Jolly: Trump’s ‘Despicable Behavior’ Is A Distraction During National Crisis | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Jolly: Trump's 'Despicable Behavior' Is A Distraction During National Crisis | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. Lez Charisma Such an intelligent response but certainly typical for brain dead Democrats. You’re hilarious!

    2. @Benson president Joe Biden??right!?! If you believe that the next few years are going to be rough for you.

    3. @David Lafleche you do realise I hope ? That it’s not just drumph that’s being criminally investigated yea !
      I guarantee his obsessive supporters who push for him on these social sites , are being filed for foxkwits like yourself !

    1. @tom tesoro We all knew the Republican Senate would never convict him. No witnesses, no evidence … why did they even bother having the trial?

    2. @Robert Henley P.R. reasons for the democrats.. i.e. useless.. stunt.. USA democratic system is a joke..

  1. “You cannot ask or expect something from a person who is bankrupt of such request-”
    – Unknown

    1. @》《Fugenix》 《 I knew you were black. Thanks for confirming. I also knew you’d “come out” with it. Your type is *_especially_* pathetic. You’re actually beneath any racist whites. True story.

      And I “got” what you were doing with the “burning black babies”. Did you think you were being complicated? What you keep missing is that Trump DIDN’T do ANYTHING. *_PLUS_* the fact that *_SOMEBODY ELSE_* wrote that tweet for him. *_PLUS,_* in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Trump is going to say some 💩 *_COMPLETELY CONTRARY_* to the sentiment of that tweet. He does THAT all the time.

      I don’t worry one iota about Trump being in the White House past January. *_DUH._* #BLUEWAVE2020

    2. @Diana Strong …and they’re STILL doing it!
      Killing a jogger in GA & now George Floyd in Minneapolis. God be with the families!

  2. The Republicans always trot out a few people to wag their finger at Trump. They don’t really mean it. It’s just cover for their myriad of other crimes.

    1. His criminal negligense and failing to act on professional advice he was given in a timely manner, which has resulted in many thousands of deaths, constitutes in fact the legal term of involuntary manslaughter.

    2. @Debbie Trudeau Yes you are correct Debbie, but I think both terms have the same meaning though.

  3. Here’s the longer view, Trump will be on his way to jail after he is humiliated in the 2020 election.

    1. @Dave Ponsford Biden will go for criminal corruption charges and abuse of the presidential office for personal/financial gain. The evidence is partially there in the election funds from 2016, the real reciepts will be in the tax records

    2. @Dave Millar I was sarcastic. It will take WW3 to make America great again! (sarcasticly speaking)

    1. Baby drumphf : We already KNOW it was their police chief who referred the Floyd case to the FBI! . . . Trump just can’t HELP but LIE! . . . 🤦‍♂️ 👍

    2. @Ash Roskell : Good morning Ash! I had a good sleep & now I’m having my morning cup of Morning Joe & covfefe with a dash of sweet Mika to rev my motor & get my brain working. Have you had your Morning Joe cup of covfefe with a dash of sweet Mika yet?

    1. @sean fobbs

      You are a very gullible person. I believed what you wrote about the Dems because it’s true .
      But writing a pleidoi for the Republicans is simply absurd .
      Both parties are the same face of the coin the other being the people.
      As an outsider my only question is why haven’t you guys by now created a new party? From the people and for the people.

    2. delonix regia You have no choice but to believe it, and it’s not absurd it’s true Republicans hold up the constitutional rights that I love and Dems are trying to slowly but surely take them away. And no they are not the difference side of the same coin, and if so how?? And I don’t care about both parties giving money to corporate entities, because in a socialist society that happens too. I worried about my freedom and my god given rights being protected and the republicans do that dummy

    3. @sean fobbs who have you been listening to? The Republicans are not great constitutionalists, they just know how to spell it.

    1. Floyd Spencer I don’t personally believe in abortion. But I don’t preach my feelings to women. It’s their body. But NO man has the right to prevent a woman from having one. If you don’t want women to abort then maybe you should preach putting a sock on it instead. It’s ludicrous that “men” can legislate against abortion but have no idea what happens to those kids once they’re born.

    2. Floyd Spencer what I feel in my heart about my faith is between me and the God I pray to but I usually find that those that preach the Bible are usually the biggest sinners

    3. Scott Herberg lies just lies. New York got hit the hardest because Infected travellers flew in from Europe and passed the virus onto New Yorkers.

    1. Isnt that astounding?
      Hes just wretched in everything at all times everywhere.
      Just cringe worthy.
      Depraved and vulgar.
      And his lower base delight in it.
      Just the worst and most depraved creatures.

    2. @David Lafleche trump, his cult, and their “what abouts”.
      The stock answer for anything trump does.
      Not even on topic. You idiots are just laughable.

    3. @MARIANO ROBLES I see you have CACA all over your face from having it buried up his keister.

  4. I don’t think distraction is quite how I would describe it.. seems more like a persistent painful thorn in the side.

    1. 😂 yeah you can always tell when he’s advisors/aids have popped to the toilet. He grabs the chance to express his options, he’s crazy

    2. @Nestor Gonzalez… So sorry I forgot how much of a stable Genius he is. He has a brain unlike any other kindergarten student.

    1. Well stated both of you.I have never hated in my life, like I hate Rump makes me ill to see his face.He has blood on his hands.

    2. He should be charged with war crimes, because he is killing you Americans. God help you all if he is re elected.

    3. Negligance is the best quality of Trump. It is when he try doing something that things go really wrong.

    1. Yes, it’s an election year and Trump is trying to temporarily rehab his image as a racist.

      Also the best way to cover up a crime is to get one of your pals to do the investigation so they can clear you no matter how guilty you are.

    2. 1. Because Trump only “requests” such things when he needs a distraction?
      2. Trump always claims he requested an investigation after it’s already known that an investigation has already been started.

      It’s just Trump pretending other people’s work is his work.

    3. Didn’t the Mayor already ask the F.B.I. to investigate? Doesn’t matter. Trump would claim the 2nd. Coming of Christ was at his request.

  5. It is simply a distraction to cover for his utter failure to lead along with his GOP enablers and his supporters.

    1. Jeff Webb : We already KNOW it was their police chief who referred the Floyd case to the FBI! . . . Trump just can’t HELP but LIE! . . . 🤦‍♂️

    2. Goverments have lied and created chaos for many years now, even at the cost of their own citizens, whom they don’t care about obviously. I would recommend watching VERNON COLEMAN for actual facts of what’s going on, as the majority sees this but media seems to have taken control over censorship so we can’t help each other. We are governed by a bunch of demons, fearful bootlickers, and wannabes.

  6. He has no heart.He feeling nothing.P.o.s. Impotus.He has to go… Vote, Vote, 2020.Vote Blue.

    1. @Barbara Pavia I would like to think that was my original, but I heard it some where.I think it fits Rump very well.Be safe and healthy.💕

    1. lock up criminal Donald trump ~ trump is the virus ” personified ~ 🐧 trump is the virus ~ dump trump .

  7. He didn’t say that . it’s not in his vocabulary has no HEART to do or say it.that was script..

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