John Podesta: Trump ‘Is Interfering With The Orderly Transition Of Power’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

John Podesta: Trump 'Is Interfering With The Orderly Transition Of Power' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1


John Podesta, the White House Chief of Staff to President Clinton and counselor to President Obama, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the transition and recount process. In regards to the GSA administrator refusal to sign the paperwork allowing for the Biden-Harris transition, Podesta says "I think that people need to think about how they are going to go down in history if they decide that they are going to follow the president's lead and kind of set themselves on fire as they go out the door." Aired on 11/9/2020.
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In addition to politics, Mitchell covers foreign policy, intelligence and national security issues, including the diplomacy of Secretary of State John Kerry, for all NBC News and MSNBC properties.

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John Podesta: Trump 'Is Interfering With The Orderly Transition Of Power' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

111 Comments on "John Podesta: Trump ‘Is Interfering With The Orderly Transition Of Power’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC"

  1. Trump just doesn’t want to face the reality of being in court for the rest of his life!!!

    • He should be locked up!

    • Matthew Huszarik | November 9, 2020 at 4:48 PM | Reply

      @Yous Mellgood Pipe down, adults are conversing.

    • @Matthew Huszarik …..LOL! Trump dont give up but you will. trump2020!
      ………………… Really thats a dumb comment to make since Trump gets 4 more years automatically due to election fraud. Blatant mail-in ballot harvesting. Trump2020!

    • Matthew Huszarik | November 9, 2020 at 4:52 PM | Reply

      @Bryce Brogan Impeachment is not a judicial action and imparts no jeopardy. It specifically states that he can be charged with the same offenses when he leave office. Trump wasn’t acquitted in the Senate trial. All they find is should he or shouldn’t he be removed from office based on the letters of impeachment. They choose not to remove him from office that is all that can be drawn from the Senate trial.

    • Jail.

  2. rjtheripper931 | November 9, 2020 at 2:34 PM | Reply

    Stand up for what is right. People are not going to be oppressed any longer.

  3. Trumpists don’t care what they break.

    • @S EE …..🤫

    • The amount of butt hurt from trumpers is unbelievable. They’d agree the earth is flat if he tweeted it. We should all be buying stocks in Preparation H.

    • @Yous MellgoodBORIS – ……Yous Tink…..Thank You ….Missed your Trolling and Insanity with the 50000 Nonsense posts you and your Computer BOTS have posted over the last week alone!

      Yes you are right – Trump, friend of your Boss “””Poop-Tin””” will get 100 Consecutive 4 YR Prison Sentences in Maximum Security , Trump 2020 – 3020 for PRISON….ON Mars~ !!!!


      Peace and Love to ALL The Citizens of the World, Always!

    • THE ANGRY QUAD | November 9, 2020 at 7:05 PM | Reply

      Sorta like ANTIFA!

