1. Trump just wants to know who the whistleblower is so he can bully him on Twitter and say he’s a Clinton or Obama supporter.

    2. It is necessary to ascertain in what capacity the whistle blower was working towards impeachment and for whom. For example, when yavonovich was telling ukrainian officials that trump would be impeached a full year before biden was a candidate, we must know if she was in contact with the whistle blower, or in contact with any organization that employs the whistle blower.

    3. @bcubed72 Again, the whistleblower is not the accuser. It is the House of representatives that are making the claim and bringing it to trial. They are doing this based off of the testimony of various current and former government officials who they called to testify before the House.
      The fact that the initial tip-off came from a whistleblower is completely irrelevant.

    4. @samiamrg7 We need to know whether the whistle blower was working and talking with people concerning an impeachment prior to joe bidens candidacy

    5. @Tim Coleman I want to see Trump, Mulvaney, Bolton, Giuliani, Parnes, Barr and a few Senators under oath.
      Then, if there is a legitimate reason for the Bidens to be investigated, by all means get it done and put them under oath also. But you can’t change the time line of when lil Biden went to work in Ukraine to match the timeline of the investigation that kinda went on in Ukraine. If it’s just based on the fact he worked for a foriegn company then they should go ahead and investigate Ivanka, Jared, Jr, Eric, and Trump. Throw Melania in there also and investigate her immigration paperwork, past work Visa, and Einstein claim, along with anyone who helped her with this claim.
      Then put McConnell under oath to answer how he got out of going to Vietnam, along with those that assisted him in this. McConnell did make it to basic before getting bailed out, unlike Mr. Bone spurs .Also his wife and her awarding contracts. I could go on and on but I won’t. America needs to vote for better people to represent us, that goes for Republicans AND Democrats. There is so much corruption and lies it would be easier to clean house and start all new.

  1. So where they’re going is, “We don’t need the Supreme Court.” Yeah. Ron Paul Junior is excused from the grown up table.

    1. I wanna see this Q from a Dem senator to Deam Drumph:

      When will you realize the Bidens aren’t being impeached and actually defend your client?

    2. @Robert Annas if he’s not guilty why doesn’t he want witnesses? Obviously he is not on the up and up . So what Nancy Pelosi has been doing her job and letting Shiff and nadler do their job.

    3. Let’s don’t forget president ohomo voted to not give our military mire and better equipment but gave his brothers in Iran 150billion

    4. @Robert Annas If Trump is innocent, he’d release the FULL transcript of his Zelensky call, he’d honour all the subpoenas and allow all witnesses to testify. What you’re witnessing is a cover up and you’re too fucking stupid or dishonest to see it.

  2. When some government leaders work together and disregard and circumvent he rule of law in order to retain power . That is called A BLOODLESS COUP. and that is what the republicans are doing.

    1. Really, so how is the GOP performing a coup d’etat when it’s the democrats in the house who never voted for subpoenas for witnesses and documents.
      Go ahead with john Bolton, he will not be the answer you progressives seek,
      The FISA court warrants were illegally obtained,Flynn was set up by Obama’s doj because he was critical on Obama’s horrible foreign policy.
      This entire charade of the democrats is collapsing and this fake impeachment will be the albatross of the democrats for at least a decade after trump in 2024

    1. @4TIMESAYEAR the whistleblower has been made irrelevant. Outing the whistleblower at this time, is nothing more than a dogged witch-hunt.

    2. @4TIMESAYEAR red herring. the real reason they want the whistle blower to be revealed is so one of trumps crazy supporters can go an kill him! besides the whistle blower is irrelevant at this point since his claims have checked out.

    3. I just read Senator Paul’s question. It didn’t say anything about a whistleblower. If nobody (including Schiff) knows who is the whistleblower, how can anyone presume the individual(s) named in Paul’s question is the whistleblower?

    4. @404 Error dude.. the whistleblower reported to law enforcement agencies. FBI/CIA. Its a person who has been vetted by them. Anyway we already know what the whistleblower said was right. Quid Pro Quo did occur.

  3. Times like this when I am reminded of the good old days
    when Cheney shot his lawyer in the face, “like it’s OK” ! ; )

    1. And was allowed to purchase his hunting license AFTER the shooting. What exactly was Cheney hunting anyway? He shot the guy in the face, which means he was standing in front of him and facing him. Hmmmm, that’s odd.

