1. @Daniel Hawthorn
      You gotta remember these are the same people that think a sleazy New York “billionaire” Real Estate salesman isn’t one of the elite. 🤷

  1. Will there be a news flash across the bottom of the screen when good Olde’ Democracy dies. I don’t want to miss it.

    1. So, you don’t think the Republicans are in the lead, then? ‘Cause that’s basically what CNN has reported here.

  2. I’m done sitting tight for the award advance since i acquire$23,000 every 12 days of my investment with a platform in town..

    1. @IJEOMA JOSPHINE My cousin was claiming to make over $30,000 per month with them. Was reluctant to join before, now I guess I have no choice.

    2. You know lgnorance can be the worst thing and mistake that most people always do. Keep on the good works Mr Jeff, I love your dignity ❤️

    1. @Peter Sedesse those uneducated people in the swamps of Mississippi outnumber you, outgun you, and just outvoted you. Cope and seethe.

    2. @Clayton Bigsby ?? Not sure you know this, but for the last two years the Dems have had the House, Senate and Presidency. We got our infrastructure bill, we got our inflation plan, we got a ton of protections to Obamacare. The really dumb part of the uneducate folks is that you didn’t realize that you got nothing out of 4 years of Trump except tax cuts for the rich. Every election you get played and think the GOP cares about you.. nah.. Reagan, Bush2, and Trump… tax cuts for the rich and inflation for you. I’m not coping or seething about this election, it will be insignificant because the GOP will accomplish nothing. Just have rallies and give speeches for you, but nothing legislatively that actually helps you.

  3. I’m sorry to break this to CNN viewers across the country.. Floridians like their governor. The picture that is painted for you is slanted.

    1. @j Name ONE city that was burnt to the ground. Protesting police profiling and brutality is a much more noble cause than trying to overthrow our democracy and installing a losing man-baby wannabe fascist clinically narcissistic dictator.

  4. love how they talk about how the race is looking an hour after the polls close and the only votes counted are the votes cast on the day. Early voting is the last to be counted so there is really no way of predicting at this early stage

  5. If Nancy loses the House, I won’t be able to get my stock picks from anyone else that has a better track record than her.

    1. @blue ocean 1961 Clearly you don’t trade. I trade thousands of shares per day and not penny stocks. We all know Nancy is the queen and yes the Republicans do it too but Nancy does it without regards for the SEC. Check out her latest NVIDIA run. PS both parties are destroying this nation but the current Democrat leadership is on a fast track so calm down NPC with no profile picture.

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