Johnny Depp, Amber Heard libel case begins with opening statements| USA TODAY

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard libel case begins with opening statements| USA TODAY 1


    1. Im thinking its already too late for his reputation. This trial is seriously damaging. He’s almost 60 years old too.
      Game over.

    1. @Johnnviper For one: The roles actors and actresses choose do not typically have a direct relationship to their own belief systems. Or am I misunderstanding what you typed?

    2. @Won Kim All of you are toasing around opinions. Haven’t given one substantive reason yet.

    3. @Oracle Persephone On the contrary we’re telling the truth concerning a situation she was involved in. Recall a tape on YouTube yeah it proves her actions not only as a liar but an abuser. She is a fallacy and will remain as one.

  1. I feel bad for Johnny Depp, but I don’t feel bad for Amber Heard or Warner Brothers

    For those that don’t know, Warner Bros and director James Wan basically are keeping Amber Heard on the contracts for Aquaman 2, which is scheduled to come out next December despite over 2 million signatures on a petition to get her removed.

    However on the other hand, the only thing standing with Johnny Depp is his fans and Dior… Christian Dior had his back the whole time during these false accusations.

    1. Yeah well warner bros wil be the cause of that films flop at the box office. I will NOT pay to see any movie with that snake of a woman in it. All of my inner circle feels the same way. She is not even as relevant as Johnny Depp.

  2. I’m a real victim of DV. This discourages me so much. JD is also a victim. So sad he has the Y gene that says he can only be a perpetrator

  3. These two just need to walk tf away from each other at this point. Seriously. Was she a victim of domestic abuse? Probably. Was he also a victim of domestic abuse? Probably. Have we surpassed the point where this should be talked about in public any longer? Absolutely. Take it to the psychiatrist and get some healing instead of the newspaper and keeping this going, really.

    1. See, when you said was she a victim of abuse, was he a victim of abuse? “PROBABLY”
      You aren’t sure, we all aren’t sure, abuse is a big deal and accusing and lying to the media about it is not cool and do you know how much this affected JD?

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  5. Her mannerisms are not nearly as confident as on the red carpet. She is not able to fight against the emotional tide which is flowing right now.

  6. I’m on side Johnny, but as one with a Law Degree, I’d assert it wasn’t a good day for the plaintiff. Ouch!

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