John Kerry On Biden Climate Change Plan: Stakes ‘Couldn’t Be Any Higher’ | MSNBC

John Kerry On Biden Climate Change Plan: Stakes 'Couldn't Be Any Higher' | MSNBC 1


    1. Climate change LOL! When I was a kid it was global cooling the government had plans to melt the ice caps because we were going to freeze to death LOL all the same actors were on stage crying how we were ruining the planet but it never happened. So they changed it to global warming which never happened so now it’s climate change which never happened get real

    2. @FLADAY 392 Curious as to when you were “a kid”. I’ve been around since the Eisenhower administration, and never heard the stuff you’re spewing.

    3. Remember hair spray was killing atmosphere and we were going to freeze! 68 I remember it why are the rich old concerned ! Oh the kids Kerry pelosi Biden have kids in the dirty world

    4. @Paul Drusbasky You had a really bad science teacher. Depletion of ozone allows more UV rays to reach the earth.

  1. I’m just confused. Where were all these complaints when trump was in the White House? Never heard so many complains and he was supposed to be president. All Republicans never dare complain about him.

    1. @Mark Hill Okay that is your opinion about President Trump. What do you want people to do? torture him, flog him in the public square? throw him in prison and toss the key away forever? Good Grief Mark, you have let your disdain for this Man ruin you, get over it already and enjoy your life and friends. He’s not the President now and your still hanging on to some obsession, don’t you think that is kind of weird? He has no effect on your life really….

    1. It seems like 20 doesn’t it. We seem to be going back to the future and this is what I feared when Joe brought on so many of the “all guard,” from the past Obama Adm.
      Because of this I fear we were making the same mistakes that we made during that time. The mistakes that brought us Trump.

    1. @Christopher James McCaul He mentioned specifically John Kerry and your response is to strawman that into an attack on all democrats? Then respond in kind to that? Lol calm down. John Kerry is an awful human being.

    2. @Christopher James McCaul never said I was a Trump supporter, nor did I blame all democrats. A dirty politician is a dirty politician. Stop trying to defend your stance by diminishing other peoples.

    1. If you believe this nonsence about renewable energy than you need to educate yourself about it . Because you won’t get the truth from MR Kerry that’s for sure.

    2. Climate denying? You tool we have climate it’s just not a crisis. Biden touching children is a crisis. But you don’t care about kids or people’s jobs cause temperatures. Put two mask on and stay home.

  2. There is only one problem with executive orders and that’s the fact that they are made at the whim of the current president and the following resident can change that at the stroke of a pen.

  3. “Worlds last chance”. Is the USA acknowledging that world again? Many countries have made progress, it’s the US that has let everyone down again. There’s no point upping the retoric now as though it’s something new and important. All they’ve done is talk, action is where the paralysis sets in.

  4. Without that other big lie, this guy could have been president and would have avoided the Iraq war which cost trillions in debt, thousands of American lives and founded ISIS.

  5. China is the biggest polluter in the world so try enforcing this fact!
    John Kerry should try to educate himself about economics and climate science !
    Politicians have not solved any problems rather citizens of USA

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