    • Theshen Moodley | November 9, 2020 at 7:34 PM | Reply

      Good people,one great lesson that come from all this drama with Trump ..pls let us learn from it, let us grow from it, we humans can always be better.
      This lesson as already been here for sometime, but we all were all too busy living our lives to spiritually see and hear it!
      Now our collective plight with covid, we have quitened and globally it’s time to look at the ‘Mind of man.’
      Biblical teaching showed us Narcissistic personality disorder..which exists to the smallest degree in households and communities throughout this world, it’s a pandemic long before any pandemic.. corrupting and leaving trails of destruction and only ruin in its path, some have committed suicide and ended up in mental institutions because of it.
      Its time we see how destructive it really is, when it can corrupt not only families on small scales but also Great nations of people, ‘World leaders’..who we look to for support to change horrible situations for the betterment of humanity, However some are not worthy due to their incessive need for self gratification.
      Some have been drunk with power for far too long, its somehow self love and self preservation gone very wrong! Wrong when its at the sacrifice of others.
      The Time for change starts with each and everyone of us, by looking at ourselves closer, how much of this Trump character do you see within yourself or someone close to you or someone within your social circle?
      We need to tighten our grip on this spiritual demonic characteristics which creates a spiritual war before physical wars.
      This being narcissistic, sociopathic personalities disorders. ( Search Sam Vaknin)
      These spirits feed on the innocently non- suspecting persons..the innocently ignorant or gulbly trusting persons. It feeds on your weaknesses and our need for something good.. this is how we end up looking at false hopes! Trusting and thus making wrong choices.
      These negative spiritual characteristics within people need energy from others to project themselves throughout life… energy being positive or negative, they can use both very successfully to play a tormenting destructive game with lives of others and without any consciousness or remorseful emotions,they move on to the next victim.
      We can destroy this pandemic like how we were told to rid ourselves of covid, by isolating the pandemic..starve it…..starve it of energy…don’t allow it access into our hearts, minds or our lives.
      Start by ending it’s life energy..Just STOP giving people like Trump any coverage be it positive or negative coverage.
      Take them out of play..this characters time doesn’t stand a chance when you remove all its engery it so reliant on….it ceases to exist and will return to the shadows.
      An excellent and fimiliar quote which relates to narcissim : never wrestle with a pig, because you’ll get dirty and the pig loves it.
      We, …..humanity without colour of skin or religious beliefs will prevail victorious and live in harmony, because the world is big and beautiful enough for us to do so.
      Truly turn your face once again to God 🙏..we don’t require much here for the short time we exist here! …it doesn’t take alot just to be pleasant & peaceful 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. Trump’s funding for his ‘legal defence’ and in the fine print it says a significant proportion of the money donated will be used to settle campaign debt. Trump’s a shameless grifter right up until the end.

    • @Frank Volz even though I voted for him you have a point, I think he would make more getting out of office , but he seems to be a risky bet now ! He is going to take his lumps for sure

    • I donated Trump campaign money. Go ahead and use it for legal fees because Trump’s lawsuit in PA shows 450,000 illegal Democratic ballots. SCOTUS is going to throw them out. Trump wins PA and the election…lololololololol

    • @Alfred Peeler and may I say what a charming word picture! 😁

    • Maggie Hubbard | November 9, 2020 at 7:26 PM | Reply

      Yes it does and that’s what he will do is use it for his own debts.

    • Trump’s campaign still owes almost $2 million to cities for police protection. Blue lives matter, but not their paychecks?

  5. You would think that he’d be embarrassed to try to delay something that’s legal and obvious by the numbers… WoW!

  6. Getting fired at this stage doesn’t really matter in this administration. Just sign the damned letter and leave.

    • @Tim Jones You need an education.

    • fried spaghetti | November 9, 2020 at 6:35 PM | Reply

      I’m not even sure if getting fired at this stage is still a badge of honour.

    • @L S Why? You think biden won and its not official! Thats the stupidity of the left! I need schooled? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Grow a brain!

    • @Tim Jones Why did you wait until October 29, 2020, to join the YouTube Comments? That looks rather suspicious as if you may be trolling for controversy or arguments. Your page is blank. You have no content or channels of interest or affiliation. Basic mathematics would be a good start for you. Statistics are out of your reach. There are no other arguments as to who has won this election except frivolous lawsuits filed by the right and an outgoing POTUS who can’t do basic mathematics either.

    • @L S You people cant even count votes! I wouldnt talk!

  7. Donald is in DENIAL, just like w Covid. His bubble will burst and so will the market 😳💀👾💀👾💀👽

  8. WilliamOccamensis | November 9, 2020 at 2:40 PM | Reply

    As if we didn’t know already, Trump is all about me me me me me me

  9. Gretar Einarsson | November 9, 2020 at 2:40 PM | Reply

    The setting of Guilianis famous press meeting is very fitting for him and the whole Trump era.

  10. trump is a security risk, he’s irrational, egotistical, and out of control.

    • Michelle Carter | November 9, 2020 at 4:32 PM | Reply

      @Laura L would totally be possible. But he’s up against smart people.

    • Michelle Carter | November 9, 2020 at 4:33 PM | Reply

      @Tim Jones You haven’t been paying attention. It’s a long story.

    • @Michelle Carter What did I say that’s wrong? For too long he’s flapped his Fat blabber mouth and all the Media did was call him “President”.Its time to stop the PC Talk.

    • @Michelle Carter Honestly! I ignore the stupidity from the left!

