1. A talk show radio host is somehow qualified to run the largest state in America? Just like they voted for Donald Trump, a TV game show host, to be president….twice. LOL, Republicans love to find the least qualified person in the world and vote for them to be in the highest office. Ps, get back at me after next week numbnut!!!🤣👍

    2. Yuck. He’s not even a governor. He’s a Trumplican candidate who thinks slave masters/owners are owed reparations. Disgusting.

  1. Back then republicans used to have honor and a soul, now they are just corrupt scum playing politics with peoples lives because they couldn’t possibly give a micro-giveashit about people suffering or anyone but themselves!

    1. @Common Sense Go take your meds, man. You’re acting more like psychosis sense than common sense. Happens to the best of us. Take care.

    2. The family’s of 9/11 do not even want the most popular president to be there should tell you the story. They do not believe a word from this Administration

  2. Exactly. How the country was united and care about one another..instead today we have nut jobs purposely coughing on one another as a joke during a global pandemic and former presidents saying they can “knock out” the current president if given the chance

    1. @Common Sense Doesn’t mean he doesn’t love it. Doesn’t anybody have a sense of character anymore? Obviously not, with millions of people in love with an unloveable Trump.

    2. @David Gutierrez What does Donald Trump have to do with Joe Biden being a corrupt politician. You can dislike Biden and still not be a Trump supporter. Geesh!!!

    3. @Common Sense I was so disgusted with the former I didn’t feel it was that big of a deal. I don’t see how it affects his standing as President now. What(did he do that was so corrupt? Made a little money with his son? I’m sure he has his faults but fresh off of Trump’s reign he’s a real President. Unfortunate the country is so divided. Scary. We could back and forth it all day but watch Biden, try to derive a sense of who he is as a human. Much more palatable then the former. Let’s hope for better days.

  3. I was asleep when the phone rang. Someone called to tell me that the country has been attacked.
    I honor the first responders of 9/11 as much as the first responders of covid.

    1. The American people will NEVER forget what the shameful Democrats have done to America concerning the $hamdemic & stolen election

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    3. OR, now is the best time to reach out to fellow Americans, who, by nothing they have done wrong, are suffering now. Do something good for others, every day. It will be worth so much more than making a buck out of a crisis.

    4. @T 1 They are all bots used to prop up Charles Robert or whoever. It changes a lot. Just report it as spam. I am actually using my iPad pro right now so I can easily see previous comments made by pressing on their user pic. It’s the same schtick. Also all of these accounts were made 5 to 6 months ago which is pretty suspicious.

  5. I was on I85 heading to the blue ridge mountains had to install a pool deck when I heard the news… my wife lost a cousin in shanksville

  6. What I expected: flying cars
    What I got: divisive identity politics, medical tyranny, and fax machines thriving for absolutely no reason

  7. The heroism of the world’s best funded military on 9/11 was astonishing. How did they hold their nerve as they eventually got into their fighter jets, flew off in the wrong direction and then returned to base having encountered no hijacked airplanes. And the bravery on show as they collected their medals and accepted their promotions was truly breath-taking. Donald Trump was so proud of them all as he explained during an interview that afternoon that a building he owned had now become the tallest skyscraper in New York.

  8. American has been good between 1917 and 1963. In general you love guns and wars too much. You use any excuse or blatant lies to start wars.

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