John Kelly says he would vote to invoke 25th Amendment 1

John Kelly says he would vote to invoke 25th Amendment


Former White House chief of staff John Kelly said that if he were a member of President Donald Trump's Cabinet he would support using the 25th Amendment to the Constitution to remove the President from office following a deadly riot at the US Capitol.

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  1. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Kelly facilitated 2 years of Trumpism and got out when he saw the ship taking on water and listing. This is just revisionism by Kelly to try to protect his legacy. But you cannot air brush Trump from anyone’s history. An air brush cannot handle that amount of ugly.

    1. I don’t think so. Kelly served because he wanted to serve his country and thought he could rein Trump in a bit. He resigned when he realised he couldn’t and would end up with his name attached to batshit crazy policies and actions, especially by the military.

    2. @Leo Dragon which is exactly what happened with most of the Republicans that were supporting him! They didn’t have a problem supporting him until their lives or safety are directly put in jeopardy by Trump inciting people to march on the capital! As soon as the fear of what the mob can do to them was staring them in the face and scaring them shitless. They changed their tune ie Leofflore who at a rally the day before, said that she would object to the electoral votes. Fast forward a few hours after the capital is stormed and she is saying that morally she can’t support objecting to the electorates. Between her and Cruz and Howley the quickness with which their allegiance changed was so fast it made my head spin. Not to mention the fact that if any of these people aspire to a higher office, they’re dedication and honesty will be highly suspect.

    3. @Jennifer Thomas – not quite the same though is it? These Republicans are jumping off the Trump train with less than two weeks of his administration to go. Kelly got off two years ago and has not been a Trump supporter since, even if he’s not exactly his harshest critic either.

    1. Impeach him anyway, he still has that pardon power. Impeach him NOW so he can’t pardon anyone during this 13 days.

    2. @lattekatt I think you can come to iowa and I’ll show you how they live, here’s a hint, a lot don;t even live on a farm or even Iowa, you even have churches milking farm welfare

    1. @jaime amonzo Are you the grammar police? English isn’t my first language… And are you talking about the same long haired with beard guy who was in the BLM protest? Those are democrat paid actors… I saw a photo of him marching with BLM… Stop being so ignorant.

    2. @Teetee In the house ok, they shot first and killed a woman by shooting her in the neck/chest. She died literally where she stood. Are you dumb?

    3. @Mimzy Jinx how many court cases failed for trumpists? Bottomless pit of arguments while the country suffers a pandemic. USA needs political education. My goodness how dumbed down are so many Americans, its shocking and so dissapointing. Stay safe and peacefull y’all!

    1. ‘King Karl’ (heh heh hehhchh)
      Keepin you all in here. A tidy… BOWL. YOU are the claay, I am the… Well, let’s just say I am your MAKER , YOUR Keeper. Keeper of my clay, whom I mold and fit to everlaasting. A KIT O’ MINE do ya please. KEEPSAKES genuine. Now let’s go make some rumple. – to become or cause to become marked with or contracted into IRREGULAR FOLDS > to make UNKEMPT We are (ME) a RUMPLE room.

    2. @Mistic 66 Address my questions, please. “You people”? I’m a Libertarian. This allows me too be far more unbiased than most people – certainly you.

      Answer the questions, please.

    3. @Mistic 66 What part of “I’m a Libertarian” did you not understand?

      Why is it so hard for you to answer the questions I gave you?

      Still waiting…

    1. @Jeff D naaa, but even if i was would that make me a racist because im white or black?…biggest problem is not blacks the biggest problem is far left loons with bad breath and green hair….you know biden fans

    1. @Melissa Mitchell No Soviet nukes were ever to to be fired, in spite of the tough talk, and Kennedy knew it. He could have sunk the Soviet ships carrying the missiles and it would never go nuclear hot both he and Krushchev knew that. Think about it. Both nations had lost hundreds of thousands of lives (millions for the Soviets) and in todays trillions of dollars in a war less than twenty years prior. There was never going to be a nuclear war over the USN or USAF sinking a half dozen Soviet ships, missiles or no missiles. Kennedy made the right choice but it wasn’t a difficult one.

  2. “Kelly: we have magnificent police”. .. yeah, taking selfies with the traitors, when not putting their knees on black matter’s

    1. @m.Poor Trump supporters you are all feeling like victims because your entitled Trump lost a fair election. Think about all those black people who are harassed every day for just walking or driving . You claim to love the Police but you people were beating them last night so entitled. Why weren’t you people not arrested for fighting the police guess? you are not victims after all

    2. @Dillon McCluskey They have the right to peaceful protest, not storming a building and beating people to death with a fire extinguisher.

  3. Amazing how calm this guy speaks about not worrying about it…”we only have 13 days left to deal with it “! Really!!!

    1. Impeach him anyway, he still has that pardon power. Impeach him NOW so he can’t pardon anyone during this 13 days.

  4. “at a certain level some responsibility”, nope, at all levels of leadership a cavalcade of responsibility.

  5. “They’ll have to live with themselves.”
    That doesn’t seem to be much of a deterrent for people who don’t have consciences.

    1. HISTORY REPEATS This happened in Russia under Aristocracy. The US is a Richtocracy! Why did this happen then and now? Because of the divisions of freedom between the rich and the poor. Look at the streets full of poor homeless who almost have no right to even exist anywhere. If not Trump it will be someone else!

    2. Always a Con man… He knows and he knew what he was doing. His actions were (among other things) focusing in 2 things: MONEY, millions of dollars scammed (donated by his followers) for “his cause” and fear of being prosecuted for so many wrong doings.
      He probably still thinks he can get away with everything he wants. His greatest achievement: deleted the UNITED part of the STATES of AMERICA

    3. @cc 1k Trump has a massive case of Oppositional Defiant Disorder. He won’t learn from mistakes because in his mind he doesn’t make mistakes. He will fight to the end. They should place him in a dark, locked padded room for the end of his stay in the white house.

  6. Republicans should be shamed ,have a professional psychiatrist evaluating the case he is silk man.

  7. There’s no way any man including the President should get away with these things or the other things that he was done

    1. @Chicanery 2U you’re right don’t believe your eyes what happened yesterday it was truthful that Trump incited this try it but if you don’t want to believe it like Trump lovers that’s okay you’re living in a world of a dream world like Trump

    2. @Edward Willis so you’re saying Trump had nothing to do with it riots on January 6th is that what you’re saying do you know what integrity means

    3. @May LangThang right on brother what happened yesterday will go down as a day in infamy for Trump first the Japanese word December 7th and Donald Trump December 6th what a freaking disgrace

    4. @Fran H. your comment makes 0 sense . Illiterate much ? . You need to get an education . Here you are watching fake news cnn , that’s saying alot about you . How can you even watch mainstream media even after the cia admitted they control the press to spread misinformation , lies , etc … It’s a psychological operation to destroy America from the inside out just how the communists, marxists intended .

  8. When BLM storms the capitol next time, nobody better say sh*t because apparently doing this is completely ok.


  9. Imagine if all this people where from black community breaking into the capitol? Trump killed them all.

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