    • @Yous Mellgood WHAT!, you’ve got the same delusional disease that trumpty dumpty has. The bloke and you are very sore losers. maybe it’s you’re mutual diaper rash playing up?

  11. This is the definition of PRIVILEGE. I can’t WAIT til he is arrested

    • Amfonee Granilla | November 9, 2020 at 5:58 PM | Reply

      @Vivian Stimpson theres 2800 affidavits in PA. There will be a recount and verification. 1 state a day. By friday, you’ll be crying.
      “Wheres the evidence?” They present evidence to courts, not to the media

    • Vivian Stimpson | November 9, 2020 at 6:42 PM | Reply

      @Amfonee Granilla Twice in a row, never happened.

    • Vivian Stimpson | November 9, 2020 at 6:43 PM | Reply

      @Amfonee Granilla He has no chance of ever winning, he is a loser, twice.

    • Vivian Stimpson | November 9, 2020 at 6:44 PM | Reply

      @Amfonee Granilla Loving the tears.

    • Keshonda Baldwin | November 9, 2020 at 9:29 PM | Reply

      @rastaewabeach so sounds like their claims aren’t solid but they want a recount to look for fraud just in case 🤔🤔🤔🤔… it don’t work like that.

  12. Does Trump still work? I think his last 30 days has been rallies, watching TV, and tweeting. And golf.

    • @Mr. H And he is going to need all that money to cover all the legal expenses that he is going to face for cheating and stealing Tax money.. BTW. Between my wife and I we paid almost 15 times more tax than Trump $750, and that does not count our properties annually tax, That’s sick, but it’s the reality of our country now.

    • Wonder Wonderful | November 9, 2020 at 5:59 PM | Reply

      It’s not been the last 30 days since he worked. He hasn’t worked in the last 4 years.

    • “EXECUTIVE TIME” 👑 We get a PRESIDENT BIDEN who will ACTUALLY WORK for the American people in Jan 2021! 🇺🇸😎👍

    • @Yous Mellgood What is wrong with all of you, are you blind or what? All vote counts have been in front of the cameras and any person in the world can see it live online
      I do not understand why people like you do not understand that when a correct politician tells lies on TV continuously in one way or another stupid people will believe it.. Just remember what Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller said around 1974 when they wanted to destroy Latin American countries through propaganda. He said. “By having this fake war on terror you can never win it.. So you can always keep taking people’s liberties away.. And the media can convince everybody that it’s real.” This is very well documented in history after he died.
      You ignorant uneducated.

    • Expect more frequent visits to his Golf courses as a way of drumming up business for his struggling Organization in defiance of the Emoluments Act. He has only 70 days or so to do it before his final Good Bye .

  13. Christopher Yoon Kim | November 9, 2020 at 2:45 PM | Reply

    Imagine booking a press conference at the parking lot of FOUR SEASONS LANDSCAPING.

  14. Dictators don’t leave office peacefully but they are Ejected out forcefully.

    • @Yous Mellgood noone automatically gets anything in a democracy

    • Shawni Edwards | November 9, 2020 at 6:27 PM | Reply

      best best just like sandam Husain was found in that cave lol

    • Deborah Freedman | November 9, 2020 at 6:36 PM | Reply

      @Pam M Did you forget about how he has tried to pretend the First Amendment doesn’t exist? He has threatened the free press and tear gassed protesters.

    • Yes Trump has to hold true to his dictatorship not to America like it should be. Hes got his self looking so bad by all these things he does there will be many people from this country and other countries that won’t deal him at at all. If I were in a movie maker Trump isn’t the movie or reality show people are going to watch it wouldnt be a money marker. Trump’s burned a lot bridges and people want to move on under President Biden now!!!

    • @TJ Pav evidently you didn’t study your history or you would know the freedom Trump offers is an illusion. Your lucky he got out voted so we don’t have to see America in another 4 yrs under Trump!!! We must never except racism again or it would be the begining of the end of our country and our values and may this election shine on all other countries as to how important it is to move forward and to never allow racism because it will lead to the persecution of a race and we are all equal append have the right to freedom.

