1. without an Afghan government in place and Taliban taking over the country, leaving a token force would have made them a targets for attack sooner or later.

    1. There was an Afghan government in place. Did you forget? They had a “President”. They just cut and ran though.

    2. Yup. Beau of the Fifth Column made a video about that today, They would have given our teams an irresistible target halfway across the country, and once our helicopters were far enough away, the Taliban would have overrun the base, likely killing everyone left behind.

    3. @JJ Strumr no they are still there fighting not all cut and run the vice president of Afghanistan is there fighting

    4. @b s I wish them well. The majority cut and ran, as you know. Long live the freedom fighters. Rumpy’s Doha Agreement with the Taliban violated the most basic principles of self-government for the Afghan people. There was no way to enforce it or make sure the Taliban kept its word. There was no denunciation of al-Qaeda terrorists. Worst of all, the deal didn’t mandate the Taliban stop attacks against Afghan security forces.

  2. I think the Taliban is going to make an all out attack on the airport in September the propaganda would make a statement.

    1. @b s If anyone gets hurt, Biden will face so much pressure to resign. And if he does resign, your wet dreams would come true

    2. Articles of impeachment will be drawn up very soon for Biden! This is all on Him! You can clearly see he’s mentally incapacitated and has really no idea what’s going on. And I thought Canada was messed up.

  3. It’s time we left. Completely. What a bunch of wasted lives, time, and money that could have been used elsewhere. They don’t want to fight for their own country, so we shouldn’t be either. My god, the corruption we put up with!

  4. This guy keeps talking about “leaving a very small force” as though it wouldn’t actually be a massive troop surge.

  5. Rather than telling us his old job, how about you tell us who is paying him now? This goon is on Board of Directors at Lockheed Martin. Not a credible source of opinion.

  6. This thing of saying that we have troops in korea, japan etc.. gets me. We do have that but in Afghanistan we are literally at war for 20 years.

    1. Uuum… “everyone” doesn’t just include our military dude. Hello. He left tens of thousands of citizens behind, smarty pants. I think you meant “you can’t pull everybody out until you pull everybody out”. We have embassies all over the planet. Why after twenty years would you not at least maintain your embassy in Afghan? Instead of leaving everyone behind. Oh because he is too incompetent to protect an embassy. It’s a complete failure. Just because it doesn’t effect you

    2. ​@Fletcher Reed He means troops.He wanted a force to remain there, and that’s not leaving. They shouldn’t leave anyone behind who wants to leave either. They are two different things. We’ll end up with an embassy there sooner or later.

    3. @Billkwando we already have a billion dollar embassy there that he abandoned. He pulled all troops. Had no intention of leaving troops there. Total botch job.

  7. The news media is itching to get “back to normal,” the talking issues aren’t about the obviously primary threat against us, (Sars cov2) but rather about airports in Afghanistan.

  8. Unbelievable this has almost cleared the news networks! No longer starting their shows on abandoned Americans….

  9. This was a huge mistake, how do you withdraw mostly all of your troops without getting non military US citizens out first. They basically were left there without military support. Plus leaving so much of there equipment. Huge mistake to me, that’s going to really get bad as days go by.

  10. Biden does understand what’s going on. he’s in his basement waiting for written speeches to read

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