John Kerry: ‘We Only Have So Much Time Left’ To Avoid The Worst Of The Climate Crisis

John Kerry: 'We Only Have So Much Time Left' To Avoid The Worst Of The Climate Crisis 1


    1. @free thinker One solar panel per house in India is a good thing. Don’t need to connect the poor to a grid. Facts matter

    2. @Jock Young it’s sad that you think this has anything to do with the environment. The media did their job well.

  1. To avoid “The Worst Of The Climate Crisis”.
    Should more accurately read to avoid “climate catastrophe.”

    1. @brian emory
      A pole reversal could have an effect, just as many other things could. But right now the biggest driver of climate change is our greenhouse gas emissions.

    2. @Jock Young the biggest driver of climate change is an innocuous compound that accounts for 400 ppm of the atmosphere??? Lmfao. You again. Absolutely amazing. You guys just eat this nonsense up. Water vapour makes up like 96% of all ghg. Cloud cover has more to do with climate change than CO2. Sheep! You’re all sheep!

      CO2 is plant food, not pollution.

    3. @Cory Williamson Hey dickhead, I’ve a wee teensy amount of polonium well diluted in a pot of tea that I invite you ingest.

  2. I think its too late. Anybody under 20 is screwed. Economic collapse, drought, famine, all the good stuff.

  3. We’ve waited too long already. To be honest, we should levy a massive tax on all companies and people who waxed wealthy off of the delay in response. They got wealthy while the rest of us were impacted. All those who grew wealthy by lobbying that we wait and do nothing should end up penniless.

    we can take back the country by BANKRUPTING it!
    vote with your taxes! DONT PAY THEM

    1. A novel idea. What’s stopping these crooks from printing more $$ and stealing even more of the wealth?

  5. A concern I have, even as I am for green technology, I have wind turbines looking desolate. What’s up with that. And the cutting down of trees to fuel energy.Wait. What’s up with that?

  6. Grandpa Mitch McConnell is either clueless, totally uninformed or what? Get on the world stage Mitch!

  7. Eyes open and Beware! Not believe one that speaks with a split down the middle of their tongue. Even if they put their hand on the Bible or hold it upside down…

  8. I love how McConnell boos everyone else’s ideas on going green, yet has never come up with a better plan!!!!! He has no plan at all…..

  9. What a bunch of subterfuge! There is a perfectly good, peer reviewed scientific argument for our current climate that has been around since 1956. It predicts all of what’s happening now. Furthermore, to date, it has never been refuted, although it’s been ignored and burried: “A Theory of Ice Ages”, by Ewing & Donn, 1956, Science. Look for it. In the mean time please Duckduckgo an excellent article about it in Harper’s Magizine, 1958, “The Coming Ice Age”

  10. John Kerry and the Skull n Bones society are feeling mighty happy right now.

    The New World Order is not a good thing..

  11. Look at all the youtube climate scientists who clearly know nothing. Why don’t you stop driving your car and let Kerry work on the climate

  12. The GOP always used to say “let the market speak” when the market followed their outdated ideas. Now that the market has found out that the green economy and more financial equality leads to a better economy, they have changed to a different philosophy: conspiracy theories and flirting with dictatorship.

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