John ‘Chick’ Donohue Tells The Story Of ‘The Greatest Beer Run Ever’ To His Friends In Vietnam

John 'Chick' Donohue Tells The Story Of 'The Greatest Beer Run Ever' To His Friends In Vietnam 1


John "Chick" Donohue, author of the book "The Greatest Beer Run Ever: A Memoir of Friendship, Loyalty, and War" joins Andrea Mitchell to tell the story of when he volunteered for a trip to Vietnam in 1967 to bring beers to boost the morale of neighborhood friends serving overseas. Aired on 11/25/2020.
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John 'Chick' Donohue Tells The Story Of 'The Greatest Beer Run Ever' To His Friends In Vietnam

49 Comments on "John ‘Chick’ Donohue Tells The Story Of ‘The Greatest Beer Run Ever’ To His Friends In Vietnam"

  1. AllNiteLemonade | November 25, 2020 at 3:03 PM | Reply

    *—If you could reason with a Trump supporter, they wouldn’t be Trump supporters—* .

  2. Sadly, people are mistaken if they think the cult can be reached, there has to be a desire for peace and some kind of relationship with the truth to bring people together, the cult has neither!

  3. We would all be lucky to have a friend like Mr Donahue. A man that goes halfway around the world just to give his friends a beer is a true friend for life. That would make for a great Quentin Tarantino movie!

  4. That is the greatest beer run ever. This left-winger salutes you all.

  5. Someone with a patriotic character. To die for his country if that what fate had in store. Neither suckers or losers. Compare yourself to this man Mr. Trump. You are kind of small aren’t you?

  6. Georgia VOTE FOR DEMOCRAT Jan 5 2021!

  7. Freshman year, I once got a keg into our college dorm.
    Now that was an epic beer run! 😉

    • That was for your coming out party correct? 😳 🎶

    • @William H No, it was just a floor party. You don’t need a reason to celebrate to throw a party in college. Or did you not get into college, let alone get invited to any parties? 🤔

  8. Trump lost………………………go home snowflakes

  9. Great story at a perfect time..🥰🥰

    • The American people will never accept a fraudulent Biden presidency Elkslayer 😳 🎶

    • @William H Sorry Will but you guys have Zero evidence.
      Trump is still trying to prove Democrats cheated in 2016 and has zero luck.

  10. Sarah Casciano | November 25, 2020 at 3:29 PM | Reply

    Thank You, Your Welcome, I Love You And Goodbye.

  11. Tell me why this matters now?

  12. If you know someone who lost a love one due to the virus this year, they sure could use a call of compassion from you during the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  13. Why aren’t you taking about the court decision in Pennsylvania? 🤣🤣. Court reverses certification you cheaters. Here we come Supreme Court.

  14. Pebbles70 Forsure | November 25, 2020 at 5:00 PM | Reply


  15. That’s not true the “greatest beer run” is my childhood, I’ve been driving since I was 9 years old. Because my dad was too wasted.

  16. Professional Defenestrator | November 25, 2020 at 5:27 PM | Reply

    The first letter of the word “frog”, is “f”.

  17. Andrea Mitchell is always smacking with the micro open it is so annoying, when listening to her reports.

  18. Great story

  19. Great story!

  20. *MAYBE* @1:13 the protestors were protesting against the WAR not “the GIs”? Mitchell smugly offers some claptrap at the end. Vietnam Vets Against the War & Sec. Kerry were vocal. We’re in the middle of one of the most divisive times since then & this is on? It’s supposed to be a “feel-good” holiday piece? Does Mitchell know/owe this guy? He can’t speak properly & he ‘wrote’ this book? I know that union hall, by old St. Vincent’s hospital; there was another on Astor Place & most Merchant Mariners can write well, if not Joseph Conrad. BTW they did sell beer, & lots more, in bars in Vietnam. He’s lucky he didn’t get anyone killed & also that his friends came back; a lot of us had friends who didn’t, or if they did, had drug & other serious problems even if they came back in one piece.

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