John Paul Stevens, ‘The Rule Of Law Judge,’ Known As A ‘Judge’s Judge’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. In the future…

    “Former president trump was buried today. Police and Secret Service personnel were on hand to marshall the 25 million Americans who visited his last resting place to dance on his grave.”

    1. Assuming you can ever push Melania out of the way to do so. Of course maybe she can sell tickets to access the grave, kind of like they do at Graceland.

    2. They’ll have to dump Trump in the ocean like Bin Laden! Not the Pacific or Indian though. Arctic

  2. The Supreme Court’s job should be to uphold the rule of law. Yes, we may disagree with it, but if that is what is being followed, that is critical because it proves that the law is the law.

    1. RJ SIMPKINS : That’s kinda’ touching . . . Nice idea . . . Nice thought. The sort of thing that people may comment on, around the water cooler, presenting the opportunity to talk about Justice Stevens; maybe inform them? I like people like you 👍✌️

  3. Justice John Paul Stevens was true conservative. A man who valued the rule of law and precedent more than any other Supreme Court Justice. He knew he wielded great power, but his greatness is rooted in how he chose use that power with restraint and dignity. He was a great man and an even greater American. May He Rest In Peace.

  4. “Not above the law” – That is the be all and end all of the rule of law. Without upholding this principle, there can be no equal justice under the law and therefore no civility.

    But we must not be surprised that this principle is not upheld in the United States of America. It fits right in the picture with undemocratic mechanics like electoral college and partisan gerrymandering on steroids. Its all meant to have a minority rule over the majority.

    1. by mechanics you mean the law, right? the court ruled the law sides with the states on gerrymandering and naturally the electoral college too so which is it? you favor the rule of law only when it suits you?

  5. Never heard of Stevens, till he died. Sounds like a great guy, from the biography I got from CNN, though. A man who quietly contributed to America, asking nothing in return. RIP ✌️

  6. Does this mean Dotard is going to replace Justice Steven’s position with a pro-tRump judge like Kavanagh?

  7. Transvestite “Rachel” Maddow, ‘The Man in Drag’ known as the ‘Transvestite’s Transvestitute’.

  8. Transvestite “Rachel” Maddow, ‘The Man in Drag’ known as the ‘Transvestite’s Transvestitute’.

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