1. love how all the news are like whose gonna have the power….. Sad thing is, the people are suppose to have the power I vote they all drop dead from heart attacks.

    1. @BG I’m 48 years old you buffoon. The people NEVER held any power. It’s always been an illusion. I’ve never voted and NEVER will cause I don’t accept anyone ruling over me. You can keep your gov’t.

    2. @Matt Olivier hahahahahaha omg like I said too young Being a Ex Army Sgt and female at that you ignorant sob, I traveled all over this world, something I’m sure you have never done WHILE SERVING MY COUNTRY. If you don’t like the freedoms you have, or the freedoms that you’ve quite clearly never even considered that you have, move THE FK OUT.

    3. @BG Sorry little girl, I was born in the USA and I’m a very proud American! I don’t, however, support YOUR government! Most of the American gov’t are domestic enemies of the United States. They certainly don’t follow the constitution, yet claim to be constitutionalists. What a joke. NOBODY gives me any freedoms! People are born free! People can, however, take away people’s freedoms. I’ve been to many countries you fool and I speak 3 languages fluently. My wife and kids are bilingual as well and they have dual citizenships and dual passports. You shouldn’t be so sure that you are more worldly than others!

    4. @Matt Olivier O M G now explain to me, Matt, how you can be a “American” and not support America? Being American Indian, and may I ask what are you… German American, Irish American, African American etc….?? I’ll always support America. And I got your little girl puppy. I can assure you I can out rope you, out ride you, out shoot you and out f you.

  2. “When you are born, you get ab FREE ticket to the FREAK – SHOW.

    When you are American, you get a front row seat, birds eye view.”

    George Carlin

    1. FCk tRUMP Donald : Kinda like comedian Volodymyr Zelenskyy turning out to be a National Leader. Liberator, Warrior and World Icon FREEDOM FIGHTER.

  3. Keep in mind the blue areas usually have the largest population centers, red is mostly fields and woods.

    1. @XVI That is what I had in mind, but I also found this. Lookup “The trouble with the purple election map” by Larry Weru. He uses green to give us a map that is far easier to discern when a county was very close to 50/50. Very nice! Though, I don’t think this is a current map.

    2. @Appalachian Minutemen ” thinking you need a massive city full of deadbeats drug users and corrupt officials”
      and programmers and tech guys and IT specialists.

      and power plants. since y’all keep fighting against green energy.

      but i guess that’s the difference between us.
      you think the city of full of drug users and corrupt officials, and i think the city has lots of professionals and career ppl.

      “what a goofball.’
      well, one of us is.

    1. @It’s BeYoND mE Yep. Unfortunately they don’t have a neverending river of dark money from the Rethuglicans beloved genocidal, tyrannical, ruthless dictators Putin, Xi, and Prince Bone Saw in Saudi.

    2. Democrats will be using the filibuster all year if republicans get control of house and senate. Thats just how it works, the minority party still represents a lot of America, over 100 million people at the very least. America is not meant to change in 1 term, filibuster is critical in ensuring that as well.

    1. @Chuck Rambo Polls do not always translate into votes… Hillary did win the popular vote in 2016. It’s your electoral college that is the wild card.

    2. CNN is absolutely amazing compared to the troglodyte triumvirate of Faux, OAN and News macks…

      GOP = P.O.S.

    3. @Will Tell All you know the last time a proven case of election fraud happened was in North Carolina… done by the GOP. Happened a few election cycles ago. Look it up.

  4. Basically anytime you leave your little BLUE dot you’re in Republican territory according to the big RED map.😂

    1. @Lone Star, people aren’t allowed to travel to red areas because they know that generally speaking red areas have lower population density? Is it offensive somehow to be aware that there are often less people in red areas/states?

    2. @Lone Star no need to keep americans out of their own country, in fact…more of the blue should spread out into the red since it seems kinda void of life most of the time. Bring civilization to those savages

    1. yeah he is always spot on and chooses his words very wisely !! We haven’t seen much of him lately so hope his health is OK !!!!

    1. Actually we have the technology to eliminate our antiquated way of representation.
      The US initially had a unicameral system, one legislative body called the US Senate. Then in 1787, at the Constitutional Convention, a contentious argument arose regarding representation based on population between senators from New York andSouth Carolina. That argument resulted in the creation of the House of Representatives.
      Representatives were needed in the horse and buggy era because not everyone could travel the arduous journey from far away states to go to Washington DC to tell Congress what was needed in their state. In today’s world every citizen can reach Washington DC from anywhere on the planet. We can represent ourselves through the use of referendums.
      We need to improve our democracy and this is one viable alternative…

    2. ​@Linda Seeger
      The solution is called Compulsory Voting. Compulsory voting is political jargon for mandatory voting. Every legal US Citizen of voting age should be required to vote in every general election. Compulsory voting would eliminate voter fraud, strengthen our democracy, and could be used to identify citizens from non-citizens. Voters would not have to vote for anyone or anything. But they would have to turn in a ballot. Australia uses compulsory voting. People that don’t bote are charged a fee of $25 for missing a general election without a valid excuse. The second consecutive election they miss without a valid excuse is a $500 fine.
      Imagine after two election cycles it would become a normal self sustaining process.
      Australians vote on a Sunday during warm weather and most people barbecue on election day.

      Strong democracies are reliant on citizen participation. Weak ones, like ours, are easy targets for greedy tyrants with insatiable greed to overthrow the government.

    3. Taking away jerrymandering in Washington state might bring a bluer result than you seem to be sure will be the outcome

    1. That’s crap. When Herschel Walker gets so many votes, democracy doesn’t deserve to be celebrated.

    2. We get to vote unfortunately they don’t look at those ballots because these monsters are ruining the country since day one that geriatric was in office has been f@#$&$G everything enjoy folks because it’s just the beginning

  5. A lot of Republicans and Democrats didn’t come out to vote they’re disgruntled because the people that are being voted in aren’t going to get much done they’re not going to get rid of poverty which gets rid of crime they’re not putting these people in poverty in some level of wealth paying taxes when you get rid of poverty you get rid of crime we don’t like the freedoms that have been taken away we don’t like going into control and it looks like we’re headed for a dictatorship we’re not working in every agency in this country to get the bad guys out and bring back the pursuit of happiness to bring back prosperity to save our freedom we have a war inside our country and we want a real America back again

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