  15. The equivalent of a baby throwing his toys out of the stroller. 😆

    • …………..thats a dumb comment to make since Trump gets 4 more years automatically due to election fraud. Blatant mail-in ballot harvesting. Trump2020!

    • Dr J Ambassador of Jesus Christ | November 9, 2020 at 4:59 PM | Reply

      #USELECTION2020🇺🇸According to a new study of U.S. Census data, America has more registered voters than actual live voters, Investors reported. That’s enough over-registered voters to populate a ghost-state about the size of Connecticut,” Judicial Watch attorney Robert Popper said. Judicial Watch reports that LA County employees “informed us that the total number of registered voters now stands at a number that is a whopping 144 percent of the total number of resident citizens of voting age.” #cnn #foxnews #msnbc #cbnbc #bloomberg #voterfraud. Something to think about. The book of Revelation is in effect. #covid19 #palehorseoffamineridesnext #jesusislordofallsouls Isa. 9:6 Emmanuel. Christmas ring any church bells? John chapter 3. #kaliyuga turning over epoch to the epoch or Age of Aquarius. “When they say peace and safety sudden destruction shall come upon them”. See former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer for undeniable evidence of extraterrestrials (SEE #MRMBB333 for starships) and the NOT MYTHICAL CABAL OF THE LUCIFERIAN ILLIMINATI. WORKING TOWARDS A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. SEE ROSA KIORE FOR EXPERT PRIMARY SOURCE FURTHER SUPPORTING THROUGH UN AGENDA21! THEN SEE STOP THE CRIME DOT NET FOR IMMEDIATE IMPLIMENTATIONS IN U.S.

    • river nile bank nya om | November 9, 2020 at 5:18 PM | Reply

      @Dr J Ambassador of Jesus Christ oh lordy, sounds like you guys are going to bawl a river for a good while. Best you just move on with your lives.

    • No, it’s not even in the same universe. It’s treason!

    • You betas cried for two weeks straight and burned down half the country after 2016.

  16. When you are a “compulsive lier”, as Trump and his buddies are,
    they do not believe in any oath they have taken.
    They are only self-serving!


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    • No. Really thats a dumb comment to make since Trump gets 4 more years automatically due to election fraud. Blatant mail-in ballot harvesting. Trump2020!

  17. Just shows how little they care for anyone but themselves..

    • duhmahsnabores | November 9, 2020 at 6:43 PM | Reply

      Trump: “If I win, it’s legal, even if I’m cheating.”
      Trump: “If you win, you’re cheating, even if it’s legal.”

  18. History will show just how close America came to dictatorship. Just wait.

  19. Since when did trump ever care about his actions harming others?

    • Obama and biden killed 3 times more than bush did with drones. Biden and Clinton built the prison industrial complex we have today. Sounds like a caring guy.

    • The Truth is Out Now | November 9, 2020 at 5:35 PM | Reply

      Biden did nothing for 50 years. What did he ever do for the American people.

    • @Yous Mellgood I heard they are finding fraud on both sides. Lot of trump voters voted by mail, absentee and also voted in person!

    • @The Truth is Out Now Instead of slamming Biden who has yet to take the office of POTUS, ask yourself what Trump has done TO the American people.

    • @The Truth is Out Now – the first thing he did was make a speech that actually made sense and wasn’t all about himself unlike that orange buffoon that had trouble stringing two words together when he was away from the teleprompter.

  20. Of course he’s interfering with the orderly transition. He only thinks of himself.he่s only a big fat juvenile baby.

    • A Flock of Beagles | November 9, 2020 at 5:14 PM | Reply

      @Yous Mellgood 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

      Keep on crying whiny baby sore loser. It’s over.

    • Heather Harley | November 9, 2020 at 5:14 PM | Reply

      @Yous Mellgood Hahahahahaha get over it snow-flake. ITSSSSSSSS OVER !!! LMFAO

    • Trump family lost riches trying to save this country.
      Biden family gained riches trying to sell this country.

    • @C P you mean like when the Trump tried to bribe Crimean president and get false information on Biden. and who does he owe 400 million dollars 2 did you think about that dingbat.

    • @Yous Mellgood another delusional Trump supporter comment there’s nothing you do but 2 eat the sour grapes and Crow like so many others have to get real.

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