working on that resume.

    2. “Trump firing an Attorney investigating his Attorney? If that is NOT an “Obstruction of Justice,” nothing is.”

      According to republican senators? Nothing is.

    1. As a couple of commenters have said previously, the book can’t be all lies and have classified information at the same time.

    1. @Bruce Smith
      “I would say 80% of Asians I know support Trump. And 90% hate democrats.”
      Oh, so you conducted a poll. Wow, how à propos!
      Come on Brucy, do yourself a favor and stop making a fool of yourself.

    2. @sirius428 over the last 4 years I talk with 100s of Asian programmers. I stand by my numbers. I was right in 2016.

    3. @Bruce Smith
      “over the last 4 years I talk with 100s of Asian programmers. I stand by my numbers. I was right in 2016.”
      Ya, sure. And Asians are famous for divulging their political affiliation. NOT.

    4. Pre Corona virus, would anyone of you sit behind Trump for $100, $200?
      The pathetic part is for $200 I would probably do it. Cash up front because he’s known for stiffing people. 😉
      Alright alright don’t judge me. Lol ✌

    1. They’re like: “I’m not being paid enough for this.” All of them look pretty uncomfortable.

  10. Politicians should have nothing to do with legal appointments. Judges and attorneys should be promoted from within legal system along predetermined programs.

  11. “Give me ten years, and you will not recognize Germany anymore!”
    ― Adolf Schicklgruber @ election slogan, 1933

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