Jolly: Trump's Legacy Likely To Be America's Worst President | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Jolly: Trump’s Legacy Likely To Be America’s Worst President | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Fmr. Congressman and former Republican David Jolly joins to discuss Trump's second impeachment and explains why he believes the reason Trump was impeached a second time will likely mean he goes down in history as America's worst president. Aired on 01/14/2021.
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Jolly: Trump's Legacy Likely To Be America's Worst President | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. They are ten Republican members of Congress that are actually doing as they said in their oath of office: to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. Sadly, the rest are just looking out for Trump and their political careers. Some of them were too scared to even dare defy Trump and impeach him. It is sad how many Republicans failed to fulfill their oath of office.

  1. “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” – Abraham Lincoln

    1. We have ThE SENate ANd THE HOUSE!!! DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THOS MEANS?? Nobody seems to know here.It means the repubs can NOT block ANYTHING we pass through! This time we really and truly see an immediate transformation of America.Climate change,gun control,voter suppression,white supremacist terrorists,and poverty will finally be addressed and possibly resolved,or at least banned.The REAL patriots!

    2. @peaches B- Georgia Sorry,but your bible thumping can be done on a different channel.I mean that in a polite way.

    3. @Bauhaus bauhaus I can quote my Bible anywhere I choose to… and you sound like a fool… you know nothing about how government is run…. the Dems may have the majority… but they still need support from the Republicans…

    1. @joe blow and they were wrong. Whomp whomp. Sounds like 74 million voters were conned by a reality show star. And the events last week are well documented and prove it. Try to be smarter and better judges of character next time.

    2. @Ludo Ludowski well said. I remember watching his show and thinking how nuts he was, and that was years ago. Just goes to prove that mental illness, if left untreated, worsens year by year.

    3. When he got elected I was shocked, but assumed he’d do all his corruption under wraps. The man is pure charismatic stupid and evil…which is such an odd combination to reach a presidency…I’m more disturbed that we have a nation of people who thought he was a best choice candidate. It’s kinda creepy that he got into the oval office. At any rate, every time I think he’s going to do what’s clever for himself…he proves otherwise.

  2. David Jolly is an honest commentator for MSNBC. I appreciate his perspective as another former Republican.

  3. You mean the pathetic Pandemic response wouldn’t be part of that legacy. Really? Hmm. Perhaps is NOT the word I would use…

    1. @Oliver Kirkland Thing is Putin’s people are afraid of him. No one is afraid of don. C’mon who can be afraid of a guy that that begs people to like him

    2. @Allan Burns No doubt about that in my mind Allan. And they’ve clearly been successful beyond their dreams.

    3. @Oliver Kirkland Yeah, these people are fighting for freedom …. to oppress everyone who disagrees with them. Doesn’t get much more warped than that.

    1. Exactly everyone asking for pelosi worry about the ones who will harm you don’t worry about her she’s ok.

    2. Now comrades, I think you know who the enemies of the nation and the motherland are.

  4. ”Likely” ?? Being the worst in the history of presidents is the one thing he was actually ”great” at.

    1. It’s an insult to compare any other U.S. President to that sleazebag. He is much more comparable to Nero, Caligula, Mussolini, etc.

    2. Ya think? Trump isn’t just the worst president in US history, he’s the worst leader of any democratic society in human history. He’s evil and feeble-minded.

    3. Those aren’t republicans calling for Liz’s resignation. Those are traitors that carry the treason repugniCON flag.

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