95 Comments on "John Dean: Pelosi has leverage over Senate impeachment trial"

  1. Oh my goodness. of course he will do it again. The Senate will tell him it’s ok. We all know that and it’s because the republicans are getting paid from all the Russian money. Isn’t that lovely?

  2. Now that the impeachment vote is completed, the House will have more tools to investigate Trump with. Just hold the trial while you investigate further bc the Senate already said they will acquit him regardless. See what develops.

  3. Hold the charges until you can change the jury (senate) lol. That’s a “G” move in hood slang.

    • @Zach White I don’t really care lol. Have I even mentioned it? You have bee in your bonnet I think.

      Edit: Rambo doesn’t complain so much, you have to work on that. I will not watch the movie if you complain all the way through it hehe.

    • @1Me you’re the useful idiot who thinks partisan impeachment means removal 😂 didn’t mean to intellectually smear you in the concrete but you had it coming sorry 😁👍

    • @1Me article 1 section 3 in the impeachent process read it.😁 Checkmate 👌

    • Zach White , so you can wait until the president changes to confirm judges but you can’t wait until the senate changes to prosecute a president? Sound like something the Republikkkans would create not the founding fathers!

    • It’s a GOP move for sure

  4. Pelosi has trump by his tiny orange cheese balls

  5. I’m always impressed by Nancy’s ability to implement strategies. Nice work!

    • @Paul Romano take that up with McConnell…he has almost 300 Bipartisan Bill sitting on his desk. You complaints are in that mix

    • @Paul Romano Guess what christman turkey…. Congress can’t do a thing if the Senate keeps blocking. Not a thing. Get those Repub Senators out. VOTE .

    • @An Sar Hey Daffy Duck Don’t forget Democratic Senators who voted with Republicans on NAFTA, PTP with China, the Patriot Act, deregulating Wall Street, fendless wars, private prisons, the drug war etc. They also have to go. The Democratic House did pass a $15/hr minimum wage bill that takes effect in 2025. Its sitting on McConnell’s desk. Take back the Senate and workers will still be waiting 5 years for a living wage. Way to go Dems.

    • Right!! Mitch played into it because he said that he will not be fair and impartial!!

    • I was startled, then I laughed out…loud. Well played, Ms. Pelosi!

  6. “Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny”.   Thomas Jefferson

    • Anthony Dewitt | December 19, 2019 at 9:33 PM | Reply

      @Cragger says the putin loving troll.

    • The tremendous stack of unfinished bills in Senate offices makes that point exactly. kind of like stalling on allowing judges to fill the supreme court until a republican could appoint them. Hypocrisy has a lovely sound, don’t it?

    • @Thatguys Son puking is guaranteeing America will not interfere with him taking back countries that were ussr and conquering others as he chooses. Hello??

  7. Kathleen Flacy | December 19, 2019 at 8:55 AM | Reply

    Yes! Withhold the articles, continue investigating, push for speediness in the courts to force the release of documents and the presence of subpoenaed witnessess. Also widen the scope of the articles to include all the president’s crimes, including foreign emoluments, self dealing, and the obstruction of justice that Mueller found. Narrowing the charges makes it too easy to blow off the total pattern of malfeasance this administration has engaged in since before the election.

  8. Should Nancy Pelosi order an investigation into Moscow Mitch as part of the impeachment process?

  9. Stall until you get the votes, McConnellize him

    • @Damian La quay in other words to try and get power F*** the American poeple especially children and our elders as the ones who worked hard and on a pensions are doing great with Trump policies and think they want what the sacrificed all there lives for a marxist moron AOC dictator to redistribute the wealth and Communist Bernie Sanders the idiot to give away

    • @Damian La quay you got that right just ask the million to won and Biden became wealthy serving our democracy and Republic

    • @Damian La quay you think redistribution of wealth is the answer as must wealthy became wealthy from hard work and the wealthy invest in America with Trump policies the just take there money but to china and if I was wealthy I soon burn it to give it to government for control of the people

    • Setting trends since noah asked to borrow my great X2147 grand father for a freaking hammer and saw.

