1. Why can’t they give intelligence comities that are safe to tell in both the house and senate? Only reason I see is they don’t have valid reasons.

    1. Have been asleep the last three years? What makes you think the Democrats would tell the truth? We already have unequivocally proof in the Horowitz and Mueller reports that Rep. Adam Schiff lied when he contradicted Rep. Devin Nunes and said he had seen PROOF of Russian Collusion.

      If six years ago you thought Obama’s diplomatic prowess would turn Iran away from sponsoring terrorism, your filter on reality was defective.

      If the other you thought you were seeing the opening shots of WWIII, your filter on reality is still defective.

    2. Because those committees leak like fucking sieves as we have seen. You only tell them anything if you also want the rest of the world to hear it.

    1. @Louis Ramos All the networks are owned by the old Jewish boys as is Hollywood. Your only free press is by watching multiple independents and foreign news. Do not rely on American news networks they are all grossly biased and are basically just trying to distract you.

    1. Tthrizzle85
      Sounds like you’re still mad about Hillary getting 2 million more votes than Trump!
      Whatever happened to “lock her up” you gullible hillbilly?

    2. @Ron B Sounds like you are mad just finding out that the popular vote doesn’t matter lol you soy loser. In fact just the largest county in california would decide the election if that was the case, but it is not! I think the sky has about had it with your screams, try something new, like waking up and being honest!

  2. Maybe we should give Iran another 150 billion so they can continue their aggression and terrorism like Kerry and Obuma did.

    1. Mr. Fitt. Please don’t use words like schizophrenia. You have no idea what they mean or even the correct context in which you’re using.

    1. Trump has spent his whole in avoiding questions as well as military draft. Can somebody in the military put a bullet in his head?

  3. How could trump just lie and make up ish like that? Omg, how could he lie so much like it’s nothing? Wow

  4. If the GOP is going to insist we have a dictator, the least they could have done was put one in office that was NOT an idiot.

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