Johnson: ‘People Are Being Murdered Everyday By Police Who Are Not Being Held Accountable’| MSNBC 1

Johnson: ‘People Are Being Murdered Everyday By Police Who Are Not Being Held Accountable’| MSNBC


Anguish and frustration spill out in the streets of Louisville, Kentucky after no officers were charged with the killing of Breonna Taylor in a grand jury decision. Aired on 09/23/2020.
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Johnson: ‘People Are Being Murdered Everyday By Police Who Are Not Being Held Accountable’| MSNBC


  1. Zechariah 11:5
    “Whose possessors slay them, and hold themselves not guilty: and they that sell them say, Blessed be the LORD; for I am rich: and their own shepherds pity them not.”

    1. @Fahim Ahmad please keep typing, you are only making yourself look even more need of mental help. Like I asked since when are mexicans allowed to be in the extinct nazi party? Is your limited education not enough to answer such a basic question?

    2. @Susan Stanley who do you believe is my “oppressor” ? go ahead and answer, please show us your deeply rooted racism by telling me how I should feel like a typical white middle aged woman who is out of touch with reality and ignoring me who has actually lived through my life.

    3. @ raenil1- I understood you had a hard time to understand and analyze yourself as a reasonable judge yourself. You awfully relying on the Bible with vague information and with no answers without understanding what it means by yourself.

      You have no balances and no reasons of the situations and environments surrounding you where you can be independent as freedom.

      You rather be fear locking with the Bible all way and thinking the Bible is 100% ‘light’ brighting the world to bring peace.

      Stop relying everything to the Bible because the Bible tells you to. I bet you will jump off the bridge because the Bible says so to you. It’s like your people or friends tell you so, to jump off. That’s not very smart thing to do.

      Be yourself, be reasonable. Fight to survive and fight to defend yourself.

      The Bible is also corrupt too, in case you don’t know. The Bible is updated by writers or editors.

      If the Bible was originally ancient, then we would have a little papers like one or two papers. Nothing more.

      Now, too many information, too many unnecessary in the Bible as of now is completely nonsense.

      That’s like clowns of the circus created a book for fun or funny.

      You need you, you do your best. The Bible can’t help you, can’t protect you, neither the Bible can’t protect itself. Simple as it is.

    4. @Will D yeah people who only use bible passages (especially to promote evil agenda from democrats) literally have no real arguments, hence why they are using a book written by weirdos who lived over a thousand years ago instead of using their God given intellect to reason with situations that shouldn’t involve the bible at all

    5. Those messages from the Bible don’t make sense. They don’t fit them properly as of now.

      Nobody is LORD or rich LORD.

      Those are just people and make money from the less to the more, based on the backgrounds and jobs.

      Once again, you need to stop using the Bible as paranoid; get out of the house and think bigger for your life WITHOUT bringing the Bible with you.

    1. She wasn’t asleep , know who was the 8 year old girl BLM shot in the head because their parents took a wrong turn

  2. American Christian right hating the compassion of Jesus into us.
    American police officers murdering law and order into us.

  3. “Democracy doesn’t rule the world, you better get that thru your head, this world is ruled by violence, but I guess that’s better left unsaid.” — Bob Dylan

    1. @harrison wintergreen America is technically a Democratic Republic, but I agree more with Poison. I believe we have all been tricked into corporate consumerism and enslavement to a NWO movement that wants to track and monitor all people. Ultimately, both American parties are not our friends.

    2. However, right now I do see the fascism growing in America and I think Trump is the biggest threat to freedom with him wanting to declare himself the winner of our next election. Trump has been dangerously filling GOVT agencies with carefully handpicked people, and that cannot be good.

    1. Michael Raines False Claims made here EVERY DAY!!!! FACT: The MEDIA is “sowing the disinformation”!!!!!!! They would have you believe that the Police around the country are a bunch of racist Trump supporters roaming around looking for black men to assassinate!!

      FACTS: Unarmed Black men shot and killed by Police in 2019: 9-14, depending on what media outlet you read! Yes, you are reading that right, nine to fourteen!! Black men shot and killed by black men: 2,570 (latest FBI numbers, 2018). Note: This 2,600 number is out of a total of 2,925 black men shot and killed. That means that 89% of all black men are shot and killed BY BLACK MEN!! So, what is the REAL problem in America??? Think For Yourselves! And, as always, here are the links to the FACTS that MSNBC will NEVER share with you:

  4. i just have no words for the sadness and disappointment I feel, God bless Miss Taylor, lets hope she is in a better place

  5. The commentator on this “news” program is intentionally misleading (surprise!). Breonna’s boyfriend, a criminal, shot a policeman who was serving a warrant. The police were forced to shoot back.

    1. edgar baltazar
      The only reason that’s not happening is the pandemic. There are a lot of people who would like to be able to go out and protest who can’t.

  6. Repent!!! For the kingdom of Heaven is at hand.. Matthew 4:17.
    God has not given us a SPIRIT OF FEAR, but of Power, Love, and Peace! God Bless all Believers!

  7. The reality is the vast majority of any racial group are killed by other members of their own group, not by police.

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