Johnny Depp’s libel case against Amber Heard rests with the jury | USA TODAY

Johnny Depp's libel case against Amber Heard rests with the jury | USA TODAY 1


  1. I hear her admit to physically assaulting him and I see him physically slamming some cabinets, hmmm.

  2. The gal lawyer Camille and the Judge Penney Azcarateare forever cemented in history as true American Patriots upholding the constitution foundation of 🇺🇸 Thank God we still have very few these days standing up for the rule of law. ✌️

  3. I have been abused and I’m telling you she is not a victim of abuse. I hope the jury sees right through her. Praying for you Johnny.

  4. 1:48 – it’s in the hands of the jury to decide if either party is guilty of defecation.. er, I mean defamation 🤣

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