    • @TheSynthZone how about Bernie Sanders putting the hammer and sickle on Americans and AOC with the five golden stars for government control

  10. I think I just saw on Facebook where Barack marked himself safe from Impeachment.


  12. TheDesert IsPatient | December 19, 2019 at 10:46 AM | Reply

    Hold it til we hear from the Supreme Court decision on Trump’s taxes, etc

    • Better yet, wait til District Atty Durham’s “Criminal Investigation” is released lol

    • Proud violent Libtard | December 19, 2019 at 7:11 PM | Reply

      @Dante Ochotorena
      Poor triggered NPC snowflake is sooo angry that it can’t help but get the cap lock stuck. We don’t care what you think anymore and we don’t cooperate. You do our bidding. Now go back to your booger sugar, cum fart.

    • “Hold it until the 2020 election”… “that’s Pelosi’s leverage”… laughable… Democrats couldn’t find their way out of a wet paper bag… Democrats, the true Deplorables!… Just more of Hillary’s and the Democrat’s “projecting” (look it up!… D.A.’s). How’d the “Russian collusion” thing work for the Deplorable D’s?… Now the Obama Admin’s top brass are looking at prison time… The D’s should stop digging!

    • Proud violent Libtard | December 19, 2019 at 7:13 PM | Reply

      @Brad Smith we don’t care as long as it destroys you.

    • It’s a good thing we Republicans have been stacking the courts with white male conservatives 🙂

  13. Have been hearing this for a couple of weeks. I think it is a stroke of genius. Let this impeachment thing hang over Trumps head for months. The closer it gets to the election the better it will be for the Dems. And Trump knows this.

  14. How many times will he be impeached before the election?

  15. When Graham and McConnell swear on the bible to be impartial jurors will God strike them down? Will they burst into flames?

    • @Sir_Valion yes keep standing up.for Truth

    • How can a democrat believe in God when he know that democrats believe in (killing babies)( men marry to men)( and no pray in school. )just because it the law don’t make it right. Many a Black Men have been hung for getting caught reading a book. It was the law.

    • @Jerry Sharp Ok comrade. The grey area where American cons & russian trolls dwell doesn’t deserve clarification. You guys have fun down there… ❤together🌈

    • Lol how funny no demo ever lied the past 20yrs.

  16. Remember what they did with Merrick Garland….?

  17. That’s hilarious
    He’s impeached and that’s it
    😂 now that’s a season finale I didn’t expect
    Game of Thrones…take note

    • fhornfreak17 yup he is impeached without an acquittal! Senate was going to be a rigged trail … lol

    • It was aquite obvious. It’s been the stated goal of the Dem pty since the 2016 election to impeach his @$$.

    • He’s still our President and can run and will win 2020. Take that ring out of your nose and lead yourself.

    • Impeached means indicted. Now the Senate decides if he stays in office.

    • fhornfreak17 Why would you comment when obviously you’re ignorant on the process. Let me explain in terms even you can understand. If you are arrested by police because someone identified you as the person who stole their car you still have to go to trial and have factual evidence determine your guilt. Basically the dems said trump stole their car so even though the police arrested him doesn’t mean he is guilty or is going to jail. Its called Due Process. I’m sure there must have been some questions on your GED exam about the american legal system

  18. Robert L. Ross | December 19, 2019 at 4:25 PM | Reply

    Plenty of leverage.
    Lol. – Ed McMan.

    • Robert L. Ross | December 19, 2019 at 9:10 PM | Reply

      No offense.
      Just trying to sort out somethings.

    • Ross  wrong the Dems have nothing worth passing but Americans are losing out of jobs to work not for Americans to get something free and leave inforstuucture to trum as Demacrats couldn’t manage a bubble gum machine or be in charge inforstuct a bird house but twist it like the marxist dictators said they soon see a recession actually I think Catholic Nancy Pelosi was praying for a recession so Trump would fail and more suffering of American people

    • @Robert L. Ross ok fireman police social America isn’t a marxist country but the marxist dictator moron AOC is for Marxism

    • @Robert L. Ross Bernie Sanders is a Communist idiot AOC is a marxist dictator moron

    • Robert L. Ross | December 19, 2019 at 9:29 PM | Reply

      I thought unemployment rate was all time low.
      Stock market through the roof.
      Come on man!
      Pick one.
      Feast or Famine.

  19. Love John Dean. So awesome to see him & have his insight here. Am I the only one who remembers his beautiful wife, Mo?

  20. Watch his “trade deals” with China after his lawn statement and his recent meeting, with a Russian ship off the shoreline. Russia’s quick pitstop was dropping off new transcripts and xmas bonuses

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