Joint Chiefs Chair Apologizes For Role In Trump’s Church Photo-Op | MSNBC


  1. This is what happens when you make your president a god-king. No president should have the powers this president has, but no civilized country would have made him president in the first place. America is a laughing stock in the world, and we really are laughing at you.

    1. @yvelaine That’s the really scary part. Nixon was worse than Eisenhower. Reagan was worse than Nixon. (Bush I was just Reagan’s 3rd term). Bush II was worse than Reagan/Bush I. Then Trump was even worse. What will the next Republican be like?

    2. White AMERICA is the LAUGHING stock of the world 💯💯💯 it was y’all who allowed this simply because of ur hatred of black people…… 💯💯💯 If we are to be honest… Let’s be completely honest

  2. The former American ambassador to Berlin, Richard Grenell, has confirmed that Traitor Trump plans to withdraw 30% of US troops from Germany.

    To do something this reckless out of spite over Angela Merkel’s refusal to attend Trump’s  proposed June G-7 conference because of COVID-19 concerns,  appears to many diplomats and observers as an act of near madness. As usual, the chief beneficiary of such a step would be Trump’s handler Putin, whose main strategic goals involve weakening NATO, trans-Atlantic bonds and those connecting Berlin with the rest of the European Union. The move has revived the belief among some that Trump is, for whatever reason, subordinating U.S. interests to Moscow’s.

    When it comes to Trump, all roads lead to Putin.

    DECISION 2020!!!
    Trump vs America. Whose side are you on?

    1. @Ged Farnan every suit in DC should walk the plank…. Blacks whites Dems repubs, liberals…… All of them

    2. I don’t give a crap about that. Tell Germany to stop importing jihad. They are on their own.

    3. Liberals all butt hurt because Trump wants to pull American troops. It is funny how liberals can turn on a dime if they do not like a President.
      Liberals recently were for pulling all of our troops home. Leftist are the most hypocritical people on the planet.
      It just shows that leftist and Democrats are not very smart. This is fun to watch though. Watching the left self destruct.

    4. @Projectheureka Do you believe in Lizard people too? Alien abduction? Santa Claus? Please take your medications …….

  3. Cadet Bonespurs demands loyalty to his crown only. And if you’re against him you’re a traitor to Moscow.

    1. I am a Vietnam vet about the same age as Trump. I thought Vietnam was an immoral, useless and stupid war war, but I respect most of the vets that went over there. The thing that bothers me about Trump and his fake bone spurs is that he didn’t get out of it because he thought it was an immoral, useless and stupid war, he got out of it because it was an inconvenience to him.

  4. As a US Army War Veteran …… why is this guy in BDU while everyone else are in suits🤔🤔 It’s like wearing jeans and a t-shirt to a board meeting

    1. @S V irrelevant? What is irrelevant is civilian opinion on a general officer’s uniform. What is exactly the point?

    2. @mikeboydus Uniform of the day for a guy like Milley is a dress uniform, especially when you are meeting with the CIC. The BDU’s were a message that trump was ready to go to war in the streets.Yea I was in the Navy and i wouldn’t meet my fleet commander in my work uniform let alone the CIC.

    3. @mikeboydus I guess that confirms what i said, Trump wanted the optics of a battle in the street. If you were ever in the military and you support trump you are dishonoring your oath.

    4. @President of the Virgin Islands I don’t support Trump and I spent most of my adult life in the military.

  5. Gassing clergy for Trump’s bible stunt is a dark moment in our entire history. That won’t go away.

    1. Evangelicals (CBN, etc) still support the 2nd president of the Confederacy…GOP complicit enablers

    2. @De St ha ha now you have a drug addict for president ( cocaine, Adderall,and that’s what we know) ha ha ha

    3. Do you knee-jerking idiots know what “illuminating” means? I didn’t say “luminous,” as if it was something wonderful and bright. Trump waving a bible to the cameras while a block away citizens were getting gassed (in front of other cameras) says all anyone needs to know about this fascist administration. I was in no way defending it.

    4. timber_beast Considering America’s past involves exterminating almost an entire nation of people, and enslaving another race of people, I think that running from some gas and pepper balls doesn’t seem too big of a deal.

  6. He should’ve thought about that before he decided throw on fatigues so the draft dodger could feel tuff

    1. Imagine that, a “General” willfully acting like a little school boy playing dress-up for the dumbest human cartoon on earth, drunkp

  7. Congrats to Trump as he just past Buchanan as the worst president ever and the most vile human in the last 75 years…VOTE !!

    1. @H Pn Oh, Trump takes no salary? His salary is $400,000. Take 25% of that for tax and it’s $300,000.
      Take that $300,000, add $33,000 to it and you have the cost to the US taxpayer for Jared and Ivanka’s yearly vacation to Aspen to ski……that was in 2017. (Source: David Frum’s “Trumpocracy: The Corruption of Th American Republic”.)
      Trump and family are scamming the American people for every dollar they can. 
      ConDon, Jr’s hunting trip to MONGOLIA to hunt rare sheep cost the American taxpayer $75,000.

    2. @B TG He can’t win. He’s already admitted that he will cheat. So win or lose, no one will trust his “win”.
      If you and I are playing cards and I tell you, “I’m going to cheat but you can’t.” what are you gong to do when I win and start to rake all the money over to my side? Are you going to just let me take it all even though I cheated or are you going fight?

  8. 4 Star General, 5 Star Tool. General Milley in charge of making monumental decisions that impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, and has to make those decisions in real time, just didn’t have the capacity to avoid this very bad decision. What kind of competence does he really have? Not much. Ok, so at his level he only makes strategic decisions, not tactical decisions as this whole episode was a tactical maneuver. This hack should have left the photo op to a career climbing Major!

    1. You obviously have never served…..and you have the ovaries to cry about a Man of Principle and conscience ……SIMP

  9. The rats aboard the sinking SS tRumpTanicPanic are abandoning ship & jumping overboard en masse!

  10. Military Leaders present and retired are stepping away from Trumpism . #BunkerBoy does not have the power he thinks.

  11. The whole of USA should do a freezing the nation for a day, demanding trump to leave office. Then trace his behavior, this will result in jail.

    1. @Craig Staples Yes the midterms were disastrous for the democrats. But craig dumb is all you have so dumb is what you express.

    2. @Marcin Kiersnowski Not enough or even close to excepting democratic plans…. No President (man)should wear pretty blue dresses and red heels or look at the freaks of last administration 🤮 This kinda concerns us Marcin

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