John Delaney: 'Should Be A New' Presidential Primary Process | MSNBC 1

John Delaney: ‘Should Be A New’ Presidential Primary Process | MSNBC


Former Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney discusses how he would change the presidential primary process and if he plans on running in the future. 

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John Delaney: 'Should Be A New' Presidential Primary Process | MSNBC


  1. I supported John in Iowa. Will do so again and support new and better methods of achieving a state of democracy.

  2. Yes. Starting with 2024, no one with organizations under criminal investigation or got impeached TWICE should run for President. There’s your GOP primary process.

    1. Indeed! Or better yet stripe them of all private assets and require all wealth to be in a blind trust. Even for cabinet and congress members

  3. As long as we’re talking election reform, I have a bold idea. How about – now hear me out because this is pretty radical – every legal vote is counted and the person with the most votes wins the election.
    Crazy, I know!

    1. @Mr Rodgers Political Playtime I dont have to show mine and i live in a almost exclusive Republican area.

    2. @Polar Opposite You obviously have never been a poll worker. You have no F_ _king idea how the system works. A utility bill shows the person is still living in the area they are registered in and is better than a passport, which Georgia’s new system allows, and which is almost universally not allowed in other states as it does not show an address.
      WAKE UP, and learn how the system works before spouting your BS! SMH!

    3. @Polar Opposite you really think droves of illegal immigrants are lining up at multi hour long lines so they can steal a win for Joe Biden, if you were in this country illegally does that sound like a good idea to you?

    4. Simple, straight forward and fair. And voters should be able to check if their votes are counted and the way they voted. It’s quite strange if a candidate with less popular (real) votes wins due to a system (electoral modified votes), which screw the majority of the voters.

    1. @DAVID How?
      And if I recall correctly, your reality star was the one who needed both hands to drink water.. Do you mean “sippy cup Don “?

  4. I know people who drive forklifts for a living who had to take several tests just to have a chance at the job. After the establishment picks their candidates there should be more requirements demanded from the people other than what’s constitutionally mandated like age and place of birth.

  5. The candidates should pass a cognitive test and not be laundering cash from Xi Jinping, Moscow oligarchs, and Russian-EU Pipeline lobbyists?

    1. You mean….. see whether they can match stable genius Trump mental acuity, and know to identify the shape of an elephant?
      Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV!

  6. How about a background check, like the ones you have to pass to receive top secret clearance, and then a phycological exam.

  7. How’s about a National Election Day. Time zones considered.
    Every state uses the same type ballot.
    Mail In would be the obvious preferred choice as other states have demonstrated to be the most efficient & economical way to do everything in 1 Day, on the Same Day in Every State.
    AND it’s a National Holiday, nobody has to work not even McDonalds if you want to take the day off to vote.
    Paid Vacation on the Federal Govt.

  8. There’s really no point in candidates pretending like they’re actually enjoying all that fried food.

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