  4. Trump: I can shoot someone and get away with it. The people love me.

    Trump 2020
    Don’t worry, you already voted!

    What a joke.

    1. Luis Martinez @ Your vote does not count. Someone else picks the president. They count the vote the way they want to. You see America has its owners and it’s not “we the people” . Voting is just an elusion for the people to think that they control something. The truth is we control NOTHING !!

    2. L. Berisha So sit home on Election Day and the usurpers will get bored of you not voting for them and they’ll go away and leave us alone.

    3. @L. Berisha If someone picks the president, it would’ve been Hillary last election. It was clear she was the establishment’s pick. DNC rigged the primary in her favor and the vast majority of the corporations, mainstream media, and elites endorsed her.

  5. This sounds so stupid: Block the witness
    I can’t even process the thought of not allowing witnesses to either confirm or deny wrongdoing was done. Wow!

    1. @Mike
      Dude wake-up, 2017-18 that aid flowed with a corrupt president in Ukraine was in office, so this bs about corruption is a fxking farce…
      trump is a dotard russian asset…

    2. @Mike The proper venue for addressing Biden would be a DOJ investigation. That department has been under republican control for over three years and yet no investigation has been announced. And if we are addressing obvious guilt, lets also include Ivanka and her 16 trademarks in China while over there on U.S. business interests and also while her daddy is making regular threats to impose tariffs on the Chinese government. Think that may have influenced the Chinese decision about the trademarks? I do.

      And how about Jared. His company has taken in around 70 to 90 million dollars since 2017 when he took a job with the white house. Mostly Saudi money, which by the way Trump put Jared in charge of middle east policy. Convenient……..obviously, cause that’s where Saudi Arabia is located..
      Trump released money to Ukraine in 2017 and 2018 without reservations. No mention of corruption. But let Joe Biden come along and announce his candidacy and all of a sudden Trump becomes “Mr. Corruption Fighter”……………….bullshit.

    3. @neutral tenn after all the bs Russian collusion stuff I would not trust someone that I don’t personally know or trust to do such an investigation. Also maybe you need to look at what they’re finding in their investigation. It’s not Trump’s fault that Joe Biden is a crook. Look at all the leaks I wouldn’t trust anyone

    4. @Mike It wasn’t collusion, it was conspiracy that Mueller investigated. His report detailed quite a bit of contact between Trump’s people and russians, it just didn’t rise to the level of a conspiracy.
      His report did outline 10 points he considered to be obstruction of justice issues. Even most of your republican politicians praised Mueller’s integrity and fairness.
      If Biden is a crook then so is your boy Trump. So put gloves on them and let them fight it out.

    1. We’re a Republic, not a Democracy. “Democracy is two wolves and a sheep arguing over what to have for dinner. Liberty is a well-armed sheep contesting the vote.”

    2. Another lying democrat for democracy yet would vote socialist Bernie or Cortez in tomorrow. We believe you liar! You racist think the 1st amendment only applies to y’all and you’re so ready to do away with the 2nd. This democracy will die the next time Democrats do ever get back in

  6. Wouldn’t it be interesting that we wouldn’t know how someone is going to vote simply because their party.

  7. Rand Paul revealed himself a fraud several weeks ago when he gave up his libertarianism ideals to instead call for newspapers being legally forced to divulge sources when those sources are whistleblowers against the actions of the chief executive of the US gov’t.

    1. Yeah, it really doesn’t matter who the president is because once it starts and creates a precedent, the whole country is fucked because the government can punish those who are a threat to its power. Such reasoning is fascist in nature and is about as far away from libertarianism as you can get.

      Rand Paul is a toady and has betrayed what he claims to be about. This is not even about Trump, he just sold his soul to protect one president who will be gone in 1 or 5 years. What a legacy.

  8. Rand Paul’s question was so out of line that Moscow Mitch backed with John Roberts. Gotta get pretty low for the “Grim Reaper” to find something wrong with it.

  9. Boy, there sure is a lot of covering up going on. Never thought I would see the day when a whole political party flushed themselves down the toilet for one washed up reality star with dementia. Go figure.

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